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  1. For the Crown! Just glad to see Maggotcrown sticking around. I was worried there for a while.
  2. At Lord Daves game. Cool use of cardboard! Close up of the fiendish wizard that perished at our hands. My favorite mini of the con. Anyone know who painted this? I love the OSL here! I'm obsessed with trying to do something close one day. People of WalMart submission. Mark's 5e game. Very fun and you could tell he put a lot of time into the game! And that big ship! Wow! (Not in picture, I never got a good one of it sadly.)
  3. Thanks, @pcktlnt. I'll check those out!
  4. And what an excellent game it was! My friends and I thoroughly enjoyed it! I was the brash monk who nearly broke the bookcase, causing our compatriots to fall in the piranha laden waters below. Hey, in my defense, my friend with the animated hands was doing bad things that had to be stopped. It had nothing to do with the fact that he's our DM back home and needed to die...
  5. I appreciated the 'paint and take' and the 'speed painting' areas as a gateway for people like me who had no intentions of taking a class. I came for the RPG gaming with my friends who were interested in painting, but by the end of the con, the guys who just came to game were wishing they'd have taken classes, me included! Can't wait to take classes next time and hear from all the experienced teachers.
  6. Ah! I really appreciate your advice on the paints. I still haven't had time to sit down and paint, since I'm pretty swamped post-con, but I sure hope to try them out soon! Great to meet you, and thanks a million for your help with the pain selection! Cheers, -Op 1
  7. Yeah, it wasn't Dawn, so it was likely @Morihalda. Thanks!
  8. Saw this at the con and thought it was a fun, playful scene. Very nice!
  9. Hey thanks! I was a little nervous no one would get it and think I was a jerk for interrogating everyone. The ones who got it made it all worth it. Thanks! I ended up buying the 'level up kit' and the extra paints at the con. I'm excited to try it out. Which reminds me! I don't know who the excellent, helpful woman was who suggested paint combinations at the Reaper paint area, but that guidance in itself was worth buying the paint kit! Wish I could remember her name. I believe she had horns, glasses, and wore mostly black. I'd like to thank her.
  10. I was the one who sat across from you on the bus to the tour. "The Operative 1" was from the costume I wore Sunday from Firefly (in the avatar). You suggested a beginners class but I just didn't have time since a friend drive up from Louisiana to game with us. Next time! Let's do it! I'm preparing for my first personal shaming in my WIP post. Just need a little catch up at work first.
  11. Thanks! I'm looking forward to doing a WIP very soon. Sounds like a great way to improve until the next con. Thanks! I'm looking forward to doing a WIP very soon. Sounds like a great way to improve until the next con. #1 and #2 sound like pretty sound facts. Youtube videos! Huh. Hadn't even thought of that. Great idea. Any recommendations before I just go googling?
  12. Ah! I see. Thank you. I love the idea of exploring light source in a figure and I'm enjoying this work in progress. Very nice!
  13. Thanks Sanael! Sounds like my kind of people. I look forward to reading through tons of good info. Already started. Good to meet you.
  14. To those of you at Reapercon, Came to the con to RPG and hang out with friends, ended up so impressed with the level of artistry possible that I came home with loads of paints and an itch to learn to paint proper-like. I'm really impressed with what I saw in competition. Great work, all of you! I've always looked at painting minis as a way to get them into an RPG setting, nothing more, so anything ive done is marginal at best. But to shoot for something truly beautiful and artistic? I never knew! That's the goal! Your works were inspiring. Also, I really enjoyed how friendly everyone was. I was preparing myself for an elitist attitude from the 'higher level' painters. I was so wrong! From @OneBoot and her encouraging painting tips, Ludo's insane speed paint (curse you hecklers!), a very approachable artist's row, all the Reaper staff, Kevin's board game library (Terraforming Mars FTW!), and @LordDave with hands down the best display of DM craft I've ever seen (I've thought about that game all weekend), I thoroughly enjoyed the con. I look forward to painting and soaking up the knowledge on the forum and hope to tap into the collective brain for some tips as I begin on a painters journey. I know nothing. Kenneth, if you're on the forum, let me know so we can keep in touch. Well met, all. P.S. If any of you find River Tam, let me know?
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