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  1. Thanks everyone for your nice comments and likes, I’m glad you like her! 🙂
  2. Hi everyone! Here’s my take on Ziba. I got it as a freebie back when Bones Black came out. It came with one broken horr, and the second one broke when I dropped it on the ground. That gave me a good excuse to train on using greenstuff. As I didn’t expect to be able to make two identical horns, I chose to make them clearly asymmetrical. Here she is, I hope you like her. 🙂
  3. Hi everyone, as Promised here’s a picture of the snow effect 2 years later : As you can see, there is no problem at all with the yeti’s base, but the snow on the first and second dwarves from the left started recently to turn quite yellow. I noticed it last month. I made the dwarves 1 month after the yeti. It’s pretty surprising to have some of them turning yellow but not all of them, as they were all kept at the same place on the same shelf (in a room that only has a tiny little window, so not much light except when I play games once every 3 weeks). The baking soda/paint/glue mix was the same on the four dwarves, and it didn’t even age similarly. Anyway, even if the snow looks great at first I won’t use that technique anymore, as that snow doesn’t really look like snow anymore, I just need to scrap it all and find a better way to make it.
  4. You got it ! 😄 I do intend to do that, that’s going to be fun! Grand Slam, the skin is Citadel’s Kislev Flesh that I highlighted by adding some Snowdrift White to the mix, so it slightly goes towards blue. Thanks everyone for the likes and nice comments!
  5. And he’s done! I’m pretty happy with how it came out. I put all the pictures in the Show Off topic: https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/98746-wizard-confusius-by-midlam-miniatures-normal-and-converted-into-a-barbarian/
  6. Hi everyone! Here’s my take on Wizard Confusius from Midlam Miniatures. He’s going to be my character in a Pathfinder game I’m about to start with friends. The character’s dream is to become an archmage but he has absolutely no affinity with magic, he studied a lot but he's just a barbarian that regularly unleashes the power of the gorilla that’s haunting him. He’ll always do his best to pretend he’s a mage, so I made 2 minis: one when he’s still pretending, and one when he enrages. You can find the WIP of the conversion there : https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/98615-turning-wizard-confusius-midlam-miniatures-into-a-barbarian/ Without further ado, here he is, I hope you like it. 🙂
  7. I haven’t had much time to spend on painting these last few days, but the game is on next Friday, Arzane needs to be done by Thursday night! I started the highlights tonight. Happy Easter everyone, and be careful wit the chocolate. 😉
  8. He’s got primer on now. Lots of flaws appeared, particularly on the metal/greenstuff transition around the shoulders. I tried to smoothen that part but it didn’t work that well. It mostly shows on the front part of the right shoulder. I’ll have to try and improve that part next time…
  9. Oh well, in the end I didn’t wash it. Let’s hope it doesn’t peel off. I gave the fur a try and it went way better than I expected. He really starts to look like someone you wouldn’t want to get a punch from. Next time, I’ll make the torn part of the robes around the shoulders and that should be it.
  10. I only used water before. I didn’t have any Vaseline so I used some cooking oil, and it worked great! It’s far from perfect but it’s still way better than before! Thanks for the tip Mad Jack! Next time I’ll start the fur on the shoulders and forearms. I read somewhere that I should wash the mini before doing the next layer as I used lubricant, isn’t it a bit risky ? Is it really useful ?
  11. That sounds fun! There’s the Bladesinging wizard in 5e that fights in melee but it doesn’t really get close to the barbarian. I’m no expert in Pathfinder 2e but I think I saw a barbarian subclass with magic powers. I chose not to take this one as my character will be funnier to play if he’s completely incompetent magic wise. Back to my mini, I filled the gaps and made his left shoulder bulkier (the bandit knocker was no match to Goldar). The real sculpting will start next time… But I was wondering, how do you manage to have a super smooth surface on your greenstuff? Mine always gets very rough. You can see it on the first picture, the left shoulder is a mess. 😔
  12. Hi everyone! As I’ve had some luck lately with greenstuff, I decided to try and step up my conversion experiments. Then, I also have a Pathfinder v2 game in which I’m going to play, that starts late April. I decided to play Arzane de Tel Caryl, a barbarian possessed with the soul of a giant gorilla, but who also dreams of becoming an archmage (that will never happen). So he pretends to be a magician, and tries his best. He will be played by Midlam Miniatures’ Wizard Confusius. Here’s the man : So there will be this mini, being Arzane when he’s cool and contains himself. But then, sometimes when he enrages, his gorilla side emerges and his arms change accordingly. His sleeves don’t appreciate it at all. I used Goldar’s right arm and the Human rogue bandit knocker´s left one. I also pinned him on the base in a way that he’s slightly leaning forward, having a more menacing posture. Now will start the greenstuff part, I’ll try my best not to mess it up too much. He will get bigger fists, and some hair on his shoulders and forearms. No weapon, he needs nothing but his fists.
  13. Zombie shark doo doo doo doo doo doo
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