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  1. I love it. It would work well as some kind of goofy degenerate beholder, born from a failed experiment by a nefarious wizard at reproducing beholders.
  2. Shpam

    GW’s Doomseeker

    Thanks ! :)
  3. Shpam

    GW’s Doomseeker

    Hi everyone! I don’t paint much minis from Games Workshop, but this one is a birthday gift from my DnD players. It came in so many pieces!! I’m not used to that. He was pretty fun to paint, I chose an icy theme so he could fit with my other Dwarves. Looking at his outfit, the poor guy is probably going to get a cold. :D Hope you like it.
  4. That's awesome! I particularly like the blue/pink mix on the last one.
  5. Shpam

    Reven Beastmen

    I really like the evil look of these guys. They remind me of Diablo II. The dried grass and skulls are a great add!
  6. Thanks all for your likes and comments! :) I don't know much about Icewind Dale but it seems to be very interesting. I'm really looking forward to having a look at the upcoming Icewind Dale DnD book.
  7. Thanks for your likes and comments. :)
  8. Hi everyone ! I got these two guys as an add-on in the “Rise of the Powrie” Kickstarter by Cauldron Born Miniatures. Their heavy armor and thick fur cloaks were a perfect fit for the “Icebeard Clan Dwarves” in my D&D campaign. I really liked painting them, and it let me practice painting whites. And as Icebeard Dwarves excel in yeti taming, here they are with their escort :
  9. Hi everyone! I just finished these two minis. I painted them back in May, but as I didn’t want a simple dip in glue and sand for the base of the big one, I took some time to look at different techniques to make some snow, and I’m pretty happy with the one I chose (mix of white craft paint, PVA glue and baking soda in equal quantities). I read afterwards that using baking soda can turn the snow yellow in a few years... Hopefully, the white paint is here to prevent it, I’ll post an update in a few years if I think about it. I had great fun painting these two. Especially the cookies. Any comment about the base (or anything else) is very welcome.
  10. Here is my first mini. The guy at my local Games Workshop back then gave it to me and invited me to stay awhile and paint so here it is. It looks like I unwillingly did wet blending as there is some bronze mixed with the green on the glove and the shoulder pads. No shading nor highlights, I didn’t feel confident about it. And doing something about the paint on the base didn’t even come to my mind. It was in 2014 or 2015.
  11. Goku colors are always a win! I’m amazed by the highlights on the cloth.
  12. Thanks all for your likes and comments! :)
  13. Shpam

    02630 Frogmen

    Tkanks everyone for your likes and comments. :)
  14. Hi everyone, These two are from a Kickstarter I backed about 2 years ago, the « Village of the Witches » by Midlam Miniatures. I used Master Darkweezel as Thanadio the Pink, the BBEG in my DnD campaign. Sister Foulberry is Magda the Chubby, one of my PCs. I hope you like them. :)
  15. Shpam

    02630 Frogmen

    Hi everyone! Here are my 3 last minis. I didn’t want to paint them a classical frog-green, so I looked for some frogs with cool colors (which generally means they are venomous, which is cool), and I found these : https://www.canstockphoto.fr/grenouille-rouge-flèche-poison-13879876.html I really loved the color mix and the pattern on their legs and back. I really thought I would never manage to make something looking like the model, but ultimately I’m happy with it. I didn’t do the pattern all the way to the middle their back, but only on the legs and arms. I wanted them to have a bit more red. I hope you like them.
  16. It's just at the start of my post, it has absolutely been here since the very beginning. Or maybe not. They're a bit pricey, that's true. Thanks a lot!
  17. The Kickstarter is live!! That was a long wait! You can find it here : https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/boxturtlereb/the-boxer-rebellion-nine-kung-fu-style-turtle-adventurers/description I just made a topic there : https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/91361-the-boxer-rebellion-nine-kung-fu-style-turtle-adventurers/
  18. Hi everyone! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/boxturtlereb/the-boxer-rebellion-nine-kung-fu-style-turtle-adventurers/description Joe Corsaro put live this Kickstarter, with a set of 9 28 mm resin or pewter turtlefolk in oriental style, and they look amazing : For those of you who like to peek into the Sculpting forum like me, these turtles are the ones made by @TaleSpinner in the dedicated topic. I really loved to follow their making, I couldn't miss the Kickstarter. I'm just a bit disappointed that there is no way of getting the pewter ones outside of the US, I'm not a big fan of resin minis. And if you live in the US and want them be quick, there are only 10 metal copies.
  19. That’s not a doctor, but if a Plague Cult is okay-ish here’s my contribution:
  20. Hi everyone! Here’s another Kickstarter I backed : the Procession of the Plague Cult by Midlam Miniatures. These are plain cultists, which allows them to be used for a lot of different purposes. They will make great mooks in my DnD campaign. The ones with the red lines are of higher rank in the cult. And here’s the full family picture of the cult, with Cazalet and the Black Crab miniatures: I hope you like them. :)
  21. Hi everyone! I have had these three for about a year and a half and finally decided to paint them. They are resin minis I got them from a Kickstarter by Andrew May. I really like their creepy side.
  22. Thanks everyone for the kind comments. He definitely is a creepy guy. I had great fun painting him.
  23. Hi everyone! I used this mini as a training on dry brushing, because I feel like I have a lot to learn about this technique. Almost all highlights have been made with dry brush. Overall, I’m quite happy with it.
  24. Hi all, As confinment is going on, I’m back to the hobby with a little warmup : the goblin barbarian (02932) and the two goblin armored spearmen (03850). For the first time I’m happy with a vert-de-gris effect. i hope you like them. :)
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