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  1. Next year I'm not going to wait until Saturday to dig through it.
  2. Yeah. Zombiecide black plague zombies seems like an achievable plan. But I'll tinker with a single mini for days. I'm not going to try and make a plan. I can't paint every day. So trying to commit to a plan would be unrealistic.
  3. First of many bits bin rescues from Reapercon. I started this guy because I wanted to practice painting cloaks, then one thing lead to another. And before I knew it I was mapping out a color scheme. I'm really trying to work on my color theory. So any advice on that would be great. But any criticisms are welcome. I've done some initial shading on the front robes. And I've work on the highlights for the cloak. But I'm waiting until all the fiddly bits are painted before working on the big pieces. Since its so easy for me to get paint places I don't want it. Side note. I think I eventually gave up trying to paint the insides of the bottom areas. I just got a junk brush and jammed it in there to get some color in there. But I think I missed it when priming. So it's not sticking great. Probably have to do the same tactic but with some primer.
  4. So at home I have a bit of an excessive lighting setup. I say "Aziz! Light!" And then there is a nice comfortable 5000 combined lumens worth of light in my workstation. But when I went to Reapercon I didn't take my normal travel light. Which looks like the Pixar light and has a Cree 75w equivalent, Daylight bulb in it. 5000k color temp. And painting at the con was really hard because I'm so used to having good lighting. So this rambling post asks a few questions. Is there always going to be a socket available at Reaper con if I want to bring a plug in light? Do any of you use cordless lights? Also a bit unrelated. But I have my brand new Lightblade 1500S coming in today. It claims a 93 CRI. Where as sun light is 100 CRI. I've never seen CRI listed on LEDs. So I'm wondering how much of a difference it's going to make. So in summary. Give me your light puns. Do any of you have portable lights that don't need to always be plugged in that you feel is worth it? And what's the plug in situation like at Reapercon?
  5. I'm jealous you found arms for that first mini. I feel like I came across that mini a dozen times.
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