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  1. I use plastic GW unslotted bases turned upside-down.
  2. I used to use baking soda, but after a few years of exposure to humidity my old bases turned goopy. If you want your work to look good for a long time and you don't live in a very arid climate, I would find an alternative to baking soda.
  3. Reaper seems very reluctant to equate their figures directly with D&D monsters, I assume for legal reasons. Nevertheless, several figures would serve as good representations of many D&D creatures. Overlooking dragons, elementals, goblinoids, golems, undead, and other things easy to look for, here's a quick list: Aboleth 3230 Beholder 2712 Carrion Crawler 3017 Cloaker 2619 Drider 2620 Ettercap 2809 Gibbering Mouther 2838 [wrong base size] Grell (MM2) 14076 [not perfect match] Hook Horror (MM2) 2012 Mind Flayer aka Illithid 2568, 2116 Naga 2755 Otyugh 2737 [wrong base size] Dragon Turtle 14493 Wyvern 14260 Dryad 3154 Nymph 2741 Satyr 3053 Pixie 2741, 2445 Ettin 2479, 3137 Fire Giant 2647M, 3168F Frost Giant 2599 Hill Giant 2770, 2579 Fomorian (MM2) 2685 Dark Creeper 2886 Githyanki 2765 Basilisk 2567, 2841 [wrong base sizes] Behir 2730 Chimera 2674 Cockatrice 2631 Dragonne 2788 Ethereal Marauder 2976 [out of production] Gorgon 3208 Griffon 14077 Hippocampus (Stormwrack) 3172 Hydra 2203, 14445 Manticore 2639 Owlbear 2690 Pegasus 2150, 2065 Purple Worm 3009 Roper 2658 Sphinx 14256M, 2792F Winter Wolf 2649 Derro 2944, 2945 Green Hag 2678 Harpy 14216 Kuo-Toa 2977 Lamia 3056 Medusa 3050 Sahuagin 3161 Thri-kreen 3142 Yuan-Ti Abomination 2498 Ochre Jelly 2908 Balor 2654 Demogorgon 2716 Glabrezu 2656 Graz’zt 3086 Hezrou 2570 Lolth (3085) Marilith 2633 Nalfeshnee 2644 Orcus 2646 Vrock 2532 Erinyes 2760 Ice Devil aka Gelugon 3037 Pit Fiend 2895 Djinni 2927, 3254 Efreeti 2436, 3322 Nightmare 3124 Tiefling 3321M, 3315F, Myconid (MM2) 2679 Shambling Mound 3243 Treant 3281, 14209 Half-Dragon 3022 Drowned (MM3) 14274 Famine Spirit (MM2) 2718
  4. I'm attending for the first time this year. I purchased tickets and painting class tickets online, but didn't receive any confirmation emails, probably because my spam blocker was set too high. I printed the invoices. So how do tickets work? Do I just give my name or do I really need to have something physical to present? Thank you in advance for any demystification!
  5. I had a similar idea, and for what it's worth each model from 2818: Bugbear Warriors and 3040: Hobgoblins can fit on a 1" base with a little trimming.
  6. I'm hard at work getting figures painted up. I can already field a 750 pt Overlord army with a bunch of substitutions, and should have that up to 1000 pts by April. Please keep me in mind if folks are planning to get together for more Warlord!
  7. I'll be there to watch/learn the game. I'll bring some of my Hirst Arts terrain, but I don't have an army yet.
  8. Hey, I'm in Minnesota. I'd dearly love to watch a game of Warlord. I've been interested in the game but I want to see it/find other local players before committing to it. Slackandowski, can you tell me more about ReCon or other Warlord-spectating opportunities? The MMGA website hasn't been updated since August or something. P.S. I love building terrain.
  9. Does anyone know if there are any companies that make an alien miniature? Specifically those little grey guys with the big heads and big black eyes. Thanks!
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