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  1. Hmm, still waiting, but I'm sure I did all the necessary. I'll go check! EDIT: Oops, looks like my phone number was missing! Cheers for the heads-up Guyra, I was about to send them a whars-mah-goodies-at email!
  2. What you're missing is how it's working (or rather not working) in practice. https://www.bbc.com/news/business-55734277 VAT is being misapplied twice, levied on top of handling fees relating to customs declarations, larger courier firms are refusing to ship in and out of the UK due to extraordinary delays etc. No doubt it'll settle down into unpleasant routine, but for now it's chaos that no-one wants to get involved with.
  3. The ongoing nightmare of getting anything into the EU via the UK at the moment would almost make me want to forget my order instead of incurring who-knows-what fees and delays. It's specifically confusion around the re-shipping hub model that seems to be causing the most serious problems at the moment. I've no problem with paying taxes due, that's the norm, but the seemingly random outcomes we're seeing from the compounded mess of US-UK then re-ship UK-EU, no thank you. I know it's very far from Reaper's fault how things are going, but I the possibility of a EU hub was dangled during the campaign and I reserve the right to feel frustrated that it's not being mentioned any more. Shipping directly from the US would be infinitely preferable, being at least a knowable quantity.
  4. Safe to say that you can trust Midlam. The gold standard of tight little kickstarters
  5. So lovely. Pricey, but perfect.
  6. Thanks, Pochi! They did indeed say that. However, I watched Friday's Twitch stream as closely as I could, and it really looks like Aganzarax's tail is part of the base, even as Ron was saying the feet were separate . I'm just trying to see if I can double-up on Dragon+UseableTerrain and thus justify yet more money, but in this specific case I think not. Some of the other dragons definitely looked separate to the bases, and all of them looked fantastic. Surprised how nice the Shadow Dragon looks in the translucent material, and I love the unique back-and-tail plating that Valfuryx has.
  7. I'm sure this has been made clear a thousand times already, but do we know if Aganzarax separates from his scenic base, or are they one piece? Haven't had a chance to watch the latest Twitch.
  8. If there's one thing I've learnt about Kickstarter over the years, it's that there is NO channel, style or frequency of communication, or wording of same, that will get through to everyone. With over 18K backers and 13 months since the campaign closed, it's just a numbers game: some folk are going to get lost and confused, and blame the creator. Ultimately, if we *really* wanted that dwarf crypt, we've had well over a year to find $16 and pull the pin.
  9. True, I just enjoy the feeling of participation I get from supporting them through KS (although they probably do better financially from the store).
  10. You're a crazy bunch, Reaper! The margin on that ship must be getting frightening. ... And now I want the ship even more badly. So maybe not so crazy. Incidentally, assuming those are tiddly 6- or 8-pounders, to successfully fight even a 20-gun ship you're going to need at least 100 pirates for gunnery crews, and another 20 or so to sail her into combat. And that's without a boarding party! That's a lot of Brinewinds...
  11. Every time a Midlam KS closes and I haven't pledged I feel sad. Along with Westfalia, Oathsworn and Skull & Crown, every one is a characterful trustworthy treat.
  12. I'm not getting the ship (cost + shipping), so I don't have a dog in this race, but isn't the conclusion that 30 cannons at retail would set you back between $70-130 quite informative? As it is, the Kickstarter offers 12 cannons and AN ENORMOUS SHIP for $100. This still seems like remarkable value. It is a pity Reaper aren't offering Add-Ons to make up the shortage, but I'd assume they would have had to have been about $3 each, even at KS prices.
  13. Ruins of Cistercia might be more accurate. You could put together a decent 13th C abbey from that, ambulatory cloister, lavabo and all. Bernard of Clairvaux would feel right at home. Very nice!
  14. My imagined solution to the portcullis was to paint it spectral-fashion, a sort of ectoplasmic gateway opening to release the undead hordes. But then it really would be heading in the vignette direction, as Chris mentions. If I could get a good look at a print of the mounted skelly I'd probably add it to the pile, being a complete sucker for undead cavalry. However, Friday's Reaper Twitch thing has (almost) persuaded me to get the Charnel Pit. Not only do the minis look really nice (or really horrid, in the case of the Queen herself), but the bone pile is far more 3D than I expected, and I love the way the inside of the pit is detailed to work without it. Could easily double as a pool, giant well, a portal or a vertical entrance to a cavern or pit. You can imagine a dragon bursting forth from its underground lair to claim the villagers' monthly sacrifice. Far more versatile piece than I had thought, as is the prisoner. Yeah, think it's almost time to dredge the very bottom of my wallet... Meanwhile, stuff I have already pledged like the Troll Bridge and most especially the Townsfolk look absolutely great. Thrilled with those.
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