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  1. Good point on the chicken swarm! I love the Gallowgard set, but I fear the invisible upper part of the portcullis will drive me mad. Ditto the floating half-arch in Ravenhome. On the other hand, the Charnel Pit is looking very tasty - you could paint a nice water or magic effect in there, and have pool or portal as an alternative to pit.
  2. Some great stuff in this thread, Thoramel - could I be so rude as to as about the colour recipe for your KS kobolds? Just got my own cavalry this morning, and that's very much the direction I'd like to go...
  3. I got a shipping notice a week or so back, but it's transatlantic so in the present environment my fingers and toes are still firmly crossed. On the plus side I've used the time to prep/basecoat and base 20 of my existing kobolds from various sources, ranging from Bones IV all the way back to a Nick Lund Chronicle one that my wife has had for 33 years... All that's missing now is the cavalry!
  4. Count me in. Look very compatible with my Bones horde(s), and even with shipping to Europe it's a decent price.
  5. It's to Talespinner's credit that this thread - and the story and outcome of the rock base - have sold me on adding Arakoth to my Bones mountain. Lovely stuff.
  6. To explain a bit further, cos i love it so, in the comic the raft serves as a metaphor for the villain's machivellian scheme - as a shipwrecked mariner races to save his home from pirates by building a raft from the bloated corpses of his drowned shipmates, so the villain of the main story tries to save the world on the backs of murdered innocents (and one 'raw shark'). In the process, both become monsters. The raft is the standout piece of the whole KS for me.
  7. It's fascinatingly circular to see people treating D&D like a tactical wargame, with real concerns about base sizes, the exact sizes of Elder Brains, heights of giants and the appearance or non-appearance of creatures in official tomes. I'm not criticising in any way: the way you want to play is the way you play, but as a 1983-era D&D initiate it is strange to me to be so proscriptive in an RPG - at my table a three headed troll mini (for example) would just be a troll with three heads, give it two extra bite attacks and roll for initiative, and a taller or shorter giant would be just that, adjust the HP total to either extreme as appropriate. A good-looking mini that doesn't match anything in the MM is an opportunity for a novel encounter!
  8. Hmmm, my 1983 Basic D&D (Purple Box) came with multi-coloured dice, including I think Sophie's crayon-numbered d20. The Expert set of the same era came with all-blue. I far preferred the earlier (I think) blue d20, green d12, red d10, yellow d8 and orange d4 (which I couldn't work out how to read).
  9. Talespinner, your bar is magnificent. Did you do the Black Freighter raft too?
  10. Cockatrice encounter is wonderful - the deciding factor in my getting the Fan Favourites. Even better than the chance to expand my gatormen tribe!
  11. Me too. Raft of the Damned is irresistible, and that bar...!
  12. I'd love to see better images of the Ghoul encounter up on the KS page. That heroine looks like she could be fantastic, if we could only see her, and I love the general designs of the ghouls, but they are just detail-free blobs. And the intricate detail of all those bones just looks lost. Expecting new backers to get excited by this kind of half-hearted image, and to then trawl social media and forums for better looks, is crazy.
  13. The WizKids minis are okay for the price, and seeing them everywhere after decades of Warhammer-only drought at local retail is great. But they remain pretty characterless sculpts - a combination of dutiful realism and 'official' designs that never seems to engage me.
  14. I've tried to be positive and optimistic on the KS comments thread, but... It seems incredibly churlish to complain about an outfit with such a great track record, but I just haven't seen the kind of enthusiasm and attention from Reaper on this KS as in previous ones. They always seem to be caught on the hop by developments (too high pledging on the first day, not enough in the middle, information late or absent, now really nothing out on the shelves for the last few days), and that doesn't engender the kind of confidence that makes me want to break the bank upping my pledge. Time-consuming things like an EU hub, the design and pricing of the ship, these should have been sorted out BEFORE the KS began. This KS was always going to be between $2M and $4M of sales - invest in it! It's not as if they haven't put in the hours, the Twitch streaming has used at least three staff every weekday evening, but without a useful script it just wallows about with maybe a single nugget of info in the whole show. It can't be beyond the wit of mortals to schedule exciting teases, or even detailed showcases of the 200+ models already revealed - show us the painted versions of the re-used sculpts, put together themed groups of old and new models (dragons, skellies, terrain etc.), show us how damn cool all this is! And even then, the KS comments section highlights how few people actually watch the Twitch, so that info also needs to be in Updates - there should be continual updates during the quiet periods highlighting beauty-shots of the existing models, comparative scales and excerpts from forthcoming expansions and add-ons - ANYTHING to fill the gaps between unlocks. Make it look like Reaper is proud and excited about what it has to offer, instead of always playing coy about what's to come. Anyway, here's hoping I'll be eating my words by Thursday!
  15. Very nice, very useful. Two on the right would pass for a few extra undead pirates at a pinch! But does no-one die with their boots on any more?
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