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  1. Ran my first face-to-face games with my Ettinstones this week and I'm happy to report that they were just fantastic in real-world use, their almost abstract quality working almost like a whiteboard grid, while their pleasant solidity and stability gave a more aesthetically satisfying 2.5D environment. I had I initially planned to just use them as a customisable battlemat for purely combat encounters, but we had two 6 hour sessions of dungeon crawling and after a while the tiles just seemed to flow onto the small crowded table continuously, with sub-layouts moved around constantly
  2. And after 2+ hours in multiple hold queues this morning, it turns out someone (Reaper UK or Parcelforce UK) had neglected to put any of my contact info on the package, so Customs couldn't come after me for their cut and thus my goodies were just left on the shelf. So if anyone else in the EU is wondering why delivery is taking so long, might be worth checking in with your local parcels depot. (What exactly anyone was planning to do next if I hadn't had a spare rainy morning to ring call centre after call centre, I have no idea. The best Parcelforce email could manage wa
  3. Mine got shipping from the UK to Ireland last Tuesday. It's reported as having arrived in the inbound-parcels depot in Dublin a week ago. As of this evening, it's still there. WHY.
  4. Ratmancer the stand-out there! Wouldn't mind one of those at all...
  5. Ugh, despite the huge financial upside of this coming from my EU stablemate Poland, the need to reserve dwindling funds for the VAT/Customs bill for Bones V meant I ducked out of this in the last few minutes. I agree it was a monstrously confusing KS, but when you deciphered it all the value of the Village pledge was Reaper-level staggering by the end. I've convinced myself I'm going to prioritise painting my Bones V townsfolk and Brinewind terrain in its entirety to compensate. Then maybe scratchbuild a tavern to put it all in. Or I could just wait until t
  6. This is a real shame. Tre is a wonderfully unique sculptor, a real talent, and he has worked for so long to make his business work. Nobody mixes completely believable garb with strong fantasy figures quite like him.
  7. Woah, that set really is pick of the litter! Fingers crossed I actually pushed the button on it at the very end, but I genuinely don't remember - and we're so close now I don't want to spoil the surprise. But I do know I'll be mighty unhappy with him if 2020 Me dropped the ball on this one.
  8. I've somehow forgotten what I went for in the final days - and I refuse to check! I know I was sorely tempted to add Dark Depths, mainly for the Giant and the Slithe, and by the Mammoth and the Ghoul and Vampire encounters, but I just can't remember if I put up the cash for any of them, or indeed for something else entirely. Opening the box in a few months is going to be an adventure.
  9. Bones painting guilt is at the back of a 40 year-long line for me! My first minis were Prince August home casts, so they all got melted down again at some point, leaving me guilt free (fond memories of little pools of multicoloured Humbrol enamels floating on the molten metal for the few that did suffer my 11yr-old attempts). Alas I still have my first purchased Citadel mini, a pre-slotta hill giant that is shorter than some Reaper dwarves, and after 38 years it remains untouched by paint. From the days before primer many of my other fantasy folk bear only the odd smud
  10. Hmm, still waiting, but I'm sure I did all the necessary. I'll go check! EDIT: Oops, looks like my phone number was missing! Cheers for the heads-up Guyra, I was about to send them a whars-mah-goodies-at email!
  11. What you're missing is how it's working (or rather not working) in practice. https://www.bbc.com/news/business-55734277 VAT is being misapplied twice, levied on top of handling fees relating to customs declarations, larger courier firms are refusing to ship in and out of the UK due to extraordinary delays etc. No doubt it'll settle down into unpleasant routine, but for now it's chaos that no-one wants to get involved with.
  12. The ongoing nightmare of getting anything into the EU via the UK at the moment would almost make me want to forget my order instead of incurring who-knows-what fees and delays. It's specifically confusion around the re-shipping hub model that seems to be causing the most serious problems at the moment. I've no problem with paying taxes due, that's the norm, but the seemingly random outcomes we're seeing from the compounded mess of US-UK then re-ship UK-EU, no thank you. I know it's very far from Reaper's fault how things are going, but I the possibility of a EU hub was dangled duri
  13. Safe to say that you can trust Midlam. The gold standard of tight little kickstarters
  14. So lovely. Pricey, but perfect.
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