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  1. Currently, all of the 094xx are bones, all 096xx are special colors, Morning after Blues is a special bones color... also, all the 29XXX are HD but they are now discontinued...
  2. How did you find playing the Warhammers and Sparthas? I was hoping we'd get them unlocked in this KS but my have to settle for Proxying. any revalations about them through playing as far as strategy or uses?
  3. Don't know if the Pledge Manager is set up to handle multiple pictures or changes very well, but is it possible to add the Data cards along with the pictures to the "Show me" button? I'm going through and picking the stuff I want but cant remember which models have what and keep trying to look back and forth to see if I want more of certain ones...
  4. Well then... I'm still killing that Warden... just going to be a bit less Tactical and a bit more REVENGE!! Good to know definitively either way though.
  5. Is Jamming an ECM signal an active process that must be maintained like current Electronic Warfare counter Measures or is it more like an EMP that just turns off ECM? In practice: If my Talon activates ECM to block Target-Locks, then my opponent successfully Jams my ECM with his warden, is my ECM gone until next turn or would it be back if I immediately destroy the warden that jammed my ECM on my next activation during that turn?
  6. These are awesome by the way! I had planned to mimic this style of play-by-play for a couple of our Demos and games in Tulsa, but got so caught in the moment that I barely remembered to check-in, let alone take pictures and write down what was happening.
  7. They are based out of Utah and try to do most of their stuff in their facility I believe, but whether they are producing this specific model in-house would be beyond my knowledge.
  8. They were at ReaperCon with some 3D prints of their past work and a couple from this one I think. They looked pretty good.
  9. KickTraq might be helping, looks like CAV is on the hotlist! no idea what kind of traffic that generates, but it cant be a bad thing. Sure would be nice to get a Kickstarter frontpage or something though ! ;)
  10. Whoa! the kickstarter is trucking right long now! out of curiousity was there another marketing breakthrough today or are these all the people that have been waiting until the last minute finally jumping on board? i hate to look a gift horse in the mouth but im curious if anyone knows... especially as it applies to the next kickstarter.
  11. I have been telling this to a few of the people that are interested but not fully committed or those on a tight budget. Select at least the $5 pledge level to lock in your backer status and you can add more in the pledge manager. I explain that it wont help as much with unlocking stretch goals, but its better than nothing. I also have been telling them that if there's anything they know they can afford to add in then they can do the best of both worlds to help with stretch goals and get in the pledge manager!
  12. Over 46! Get the word out, this Terrain is awesome!
  13. OH! I got that from Ed.. I'm not good about checking my personal email ;)
  14. I like this Idea! I may take the lazy route and glue some under my bases...
  15. Back up over 40k with 20+ new backers today! that's exciting, not sure if its payday for mech-fans or what, but I'm hoping the momentum continues!
  16. Im sure @CAVBOSS has already considered this, but a dropship Kickstarter sure would pair well with the removed/remaining aircraft as stretch goals.... and maybe terrain as well...
  17. Maybe they were Warlords... I think he killed me with PGBs not MACs, so that would check out... So Warlords and Warhammers then. *jaws theme plays* we're gonna need more Backers....
  18. Nope, no proxies, @jsalyers has spent a good amount of time sourcing old metal Templars for his force. but yes, the Blaster 1 kicked my tail.
  19. After getting stomped by a few of @jsalyers warhammers this weekend I am certainly hoping we reach that stretch goal so I can get some of my own. would have been funny to unlock the spartan at 300 backers and the warhammer at 40k ;) lol!
  20. Check with your FLGS, if not then there's never been a better time than now to start one. You and a few can go in on the Kickstarter together and get a core set or two and get starter! I think people have answered most of your questions now, but just incase anything got lost in the shuffle, I went through with a quick answer line-by-line. Does it use a hex grid, or rulers? Rulers, commonly I see tape measures and rulers for shorter distances where a tape measure would be unruly I don't see any infantry in this KS, or previous ones (just looked quickly though), how often do you use infantry in your games? What's their battlefield role? @CAVBOSS has said that the infantry will not be converted to plastic, they are small enough that its more cost effective to cast them in metal than it would be to machine the expensive moulds for plastic, that is why they are not in the Kickstarters, but they are available on the web store or reaper's store The vehicles also look super cool. How often do you see them on the battlefield, and do they have their own cards too (ie, become weaker as they take damage)? They are very awesome and a few players even base entire strategies around them (ahem:chieftains) they have their own cards and everything just like other units Related to that: does every figure on the board get a card, or just the big stompy robots? How are vehicles, aircraft, troops, etc. treated in the game? Every unit gets a card, many people only print a single card per unit type though (if you have 4 Dictators on the board you would just use the one card for all 4) What's the initiative deck for, in the starter set? randomizing turn order, makes for an interesting dynamic when you don't know who will go next until the card flips How many factions are there? I'm thinking of backing the $100 pledge, but really just want figures for two factions. It looks like the current KS base pledge is just for two factions (that's good IMO!) This kickstarter is only dealing with these two factions, so no worries there, but there are others out there. Terran, Rach, Adon, and Amirithil all have a pretty good selection available in plastic from previous kickstarters, the others have a few but older models can sometimes be found on ebay and such in the old metal (these are more expensive)
  21. Some of the grizzled vets could probably provide much better answers than I so I will let them. I'm sure they will be along shortly. But in the meantime, Welcome!! I will be sure and check back later tonight (when I'm not at work) in case nobody else responds. I'd hate to leave you hanging out there.
  22. @Ludo, Looks like I have some organizing to do Saturday....
  23. I know there was a class on vehicles a couple years ago, but a CAV specific class taught by @Savage Coyote or @Mastergunz on how to make Panels, canopies, etc look so good and then maybe touch on some weathering/distressing would be awesome!
  24. @Savage Coyote would certainly do a great job From my understanding, nothing is fully set in stone though. Could decide to go a completely different direction. Personally I think it would be awesome to use the Warhawk/Starhawk V and some of the paints from this kickstarter. CAVBOSS has also said the LTPK will not be in the Kickstarter though, so that seems unlikely. The Dictator seems to be a very popular model for things like this.
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