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  1. Dyeing eggs with the kids. Thought it might be fun to try painting them. I learned three things. Paints dries slower on eggs than on minis. Paints don’t stick as well even with primer. Blending is harder on eggs for mostly the two reasons above. Anyway. Enjoy.
  2. I loved the kid hero's in the Bones V and they are one of the things I am most looking forward to. I especially like the expressiveness of the features, and the animal companions. I also like the 'cartooniness' of them. That said, I rarely use my minis for games, they are solely what I think will be fun to paint. These look like a lot of fun. I'd be interested in seeing some other fantasy races represented. Dragonborn, tiefling, orc, half-orc, dwarf, etc. Since I don't use them for games I don't have a lengthy wishlist -- I'm really interested in seeing what you come up
  3. Thank you @Inarah. The package arrived all in one piece and the painted cavalry is exquisite.
  4. gmvader

    New DSLR

    I do hobby in photography sometimes. Sigma lenses are significantly cheaper than Canon and very high quality. I also really like the Lowepro Slingshot for carrying camera equipment. One of my favorite accessories is the strap from Blackrapid.
  5. I started this mini during @Kuro Cleanbrush's Buttery Blends class at Reapercon. This has been one of the classes that has completely changed how I paint. My blending and shading has gone from frustrated "good enough" to something that I'm actually happy with. It took me some time to finish it because I'm a slow painter but I like the way it turned out.
  6. I started this mini during @Corporea's class on painting faces. Her discussion of being aware of what is underneath the skin was exactly what I needed to take my painting to the next level. After the class I decided to finish the mini and applied things I learned in other classes. I can still see things I would like to do better but this is one that I'm really pleased with. As always, any critique or criticism is welcome.
  7. Frost Giant Queen #77592 Not sure if this is the right place. She's 80mm but the top of her staff is 100mm which would put it in the larger category?
  8. Shipped my package today. Should be at the destination in ~a week.
  9. Here is my WIP. Taking longer than I expected but I still expect to finish in the next couple weeks.
  10. I have found Roll20 really only works well in Chrome. Other browsers will cause issues especially when uploading.
  11. Look at Mr. Grimm in the Reaper Store. Not sure what to do with that either... it gives us the birthday but doesn't say where to enter it.
  12. I’d be okay with any of the three options. Some combination of 1 and 3 would be my preference. Extend the deadline a couple weeks and promote it on other social media.
  13. I’ve been debating that as well. I’m also not sure it’s worth it. I’m not convinced people will pay much more than $100 for it.
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