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    Thanks for all the advice, everybody. Here is my progress so far tonight. I tend to work in layers from the innermost (usually skin) to outermost and complete each layer before moving to the next. Tonight I did the riders face and some of his clothes. It should come together a little more once I get some paint on his armor. Let me know what you think I need to improve.
  2. gmvader


    Thanks. I’ll check that out. That sounds like good advice as well. I’ll post something when I get to the next one.
  3. My first attempt at a polar bear. There are things I would do differently but overall pleased with a first try. My method was to wash with black ink and then dry brush colors on starting with heartwood brown and then yellowed bone, bleached lined and then finishing with dragon white. I am going to do another one eventually. Does anybody have suggestions for how to do it better? This one doesn’t quite look quite as polar bear as I was going for.
  4. I know you can't share commercial links but can you mention where you found the one you ended up purchasing? I've been looking for it online and can't seem to find it.
  5. This one was a lot of fun. I’m calling this character the Witch of the Gloom and wanted her to look like her dress has constellations on it. id like to add some OSL some day but want to practice more first. Comments or advice welcome.
  6. Finally had some time to finish it up.
  7. Made a lot of progress tonight.
  8. I won this guy in a drawing at Reapercon 2017 and finally got around to painting it. Any critique and criticism is welcome.
  9. Thanks for the advice. I will experiment with both of those suggestions.
  10. Tonight I’m working on this scarecrow. I’m going for scary with muted clothing colors but I’ve never been good at muted. All my colors tend to come out bright and vivid. Here is what I have so far.
  11. gmvader

    Unknown Vampire Mini

    He is finished. One of my favorite minis to paint so far. I made the Luis take of gluing his sword on before painting which made some parts hard to get to but otherwise it was great.
  12. gmvader

    Unknown Vampire Mini

    First some pictures of the black under coat I put on the armor. Then I painted metallics on the armor. Tarnished Steel shadowed with Blackened Steel and Adamantine Black and highlighted with True Silver. I also added some Aged Gold details. Then I put the first coat on the cloak with Heraldic Red. Next week I will finish up the cloak and see how much farther I get.
  13. gmvader

    Unknown Vampire Mini

  14. gmvader

    Unknown Vampire Mini

    Yes it is resin. From a google search it looks like that is exactly what it is. Strange it doesn't show up on Reaper's website.
  15. gmvader

    Unknown Vampire Mini

    I seem to recall this came from a bag of minis I won during a drawing at Reapercon 2017. I can’t find him on the Reaper site anywhere, though. Anyway. I always start with the face. My next step was to paint the armor black (in preparation for metallic) but I forgot to take a picture. I tend to to use my paints way too thick so I’m working on using thinner coats with this one.