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  1. @Glitterwolfthanks for the video links. I’ll check them out.
  2. @Rigelthanks for the tips. I’ll have to try those out. @Glitterwolfthanks for the recommendation I’ll take a look at that.
  3. Thank you everyone. All this positive feedback almost makes me want to tackle another dragon…
  4. This was fun and relatively quick. I used metallic paints on this one, trying to practice using them. I'm not sure I got it quite right but I learned some things doing it. Not much to say about this one. It was pretty fast and easy. Weirdly I'm having a harder time getting my head around how to use TMM than NMM. I basically did NMM but using metallic paints and I don't think it worked very well here. Any advice anybody wants to give on how to paint TMM style on miniatures would be welcome. Also, how to add rust, or verdigris to metal. That is something else I have not done successfully, I added some red to the chain mail but I don't think it looks like rust.
  5. Well, after finishing a giant dragon that took me forever to paint I decided to paint something smaller by choosing a miniature that is completely covered in metal and decided to paint it all using the NMM technique. It was probably more than I was ready for but I think I'm getting better, it's finally starting to look like metal. Any critiques or feedback are welcome.
  6. It's been a long time since I painted a dragon. It might be a long time before I do another one. This took me nearly six months of painting nothing but scales. Once I had the scales done the rest of it was pretty quick. The galaxy effect on the wings is something that I learned from a Reapercon class and have wanted to do on dragon wings ever since. I'm sure it's not new, there are likely others out there, but it's the first time I've done it and I like how it turned out.
  7. I really wanted to paint this so that it looked like the horse was black. I couldn't make it work. All the pictures I could find were very shiny black horses and it always looked wrong when I tried to paint it -- due to my skill mostly --after three or four times painting over it all and starting over I settled on this brown and blond colored horse. The minis was fun because it gave me lots of opportunity to practice my NMM technique.
  8. This is one of the fantastic miniatures from Bombshell Miniatures. The fine details on their miniatures make them really fun to paint and they have a slightly more realistic style than the usual miniatures that I paint (Reaper). It was a nice break from what I usually do. Most of my focus on this one was to apply things I've learned from Reapercon classes and to practice painting skin. I finished this one several months ago and just now got around to taking pictures. I was pretty pleased with it when I finished it but now I see a few things that I would probably do differently and hopefully better. Continuous improvement, I guess...
  9. Thanks for the responses, all. I'm definitely reconsidering the color shift paints after seeing the result that @Chris Palmer got on his. The Golden Interference paint sounds interesting as well. @Seahawk that sounds like some solid advice. It sounds like I need to paint a few test pieces and see how it comes out...
  10. Which color shift paints did you use? I might be willing to pick one or two up and test them on something. That carnivorous pudding looks pretty great.
  11. I had this idea that I would paint a black dragon so that his wings and scales look like they are shimmering the way an oil slick does, with the pale rainbow of colors. The problem is I have no idea how to get that effect out of paints. I'm aware of color shift paints but I'd like to use traditional paints to get the effect. Here's a picture kind of what I'm talking about: Does anybody have any ideas or advice. Has any body tried this before? What did you try? How did it go? I've looked around and haven't found advice on this anywhere else so I thought I'd seek wisdom here. I'll probably do several tests once I have some ideas of what to try so any suggestions that anybody might have are welcome.
  12. @Reaper_JonIs there going to be a RVE in 2022? I really enjoyed being able to take classes last year (can't usually make it to Rearpercon) and was curious if it was going to continue or if it was a one-time event.
  13. Agreed. That is definitely one of my lesson-learned from this one. I didn't even notice it until I tried to photograph it and couldn't get a shot that didn't look cluttered.
  14. Thanks for the feedback. I see what your talking about. Some of it doesn't quite go all the way to black... definitely something to look out for next time.
  15. I took @Mocha's class on painting dark skin at ReaperVirtual and found it to be fantastic. She's a great instructor (the same could be said for all the class instructors) and her commentary on color choices was like a revelation. I tend to stick to only using the paints that are named after skin tones when painting skin but this came out fantastic. I was so excited by how good the skin looked that I spent way too much time trying to make every other part match the skin. The NMM on the swords probably got repainted a dozen times as I tried to figure out how to move beyond the cartoony look that I usually get when trying NMM. I'm very happy with the result and I think this may be the best paint job I've done so far. Any constructive feedback is welcome.
  16. Last Christmas I bought one of each of the Rocky minis from Reaper and gave one to each member of the family. This is the one I got and he was a lot of fun to paint. Any constructive feedback is welcome.
  17. I took @Wren's class on painting scales at ReaperVirtual with my 11-year-old son. One of the best parts of these classes is seeing the color choices that are used for shading and highlighting and in between. Usually colors that I wouldn't think to choose but they come out working very well. I especially liked the part on painting the belly scales, a technique I'm going to get to practice more with my Bones 5 dragons, I expect. I also practiced a little NMM on the sword, shield and armor.
  18. @Geoff Davis taught a really good class at ReaperVirtual about painting hair. This mini is the result of that class. Just because I like to experiment I also tried out some OSL on the orb in her hand and then tried my hand at painting the gem in her staff to look like... well... a gem. Any criticism or critique is welcome.
  19. Painting black and white is hard so I took @Corporea's class at ReaperVirtual on painting those two colors. Here is the result. Like with anything I need more practice but I'm pretty happy with what I came out of the class with. As always any criticism and critique is welcome.
  20. More minis that I painted as part of a class at Reapercon Virtual. The goblins were part of Brice Cocanour's class on painting freehand. The result was something far better than I ever expected to be able to do. It was a really fantastic class. The paladin was from @Kuro Cleanbrush's NMM boot camp. It was a 4 hour class on how to paint NMM and it was exhausting and amazing all at once. My NMM on this one came out a little cartoony but still far better than I expected going in. We painted the sword and part of the chest plate in the class and the rest I did myself after for practice. The scene here is hard to photograph clearly because it's kind of all packed closely together. The idea is that this paladin is standing alone across a stream from an army of goblins (of which you can only see the leading edge), ready to stand his ground. I think the vignette probably doesn't tell the story that I intended but... these were all practice pieces anyway and I had fun learning these techniques and plan to practice them more in the future. As always, criticism and critique are appreciated.
  21. I've got a few of these that I worked on last year. This is likely to be the last in this series. The idea has been using ogre minis in amusing vignettes combined with townfolk from the Bones 4 Core Set. These two looked like they were in almost the same pose and it looked like too good an opportunity to pass up. This fellow is trying to learn to be more graceful, so he signed up for a dance class. I think he's got potential. Any critique or criticism is welcome.
  22. I took the shaded metallics class at Reapercon Virtual last year and this is the result of that class. I'm struggling with the shaded metallics technique so it looks pretty rough but it looks better than my metallics usually do. He's supposed to be half bronze and half steel. Any feedback or advice is welcome. Especially if you know of good sources for me to research this technique some more.
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