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  1. Dyeing eggs with the kids. Thought it might be fun to try painting them. I learned three things. Paints dries slower on eggs than on minis. Paints don’t stick as well even with primer. Blending is harder on eggs for mostly the two reasons above. Anyway. Enjoy.
  2. I loved the kid hero's in the Bones V and they are one of the things I am most looking forward to. I especially like the expressiveness of the features, and the animal companions. I also like the 'cartooniness' of them. That said, I rarely use my minis for games, they are solely what I think will be fun to paint. These look like a lot of fun. I'd be interested in seeing some other fantasy races represented. Dragonborn, tiefling, orc, half-orc, dwarf, etc. Since I don't use them for games I don't have a lengthy wishlist -- I'm really interested in seeing what you come up with. As far as themes? All of the above sound awesome.
  3. Thank you @Inarah. The package arrived all in one piece and the painted cavalry is exquisite.
  4. gmvader

    New DSLR

    I do hobby in photography sometimes. Sigma lenses are significantly cheaper than Canon and very high quality. I also really like the Lowepro Slingshot for carrying camera equipment. One of my favorite accessories is the strap from Blackrapid.
  5. I started this mini during @Kuro Cleanbrush's Buttery Blends class at Reapercon. This has been one of the classes that has completely changed how I paint. My blending and shading has gone from frustrated "good enough" to something that I'm actually happy with. It took me some time to finish it because I'm a slow painter but I like the way it turned out.
  6. I started this mini during @Corporea's class on painting faces. Her discussion of being aware of what is underneath the skin was exactly what I needed to take my painting to the next level. After the class I decided to finish the mini and applied things I learned in other classes. I can still see things I would like to do better but this is one that I'm really pleased with. As always, any critique or criticism is welcome.
  7. Frost Giant Queen #77592 Not sure if this is the right place. She's 80mm but the top of her staff is 100mm which would put it in the larger category?
  8. Shipped my package today. Should be at the destination in ~a week.
  9. Here is my WIP. Taking longer than I expected but I still expect to finish in the next couple weeks.
  10. Look at Mr. Grimm in the Reaper Store. Not sure what to do with that either... it gives us the birthday but doesn't say where to enter it.
  11. I’d be okay with any of the three options. Some combination of 1 and 3 would be my preference. Extend the deadline a couple weeks and promote it on other social media.
  12. I’ve been debating that as well. I’m also not sure it’s worth it. I’m not convinced people will pay much more than $100 for it.
  13. This is the fastest I have ever finished a mini. It's pretty rough but I did it all during David Diamondstone's Reapercon Class on Object Source Lighting. The class was great and I can't wait to apply what I learned to other minis that I take more time on. However, sometimes it's good to just leave it rough and call it a learning piece. I'm still really happy with this one as it's the best OSL I've ever done and I feel like I have the tools now to make it much better in the future.
  14. This is me playing around with contrast again. This is a dire crab telling a fish story to a scholar who is decidedly NOT writing it all down. I painted the scholars boots a little fancy, imagining that he is Nacho from Nacho Libre. I tried to make them look like they are standing on a beach, I'm not sure the effect worked all that well. Any feedback is appreciated.
  15. I'm not sure what just happened in this scene but it was exciting enough that these two guys decided to give each other a fist bump. I'm guessing it was something like one of them made a joke that the other though was worthy of praise... Anyway. With this one I'm trying to work on my outlining and blending as well as having a more interesting base. I'm particularly proud of the stone in the ogre's club. I tried to keep some color themes in both creatures with the red and green present in both of them as well as the more subtle yellows of the leather. Others in this series of vignettes that I'm doing can be found here, here, and here.
  16. This is part of a series of amusing vignette's I've been working on. Pairing Bones 4 townsfolk with ogres and trolls to make a simple scene. This one is a troll going crazy over some spicy soup. The cook is not amused at his overreaction. I tried some freehand on the cook's dress and apron and I experimented with making the troll as contrasty as possible using a non-Christmas version of the red-green combo. To see others in the series see here and here. As always, any feedback is welcome.
  17. This guy is surprisingly detailed and it reminded how much fun painting metal can be -- I usually only paint Bones because they are cheaper. I tried to do a little freehand on his apron, the intent was to make him look even creepier with a vampire face. I think the result has the opposite effect, the face ended up looking happy and cute which makes him seem like a misunderstood hunchback, with a dagger and a vial of poison... Anyway. Let me know what you think. Normally I'd ask for constructive feedback (and if you want to give some please do) but I painted him before I attended Reapercon this year and I learned so much that this painting is kind of obsolete... I would do nearly everything differently now.
  18. According to the paintRack app the closest equivalents from Reaper are: 09673 Bright Silver ~ Durasheet Alloy 09674 Sky Steel ~ Skunkworks Gunmetal 09028 Muddy Brown (not metallic) ~ Drillbit Metal 09257 Blonde Hair (not metallic) ~ Gamma Shielding Gold @OneBoot is the expert on metallics I believe so she may have better suggestions.
  19. I actually liked the virtual con quite a bit. I was able to take all the classes I wanted without them filling up and I could see what the instructor was doing reasonably well. I miss the MSP Open and hobby hijinks etc. but I think some aspects of this virtual one were better. I’m kind of hoping for a more hybrid approach in the future...
  20. The beginner freehand class changed the materials needed in the last couple days, no way for me to get new paints this close. I think I can find some reasonable substitutes thanks to the paintRack app. A little frustrating though. I bought paints so I would be able to participate fully. This kind of makes that impossible. The prep instructions say to print and cut out a template but don’t say where to find that template, is there another place I should be looking? Never mind I found it.
  21. DS9. We got several movies after TNG ended. I always felt DS9 deserved at least one movie.
  22. Question about the classes. I ordered the minis and paints for the classes I’m taking. Is there any information about how I should prep the minis? Primer? Base Coat? Nothing at all? I’m assuming things like OSL need a base coat for the object source to cast light on? I can make my best guess but thought I would ask.
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