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  1. Here's another one where the photos show my mistakes. It looks like there a couple places where the paint has chipped away and I apparently got a big splotch of brown paint on his boot that I never noticed. I'll have to go patch him up some day but for now, here he is.
  2. This was one of the townsfolk that I had the most fun with so far. I tried to paint her like Belle from Beauty and the Beast -- as if she were pretending to be a bar maid, I guess? I don't know. The dress and apron seemed right for it. I'm most proud of the tray and while trying to get a good picture of it I may have finally figured out my camera settings... so there's that.
  3. I don't really know what to call this one. I had been wanting to try painting in pink and her dress seemed like a good opportunity to try it out. I still seem to have the problem that everything looks really good until I see the pictures and then it's a little bit embarassing how splotchy it is and how uneven the lines are etc.
  4. I've been alternating between simpler minis and more complicated ones. This is one that I painted to take a break from some more detailed and harder ones. The cart turned out to be more work than I expected so I went ahead and attempted freehand on it. It's not very good freehand but I like to tell myself some farmer painted it on and he/she is not any better than I am...
  5. Thanks all. I did the black on the wings freehand. It was surprisingly easy. I agree that the tops of the wings ended up too plain. I wanted to make sure he still looked like a black dragon but I think I overcompensated. I appreciate any other feedback that helps me improve on the next one.
  6. The idea with this one was to paint a her in grayscale, her dress and flowers have color but her skin, hair and wings are all shades of gray. I did cheat a little bit on the wings and used some shades of purple mixed with gray just because it looked more interesting that way. She is attending a masquerade ball and so is wearing a mask.
  7. With the flaming sword this miniature was an obvious candidate for me to attempt OSL. I’ve tried it half a dozen times and it usually looks terrible. I’m pretty happy with how this one came out. It's not great but it's the first one that doesn't look like I spilled paint on it.
  8. For some reason these cartoony looking characters inspire me to do cartoony things with them. I thought it would be fun to try blue skin.
  9. I wanted to try two things with this one. Paint a realistic crystal and paint an unusual hair color. I don’t feel that I succeeded on either account. It’s really hard to make opaque plastic look like translucent crystal. Green eyes this time, followed by working out from the skin to the outer layers.
  10. ’ve been experimenting with a few colors lately. Red and Green have great contrast but remind most people of Christmas. I’ve been trying to find ways to use those two colors without making people think of festivities. This is my most recent attempt. I started with red eyes because she looked like she was angry. From there I decided to try challenging myself again and do red skin and hair as well. I’m actually pleased with how this came out. This hair looks the best of any I’ve ever painted. Some of the early pictures her shield arm is unattached because I needed to be able to paint underneath it.
  11. This appears to be a chibi style recreation of Reaper Miniatures’ Troll-Slayer Sophie. As usual, I started with the eyes. With this mini I wanted to focus on blues as a theme so I started with blue eyes. The blue eyes seemed to call for blond hair — mostly because yellow and blue are nearly opposite on the color wheel = higher contrast. I like to completely finish each layer before moving on to the next. It’s an unusual method but one that works for me. Then the armor and wings and then finishing touches.
  12. One of the things I’ve been working on a lot lately is faces and eyes. I’ve painted every color of eye I can think of and in every way I could think of. I watched every video I could find on different techniques. I read guides and practiced. After all of that when I saw these chibi style miniatures I sighed with relief, finally some eyes that I have enough room to actually paint. This wizard is studying a treasure map… First, black primer, then paint the eyes and face. The eyes always tell me who this miniature is going to be. That’s where I start. Then I simply work my way outward. Starting with the bottommost layer (i.e. skin) and working up to the outermost layer. And the final product:
  13. I have always liked black dragons with their forward swept horns. With this one I decided to also try my hand at adding a swampy base to it. The base is made of dried out herbal tea, bits of sticks and rocks I found outside while camping and some torn up pieces of cork. I made the cattails with some old resistors. I’ve been told these would be better if I add a little about my process so… here goes. First I glued the miniature to a piece of HDF scrap that I cut in a 3×3 inch square on my table saw. Then I glued a bunch of garbage all over the base. I filled the joints on the miniature with green stuff. I primed it with black primer and painted the eyes. I always start with the eyes. Partly that’s because they are the hard part and I want to get them over with. Partly it’s because once it has eyes I can see the rest of it and I know what it needs to be. This is a black dragon but I knew if it was just black it would be really uninteresting to look at… and easy to paint. I decided to paint the wings with a green gradient. Next I gave the wings some character, taking some inspiration from a certain lava dragon that I found here on the forums. Then I went back over the dragon’s scales with some green highlights to make them look shiny. Finally I added grass, cat tails, moss, pieces of skeletons and some water effect. And the final product:
  14. It took me almost two years to build up the courage to paint this dragon bust. I’m still not happy with how it turned out, having little experience with painting things this large but finally decided it was done.
  15. This is good advice. I'll try to remember it next time. Thanks. Any advice on how to do lips? I want them to not look the same color as the skin but she also shouldn't look like she's wearing lipstick while fighting. I added a little red to my flesh tone for this but I think it came out basically the same color as the flesh tone.
  16. I can't find this one in the store or on Google. It's a resin miniature that I won in a drawing at Reapercon 2017. I don't have the packaging any more so I I don't know any more about it.
  17. I think I got that golden yellow color of polar bears down better on this one. I started out with a leather brown wash and then dry brushed yellowed bone and bleached linen on.
  18. I really love this sculpture. I really wanted a polar bear. Thanks to all the forum members who gave me feedback about how to do the polar bear fur. This one is a little too grey but I think I figured it out on the next one.
  19. This mini is so beautiful it inspired me to start basing for the first time. Any criticism and critique is welcome:
  20. Thanks for all the advice, everybody. Here is my progress so far tonight. I tend to work in layers from the innermost (usually skin) to outermost and complete each layer before moving to the next. Tonight I did the riders face and some of his clothes. It should come together a little more once I get some paint on his armor. Let me know what you think I need to improve.
  21. Thanks. I’ll check that out. That sounds like good advice as well. I’ll post something when I get to the next one.
  22. My first attempt at a polar bear. There are things I would do differently but overall pleased with a first try. My method was to wash with black ink and then dry brush colors on starting with heartwood brown and then yellowed bone, bleached lined and then finishing with dragon white. I am going to do another one eventually. Does anybody have suggestions for how to do it better? This one doesn’t quite look quite as polar bear as I was going for.
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