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  1. I am hosting a Valentine's figure painting competition with a figure I designed for the holiday. My take on a bad-to-the-bone type of Eros character.
  2. Hey, thanks for the shout out! I've got a couple more up there now if you feel like checking them out. :)
  3. Hello friends!! I'm wanting to do a little market research and I'm hoping I can get your help. For Bones V I sculpted a bunch of kids heroes and their pet companions. These were some of my favorite figures to work on and I'd like to do more. To be very very clear I have NO indication that Reaper will be producing any more of those types of figures and I'm in no way promising to create anything we discuss here. I have no shortage of ideas when it comes to new kid heroes but I'm wanting to see what types of figures people would want if hypothetically I decided to create
  4. Love it! Can't have enough awesome girl superheroes!
  5. I love this idea so much! Gingerbread dragon? Reindeer inspired dragon? Wings of trailing gift wrap ribbons?? So many possibilities.
  6. That is some very cool imagery, and surprisingly folklore I'm unfamiliar with. Will definitely have to check some of that out, sounds fun. So glad you liked the Sirens, I can't wait to get my set!
  7. AWWW Thank you guys! That is so sweet. Sorry I haven't been on much, thanks for making me feel loved :)
  8. WOW! This is excellent! The sculpt has really fantastic texture and variety to it. The anatomy is solid, it feels very voluminous. You've gotten better and better, it's exciting to see you grow. I love seeing the painting portion coming together, the colors and patterns you've chosen are unexpected and very cool. Thanks for sharing!
  9. These newer models are a level up! Great figures. I especially love the blacksmith guy
  10. Got mini selected and mostly painted. Still a WIP, I had a certain vision for it that I don't think I've managed to reach yet but hopefully it'll come together in the end.
  11. @TaleSpinner Just saw the print from that figure with the scale armor I did with a similar IMM brush. Turns out there were very small holes between scales that didn't get properly filled in because I couldn't really see them. To correct my model (and potentially yours) I'm going to fill the whole area with a sphere then trim dynamic away everything that shows on the surface and dynamesh it all together. That way any hidden gaps/holes get filled and there aren't any printing issues.
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