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  1. All really great points! I am very much enjoying the dialogue and questions you guys are coming up with, definitely keep it coming. I am working on a write up for the answer for the black/white question and I promise it will be the next thing I address. I wanted to put it out for the equinox as I thought it would be very fitting to discuss the opposites on the day of equilibrium but alas work schedule and sickness got the best of me. I actually struggled quite a bit with the realization that I was not able to see the full spectrum of color. That there were colors out there that I w
  2. Hey guys! I was doing some thinking and although I've sort of discussed this broadly already I wanted to put it in a more succinct, and hopefully more digestible, format before I move on to the other major hues. As humans, we relate to color in 3 ways (maybe?): Personal Association- This is largely conscious association we have made between a particular hue or color combination. It is highly personal to us individually. This could be the color of your favorite sports team. Maybe it's the color of the sweater your grandma knit you and you had to wear for what felt l
  3. That's a great question @Darcstaar! As a general rule I select one main color to be saturated, then the supporting colors will be less saturated depending on where they fall on the color wheel. As an example: if I choose a bright saturated blue for my paladin character than any greens in my palette can still be saturated (though less so than my main color) because it's very close to blue on the color wheel. Any reds/oranges in my palette would be very desaturated (a very grey/dark/or white version of the color) since they fall directly opposite blue on the color wheel. I tend to visualize
  4. Starting at the beginning, with the color Red. The hue with the longest wavelengths, complimentary color to Green. We know that colors effect us on an emotional, mental, and physical level. These changes occur when light enters the eye and affects the hypothalamus portion of the brain and the pituitary gland. We can, to some extent, predict these responses and use that information to cause an emotional response in our viewers. This is learning the words in the language of communicating in color. When combined with the sculptural components we choose, the environment (in the case of dioram
  5. I'm so glad you found it understandable! There's actually a lot of research to support your observation of shifting color affinities. Newborns, young children, teens, adults, and the elderly all have particular palettes that they tend to be drawn to. Gender plays a role as well and marketers try to capitalize on this in their targeted ads. Interestingly, current science states that before 3 months infants can only see in value (Black/White/Grey) EYE FACTS. Further studies show that past 3 months infants are drawn to highly saturated colors and prefer the long wavelengths (Red/Orange/Yellow)
  6. The Anatomy of Color We have all seen and heard about color correspondences. Red = Anger/Passion Yellow = Happiness etc. but the truth is that there’s much more to color than just it’s name. The psychological effects of color, and therefore the messages we can communicate with it, are much more heavily influenced by those other components. So let’s take a look at the three components to color: Hue, Value, and Saturation. Hue Put simply, Hues are the categories of color. They are the general name we refer to a color by. Sky blue and Midnight blue are very different co
  7. Hey Everyone! I have been studying color since I can remember. I've been through countless art courses both physical and digitally, I have a Fine Art Degree with a minor in Art History, and I read textbooks on Color Psychology in my spare time. I'd like to pass on this treasure trove of information for those who are interested in learning and use this as a way to organize my own thoughts on the topic. For those willing to brave the posts to come, I am eager to share with you all the nuances and intricacies of my very favorite topic ..COLOR! This first post will be about why we, as
  8. Glad you guys got it figured out, I remember asking Izzy and she said an apostle but then I had to figure out what that was haha
  9. I am hosting a Valentine's figure painting competition with a figure I designed for the holiday. My take on a bad-to-the-bone type of Eros character.
  10. Hey, thanks for the shout out! I've got a couple more up there now if you feel like checking them out. :)
  11. Hello friends!! I'm wanting to do a little market research and I'm hoping I can get your help. For Bones V I sculpted a bunch of kids heroes and their pet companions. These were some of my favorite figures to work on and I'd like to do more. To be very very clear I have NO indication that Reaper will be producing any more of those types of figures and I'm in no way promising to create anything we discuss here. I have no shortage of ideas when it comes to new kid heroes but I'm wanting to see what types of figures people would want if hypothetically I decided to create
  12. Love it! Can't have enough awesome girl superheroes!
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