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  1. Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it, it was great to have everyone there to chat with!
  2. Oh cool, thanks for posting, I was really glad to get the chance to do this one. It's been sitting in my queue of things I wanted to do for far too long. She came out even better than I intended I think, gotta love it when those happy accidents happen.
  3. The Dawnseekers are so cool, really enjoying that set
  4. Preview of Shimmerscale (still a WIP) 😜
  5. In case anyone wanted a closer look at the fairy dragons they previewed on Twitch
  6. I believe you need to teach 4 classes in order to receive those benefits. At least that is what it has been in previous years. That said, they don't generally approve new teachers to teach that many the first year.
  7. These are so fun! Really love the Aztec influences and it would be hard to decide which of the two weapons you sculpted I like more. Great work so far, looking forward to seeing how they progress!
  8. I think I commented on this elsewhere but it deserves the love. This is such a cool take on her! I love the story and the shading/blending, and probably most of all the hair color!
  9. Super cool idea, and I'm sure very difficult to implement. Well done, this is a beautiful piece!
  10. Just for funsies I wanted to post this here. Alice and I have a history, as you can see in this thread, which makes this that much more special to me. I finally revisited Alice and the Wonderland crew after many years away. I wanted to see what my current skillset could do with the initial concepts and how I could expand on the other characters with the design skills I've developed in that time. This is a re-sculpt of the initial Alice, minimal changes to the design, I had my daughter Juniper pose for it this time which just adds more of an attachment to it than I already had. Here's the render I did up for the release and the physical models of the set from our Phrozon Sonic Mini 4K! Here are the other two characters I created to go with Alice for the January release of my Tribes, the White Rabbit and the March Hare. I was also able to put together color guides based on how I poly-painted these while sculpting. I used the Reaper Power Palette to pick out the colors from an image of the poly painted version. I organized them by material. I'd love to hear your thoughts on if you would find guides like this useful and/or what changes you would like to see to make it a tool you would enjoy having. It was a bit of an emotional roller coaster, coming back to this model. That said, I'm very happy with how the new version came out and I think if I ever come back to this character it will need to be reimagined from a very different perspective. For now I'm really enjoying building out the remainder of the Wonderland crew and I'll be releasing at least one other set of characters for this theme at some point. I was inspired to sketch out a languid posh naga version of the Blue Caterpillar the other day that I'm really looking forward to sculpting!
  11. This month I felt particularly inspired by the Nutcracker characters and decided to do a whole themed set. I learned a lot about the original source material and had fun reimagining some of my favorite Reaper painters as Christmas characters. If you want to play the guessing game, go right ahead, I'll put my inspirations after the images Sugar Plum Fairy- Erin Hartwell Drosselmeyer- Aaron Lovejoy The Nutcracker- James Wappel The Rat King- Ian Markon
  12. This sounds epic! I love a good holiday themed adventure!!!
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