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  1. Rainbow Sculptor

    Kristof's Car(s)

    These are super cool!!
  2. Rainbow Sculptor

    Darkest Dungeon minis

    I'm not familiar with darkest dungeon specifically but these are great! Are you using Apoxie? Or are these resin casts?
  3. Rainbow Sculptor

    Composition 101

    Haha he's got a lot of great stuff on his site. I'm glad i'm not the only crazy color OCD person! My closet is organized by color, my books, my DVDs/games are all organized by color.....i'm super weird
  4. Rainbow Sculptor

    Composition 101

    Hey guys! This thread is a response to @ketil and anyone interested in understanding and learning more about composition. I taught a Composition 101 class at ReaperCon last year. That class will not be offered again this year and I don't know how likely it is to be taught again. SO, in the hopes that it will be useful to someone I've included the .pdf of the lengthy class handouts as well as links to some useful videos explaining some of these concepts. I'm happy to answer any questions, discuss observations, or offer any guidance I can on improving this area of your work. It is one of the things I've devoted a lot of time and energy into mastering and I love sharing and growing our little community! Class Handout: Composition-101.pdf Video Resources: Blender Guru: https://youtu.be/O8i7OKbWmRM Ian Plant: https://youtu.be/qxGwNVNrB64 Aaron Blaise: https://youtu.be/dOMRWxo0ixo Ctrl Paint This guy has a whole series of videos on composition that I absolutely love. He is a digital painter/illustrator but these concepts apply to any medium and his tutorial videos are an invaluable resource! https://www.ctrlpaint.com/library/
  5. Rainbow Sculptor

    Double Barrel Critiques

    You know you're right. There really isn't a lot of talk about composition and it's component elements in discussion even in groups/forums like this built around artistic endeavors. That is certainly something to remedy. I'll do some searching and thinking tonight about resources I could link here on the subject and if I don't find much maybe i'll write something up myself. A sort of Composition 101 for anyone who'd be interested. As far as casting you want to think about how you're figure could fit and pull out cleanly of two separate parts. If you had play doh and pressed your figure into it, then squished play doh on top of that like a sandwich, would you be able to pull it apart without it catching anywhere? Now, that's a very simplistic way to think about it but it's a good starting point. For you're figure (if you wanted to keep the spear pointed/placed where it currently sits) you would need to break the sculpt at the shoulder and cast both pieces independently. This typically involves creating a male/female socket joint for your separated piece to fit back into when it comes time. I hope that gives you a starting point on that topic and I'll try to post some composition stuff here or on a new thread soon!
  6. Rainbow Sculptor

    Clever Crow Studios Bust

    Here's a little WIP of the Corvid Conjurer head. The hair that goes down the back is just a placeholder. I find it much easier to put that in after the main body is established to layer properly but I wanted to get a feel for how the flow from the head would look.
  7. Rainbow Sculptor

    Clever Crow Studios Bust

    Haha that's awesome. I never watched one piece, the drawing style didn't appeal to me but they do have some crazy and cool character design. I could definitely see the similarity!
  8. Rainbow Sculptor

    Double Barrel Critiques

    I think I understand what you were going for. I'm not sure exactly why it isn't reading well. Maybe the shoulders are too even in height or too squared to read the twist? I'm sure someone else can jump in here with some good observations. @TaleSpinner is the king of proper anatomy lol I'm glad you gleaned some helpful bits. ☺️
  9. Rainbow Sculptor

    Clever Crow Studios Bust

    Wow, thank you! As artists we always worry about our style being recognizable or unique enough to warrant recognition so this means a lot! <3
  10. Rainbow Sculptor

    Clever Crow Studios Bust

    Thanks! I don't know if it will be available for sale. We were discussing a small batch of resin casts for each of us to have a couple and possibly some metal but nothing has been officially decided yet.
  11. Rainbow Sculptor

    Clever Crow Studios Bust

    I wanted to share some of the design work also so here's the concept art for the bust and a head design for the Corvid Conjurer figure! The head/face tends to be a big part of my character design. This will determine the type of character, gender, demeanor, and a lot of the shape language decisions that will be repeated throughout the rest of the figure. I find that once the head is designed the rest tends to fall easily into place. I'll be making some costume and posing decisions today. I plan for the finished figure to be a large piece which will allow me some freedom to explore some finer details than is typically doable in my usual figures. I also like to write out a sort of quick description or make a list of key components of the character I want to be sure to communicate before I start. If you would be interested in reading that to get more insight into the character design process please let me know!
  12. Rainbow Sculptor

    Clever Crow Studios Bust

    Michael Proctor of Clever Crow Studios asked if I would be interested in an art trade. I would sculpt my take on his studio logo (originally designed by Izzy "Talin" Collier) and he would paint that and one other figure. I was immediately super charged with inspiration and set to work to create my piece. This is my final sculpt, set to be produced at 54mm! I honestly can't WAIT to see him paint this guy up! It's my first bust and I'm really happy with how it came out. The other figure I plan on having him paint is in the design process but will also be based on him/his work. I'll post some of my design work in this thread as well as some WIPs and final pics of the pieces complete. Thanks for taking a look!
  13. Rainbow Sculptor

    Double Barrel Critiques

    @CivilDungeoneer I'm going to focus on Aldin because I feel it's the stronger of these two pieces. First Barrel: Solid character concept well communicated with clothing choices, body type, and posing concept. Facial features and beard are well textured and executed. I also appreciate the difference in texture between the head and beard hair, that tends to be a newbie mistake you avoided. Head/hands/feet are well proportioned for Reaper style figures. Second Barrel: My main critique on this figure is body positioning. You have a good idea of what you wanted out of the pose but there are some anatomy issues which are leaving the figure with an awkward air. The use of reference photos can't be overstated enough for things like this. If I were to tackle a big guy like this I would direct my husband or son to pose so I can photograph from main angles. If I'm posing for myself I pay attention to where my weight is being held, where the tension is in my body, and what feels balanced/natural vs. not. If someone else is posing for me I ask these questions to better inform my piece. In your sculpt the knees and feet are not facing the same directions. This is a super unnatural/awkward way to stand. (Forgive my crappy photos, just trying to illustrate the angle of the feet to knees) There is a similar issue with the fist direction. They would naturally be pretty parallel to each other but you've got one turned a different direction which doesn't feel quite natural. There are some areas which could use some bulking up. Mainly the butt, thighs (right specifically), and forearm. The clothing reads well, a bit shallow in the upper pants wrinkles, but overall solid. I hope this helped for future projects. My biggest piece of advice is to gather reference photos, either online or take them yourself to really get a feel for posing and weight distribution.
  14. Rainbow Sculptor

    Double Barrel Critiques

    I apologize for my slow response. Work has been busy. I'll try and get to both of these tonight. @ketil First barrel: You have great control of the clay! Your lines are clean, clay is smooth, and the wrinkles are both sensical and at a good depth for casting/painting. There is a nice balance between a sense of action/movement and stagnation in the clothing as well as smaller details vs. larger areas of visual rest. The figure feels well posed and naturalistic, really solid piece!! Second Barrel: I really only have three critiques to offer. The first is that the ratio of head/hands/feet are not uniform. You have a medium sized head, small hands, and oversized feet. This ends up feeling a bit disjointed. Depending on the company you are pitching to either the head out the boots are properly sized and the others would need adjustment. Secondly, and less importantly, as polished as the clothing as a whole is, the belt seems rushed and less well defined. Lastly, the composition in the inspiration image is stronger as the spear mimics the angle of the figure and creates a strong and steady A shape. This draws all your attention to the head where we typically want it. In your sculpt the spear moves away from the body and points directionally forward. This alteration along with the implied line of his eyesight, leads the viewers eye up and out of frame as opposed to circling back through the piece. To resolve this issue I would suggest either repositioning the spear to an angle closer to the inspiration image or displaying the piece in a diorama setting with the actual "focal" character being whatever it is he's looking/pointing at. There would be some casting issues with having that back arm away from the body but I did not list that in my critique because it didn't seem like you intended this piece for a casting process. If you'd like to discuss casting as a seperate issue just DM me and we can go into that. Overall really fantastic piece, I think it's completely marketable as is but some more fine tuning could really take it to the next level. Look forward to seeing more of your work!
  15. Rainbow Sculptor

    Rigel sculpts a Plug-Ugly Pulp Crook

    B feels a lot more natural.