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  1. @TaleSpinner Just saw the print from that figure with the scale armor I did with a similar IMM brush. Turns out there were very small holes between scales that didn't get properly filled in because I couldn't really see them. To correct my model (and potentially yours) I'm going to fill the whole area with a sphere then trim dynamic away everything that shows on the surface and dynamesh it all together. That way any hidden gaps/holes get filled and there aren't any printing issues.
  2. To elaborate a little on what Derek @dks was suggesting about the arms: we often need or want to exaggerate arms as a feature in particular but in order to keep them feeling realistically usable and recognizable for the viewer there's a couple easy "checks" I do. 1. Make sure both arms/legs have the same proportion. (Shoulder to elbow, elbow to wrist, hip to knee, knee to ankle) 2. The elbow should fall at the same height as the smallest point in the waist and wrists end roughly at the pelvis. This is artwork by Nicholas Kole for the comic Wingfeather Saga. Although each character has vastly different body types and proportions he is still maintaining the general rule that elbows fall at the smallest point in the waist and wrists fall roughly at the pelvis. To compensate for the enlarged arms the rest of the figure has been adjusted to fit within these guidelines. 3. I always have to break down hands by the blocks/shapes that make up each component. I find that animators and cartoonists are great resources to study for understanding how to break those complex forms down into something understandable and usable. Here's a study by Mitch Leeuwe of breaking down hands. I find his simplification easy to apply to a variety of hand poses. Hope that helps :)
  3. These are super cool! Great job!
  4. I know Patrick Keith does this method as well. I used to mark the outer corners with a pin prick so it just made two little small holes and then used my C shaped clay shaper to indent the upper and lower lids lines. I found the softer and uniform curve I got from the tool made eyes I liked better than the exacto blade. Very similar but I thought I'd add my two cents haha
  5. The current plan is to get him in a simple two piece mold so there wouldn't be any assembly required. However, the position of the bracers is not accidental and would allow for a pretty simple mod for those wanting to rotate the hands.
  6. If I have something quick to throw together I will cook. If not I'll just pick up a pizza or bucket of chicken to feed everyone.
  7. Now that I think of it Gene showed me that as well and I completely forgot it because I was absorbing so much info at the time and hadn't used it. haha I usually have the opposite problem, I'll have an unusually small model for some reason and have to double the canvas size and redraw it out. I really wish Z was more consistent about that sort of thing. My husband is excited about this one, he has a fondness for this particular monster type.
  8. Looking much more natural with the current edits! Sizing always seems to be one of those weird after thoughts or troublesome parts for me. Though I don't work Low to High poly I could probably measure the base rig before I pose it. Good thinking!
  9. That looks like it would print really nicely! Going to have to look into this method.
  10. Finished up Monster's arctic fox friend, Firn. This was such a fun project and I'm really excited to see @Hollymonster paint these cuties up!!
  11. Today we're getting started on Monster's little arctic fox friend! The beginning steps for animals are pretty much the same as people. I create a ZSphere rig with the proportions I want, pose it, then "Make PolyMesh3D" and start blocking in "anatomy" or in this case fur bulk with the clay builder brush. From here I'll be using mostly the orb crack brush to define the facial features and start creating layers/clumps of fur.
  12. I think this is how Andrea does it too and his scales come out really nicely. When I did Shadowthorn (the little kid dragon) I think I used mostly orb crack and polish (because I didn't know about hPolish at the time haha)
  13. All finished up! Thanks for all the feedback and support guys, this has been a fun set to create!!
  14. Really loved this back story so I gave her shorter stockings to maintain the sheer painting opportunity but added the twin daggers. Pending art director approval there's just some polish work left to do to get this one all finished up!
  15. I'm so glad you guys like her! I have been wanting to start a Patreon this year however my current clients have kept my schedule full and I haven't had the time to develop a good backlog of figures and plan out a release schedule/tier rewards game plan. When/if there is news on that front I will let people know. You can follow me on Facebook @MoonlightMinis which is where I'll be posting any updates. Monsters status: sale pending, though I can't say to whom yet ;)
  16. Monster is all finished up, animal companion to come!
  17. I think you're right, the pistol idea was a stretch from the beginning. Good to not limit your options but I didn't feel there was a high likelihood that it would work out. The sheer fabric avenue was something that Ron wanted to play around with. I tried some pirate style boots which I think gave some nice visual weight for compositional balance but he wanted to try stockings for just that painting opportunity. We tried that as well but didn't feel it held up on it's own. Still doing some exploration, so we'll see what we end up with. I do think the hair still needs something and some sort of small stiletto dagger or hair pin might make a good solution so I'll play around with that today as well. Thank you all for your suggestions, feedback, and discussion. I really enjoy it! I thought it would be fun to hide a little easter egg in this figure. I'm sure most of you know Jon Overton, metal slinger and social media guru for Reaper. He has been learning ZBrush and finished his first project recently, a pirate dabloon style coin with the Reaper logo on it. It came out really great and It's been fun to watch him learn and grow throughout the process. SO, I thought it would be super fun to give this little lady a pirate dabloon necklace with Jon's coin it. He loved the idea too so yay! I'll make another update post later today!
  18. So I'm starting to make some more solid decisions about the costuming and textures at this point. Ron was concerned that this was feeling a little too posh and not quite piratey enough to blend well with the other girls. The chopsticks in her hair were also a potential production issue. So I made some changes: Exchanged the chopsticks for a bone, added a head scarf, changed the sleeve style to something less directly derived from our geisha references, and made the undershirt neckline much more haphazard. Unfortunately Ron made the comparison between Pebbles from the Flintstones and now I can't unsee it so, that's gonna have to go. We'll likely keep the head scarf. He wants to keep the neckline more symmetrical but likes this styling better than the first version. He didn't have a particular preference on the sleeve style so I'll have to decide what works better for casting and overall flow/aesthetic of the piece. Also thinking that leg might need some extra oomph, maybe a garter or gun holster or something haha
  19. I'm planning to keep it up in a bun in the back with some dangling strands up front. Sort of a haphazard/casual nod to a geisha updo. I'm thinking of adding in some other small influences from geisha styling in the costume but I don't want anything too recognizable or overt. Just something to add some depth to her character. I like the idea of mixing some more traditional "elvish" elements with the oriental influences and some of the more northern European influences that Izzy initially drew from for the other doxies.
  20. I ended up reworking this entire figure. The face was a good study but it didn't have the character I really wanted to it. I did some more drawing studies and then revisited my sculpt and made a bunch of adjustments. I think she's starting to feel much more life like and develop a personality now. The pose I had been using wasn't working either. It felt a little strained and awkward and didn't have a good flow to it. So I did some reposing of my ZSpheres and played around with a number of other poses. Here's the one we think is working a lot better
  21. Look good, lots of variation going on which can be especially hard to do with a center part like that. Good work!
  22. Got a decent amount of work done on Monster today. Still need to play around with the shield and there's clean up/polish work to do throughout but it's getting pretty close!
  23. Hey! So I work as a Freelancer. Im not on staff anywhere in particular but I do the majority of my work for Reaper. For a figure like this, if it were just for a personal client commission or a limited edition type of project I would finish sculpting it then send that file to Trenchworx or some other printing company to have a limited number of prints made or cast (likely in metal). If it were something I was doing for fun I would shop it around to companies who might be interested in producing it. Many sculptors have a Patreon or other personal revenue set up for their work, though I don't currently have one personally. I hope that helps answer your questions :)
  24. Little more work on Monster today. Defining the hair, adding the little holly berries and leaves, and the rough version of the horns. Blocking some more parts of the costuming throughout. I don't get to devote entire days at a time on this project so you'll see this one come together a little slower than some of my other threads. This is a couple hours of work.
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