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  1. Whew. 104 miniatures in ~3 months. "Speed" painting these in batches may not have always resulted in my best quality, but it did get better the more I kept at it. (Funny how that seems to work out.)
  2. Starks are good for that. Wolves on the banners. Wolves on the shields. Wolves on the tunics. Free wolves for all the kids. Apparently the Sansa model used to have a wolf on it until (spoiler police were here).
  3. Hey all, I finished my project for July and painted all the Starks from the ASOIF Miniatures starter set. This was the first time I ever painted an army before and it was... not nearly as bad as I thought it was going to be! Actually, I'm hyped to finish the set! Stark Sword Swords: Umber Berserkers: Stark Outriders: 2x Stark Sworn Sword Captains, Umber Champion, and Greatjon Umber: Alternate Robb Stark, Greywind, Robb Stark, Catelyn Stark, and Sansa Stark: Thanks so much for checking this out. Apologies for being bad at photography. C&C welcome.
  4. Thanks for all the kind words, people! Feeling pretty good about my hobby-craft right now.
  5. A player in my game made this in HF. Felt my layering and blends level up with this one. Also added gloves, bowtie and a rose using greenstuff. Enjoy
  6. Hope everyone is having a good holiday season. Here's my most recent mini - as always, I found some things I really liked about the finished product, and some things I want to do better next time. A couple objectives on this project were: Practice a speed paint technique to drybrush metallic over black primer. I thought some areas came out amazingly well, but other spots were a bit overworked as a result of 'overbrushing' after not being happy with the initial result. Get some more practice painting white. For the most part I am pretty happy with the results. I wonder if I might like the results better if I were to paint down from white into blue / blue-black next time instead of greys. Have fun with some 1mm magnets and 'hot-swappable' weapons. I did find out my hand drill was junk, and as an indirect result ended up embedding the magnet in his arm a little too deep (I think,) so the magnetic attraction is a little less than ideal. Still pretty serviceable for the table. I hope you find something to enjoy. C+C always welcome.
  7. Hey all, Painted this for a player in my weekly game who is really into the idea of rose-gold armor. These are also my first attempts at painting white and using some scenic water. C+C welcome. Thanks!
  8. Hey all, Painted these up for my weekly game. Clipped the ears on the crossbowman to mixed results. Enjoy! C&C welcome.
  9. It's all very well done. Particular standouts for me: face, black cape, skin, hair, tiara. A very nicely done base as well. I do feel like there is 1 angle from the front where the sword edge doesn't have a highlight and that's throwing my eye off - but maybe that's more about the way I want to paint NMM.
  10. I think this is great for a first mini. Kudos to you for going right at black and white - probably the 2 most difficult colors to layer/blend with. As has been said before, you show some good brush control - the techniques will come in time, but the brush control will help with just about every skill.
  11. The blue-green is a mix of Reaper's MSP Peacock Green for shadows, Model Color Blue-Green for base, and a mystery bottle of a very light aqua from Reaper. The model color paint was used to normalize the colors with a glaze. The burgundy is MSP Burgundy Wine, Violet Red, and Pale Violet. Thanks for the advice - I'll see what I can incorporate to improve it.
  12. Absolutely - picture quality isn't great as I'm not so much with the photography, but here's a much larger version of a few.
  13. So I got this guy in the holiday grab bag - figured it would be a good test for NMM. (Funny side note: in my paint journal he's described as 'IDK - some kind of bat knight.') My objectives on this mini were: 1. Try to do more NMM. I've done a very cartoony rendition of NMM previously, so this is my first time in a semi-realistic method. 2. See if I could paint a convincing 'bad guy' using mostly non-traditional bad guy colors. 3. See if I could take a baby step towards OSL with the red glow from the visor. This was my 'bridge too far' -- I think this may have been the wrong model to attempt this on, as the feature is relatively small and has little interaction with other surfaces on the mini. It may have been better to work this on the gem. However, I think I'm also still missing some of the technique as well.
  14. I wouldn't feel humbled at all. You swung for the fences, and I think you had more hits than misses on this one. In particular, I think your successes include: -The cloth of gold fabric on the skirt is amazingly well done -The staff is nicely conceived and fits the mini well -Your lining is very tidy I'm always glad that I see I still have lessons to learn when I'm done with a mini - it means I've understood something new I need to work on. In a way, it's like painting your first few minis... the rate of improvement from one mini to the next (heck, from one brush stroke to the next,) is greater than I have today painting a dozen minis.
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