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  1. Honestly didnt realize the size of this figure when I'd ordered her. Came in and I was like, oooh she's giantkin or some kind of goliath. Mine also had a hole in the base, but since I was extending the metal plate out to fit on a plastic base anyone, no worries.
  2. Fun and quick one for RCL new release. Have been aiming for a more dull/gritty looks wtih a lot of my recent figures.
  3. Not in the slightest, it's great. I opened the box and let out an audible, happy "Ooooooo" before even unfolding it. Thanks again.
  4. Glad the duo made it there intact. Was a lot of fun to put together. Also: Just got home to find a package from @Cygnwulf waiting for me. These turned out great, and love the themed warning note. Definitely going to send these after my players soon (and may have to have their captain receive this very note from a fellow sailor of the deadly seas). Thank you so much.
  5. And, painted up, still might not be able to mail it for another week or two. But packed and ready to go for my next post office trip.
  6. Wanted to play around with basing on this, so got that built and primed. Should only take a day or two to paint from this point, but have to work around some commissions. Will be going in the mail in about 2 weeks.
  7. Love those Oni, might have to order from one of the Etsy printer folk I get from.
  8. These turned out great. I actually recently primed up a bufo for an upcoming D&D encounter (using it as a Bullywug), planning different colors, yours though definitely gives some inspiration on some choices I hadnt decided on. So thank you for sharing. Also I might have to order a Tarlon, as the detail really sells that one.
  9. Is it too late to join in on this? Planning to finish up some projects that have been collecting dust this year and think this would be fun to join in on if I still can.
  10. Thank you. The stripes were just to see how it would work. But i really like how it turned out.
  11. Recently finished up another jarred mini, this one a Beholder. Beholder mini - Built on the base with a coin pile and treasure chest (also from Nolzur's/WizKids) as well as some hand punched loose coins and lots of sculpted resin Close ups. In jar - Client wanted a nice, small, display piece for his desk that he doesnt have to worry about the piece getting dusty. Metal plate on bottom of beholder, and magnets inside bottom of jar, if he chooses to use it for tabletop. Also more handcut coins glued inside the jar. writing on top was a found fantasy script that he liked, I translated 'Imprisoned Nightmare' as the writing. Have to say that I had so much fun painting this mini that I ordered 2 more to play around with later this year. Think I want to zombify one, and the other will be similar to this but with more elaborate basing.
  12. Back in Feb folks. Apologies, this got sidelined between family stuff and commission work, but I'm back on it first week of Feb. See you then.
  13. How I make mini roses. 1. Lay out a strip of masking tape with pull tabs on the side. 2. Make circles approx size of roses I want to make. 3. Small drops of Elmer's glue in each of the circles, let dry. (Optional depending on your tape) 4. Once glue is dry, I make small balls out of Magic-sculpt (2 part resin epoxy) to fill said circles. 5. Using a flat tool, make a square in the putty, or more-sided shape for larger roses. 6. Inside the square, a triangle 7. Using a pointed tool, create a hole in the center of your rose, and then lift and shape the petals to your desired shape. Repeat 4-7 for each rose. 8. When done, and roses are all fully dried (may vary depending on hardener used and thickness of roses) peel the tape up. 9. Using a flat tool to go under the roses and pop them off the tape. The Elmer's glue base tends to make this easier as it doesnt sink into the tape, but the resin sticks to it. 10. Attach your roses to things, and have fun.
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