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  1. Thanks for the advice, that's definitely one of the things I will keep in mind next time. When doing the armature the size of the legs was around the same as the arms, but when i started bulking them up I somehow managed to make them smaller and only really noticed when it was too late.
  2. Been running The Dragon's Demand for my Pathfinder group, and decided to try to sculpt the final boss for this module. There's a ton of mistakes I'd like to have fixed and overall things I'd like to work on, but I think I'll just try it again with a new dragon sculpt. Advice and suggestions on what to improve are more than welcome! I'm also looking forward to try out molding one of these larger sculpts, so advice on that, if you have any, would be nice to hear. I based this on the picture shown in the book and some other green dragon references.
  3. Was commissioned by some friends of my brother to remake the minis the kids in Stranger Things used. There's a lot I'd like to have improved and fixed, but had to rush it a bit due to the deadline, but here's the finished project Which were mostly based on these 2 images Demogorgon Wizard Dwarf Fighter
  4. I checked it out, really liked the look of their miniatures, the game itself also looks interesting and I might give it a try being a Tactics fan myself, it's a shame they're closing indeed.. Yeah, usually when I make these they're for the players in my group which are mainly guys with male characters, but now I kinda want to start expanding a bit more so female characters are definitely on the list! Thanks for pointing out the noses, I will keep that in mind on the next one I make, I've only recently changed to greenstuff (used to work with beesputty) which has made things
  5. Thanks for replying, this actually gets me motivated to make and share more miniatures, have a couple others here that I’m thinking of reworking and posting after. But again, thanks, means a lot!
  6. I've been trying to sculp and paint minis for the last couple of years, and I feel like these are the first ones that I'm somewhat happy with to start showing. I wanna get much better at this so all sorts of criticism would be appreciated! Flynn - Bladed Scarf Dancer Hadrogh - Rogue Sorcerer Leon - Wizard
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