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  1. Okay so the Ogre has been a very difficult to get near finished. Here is the latest pic of him and I think I've done with it now. Please feel free to comment.
  2. I have struggled since Saturday with this figure too Loup. I initially went with a barbarian flesh tone from army painter and mixed a little white to get a highlight. But there are so many areas that need a brown on this one it became difficult to break them up. I'll post my finished figure later it's not a million miles from your's in colours. But I am no expert so I cannot offer up much advice but also could do with help.
  3. It's really good Dalth. If you think your skills are bad you ain't seen nothing :) I am definitely feeling that finger painting level at my stage. How about a base on it ? it would set it nicely?
  4. Lovely colours, really like it.
  5. These are great to watch and come together, thanks for sharing this project Malefactus.
  6. Morning Greenbeams - thanks for clearing up. What software is this ? It is fascinating.
  7. Really nice painting Aku - the eyes are great, looks like you really took your time mixing the colours. Extremely detailed I really like this.
  8. It's great very well put together !
  9. She's great I like the green and yellow combination works well with the skin tone.
  10. This looks really impressive, I have no idea how the models are sculpted so this is an eye opener for me.
  11. I have started the ogre chieftain and begun by painting the skin in a barbarian flesh tone. I primed this in a grey spray can primer until the reaper brown liner arrives I tracked down. Please let me know where I am going wrong with my painting as I am learning by trial and error here and watching Youtube for advice in the main. Thanks.
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