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  1. londwch

    Six Reaper Bones

    Okay so the Ogre has been a very difficult to get near finished. Here is the latest pic of him and I think I've done with it now. Please feel free to comment.
  2. londwch

    Help with Skin/Leather Colors please

    I have struggled since Saturday with this figure too Loup. I initially went with a barbarian flesh tone from army painter and mixed a little white to get a highlight. But there are so many areas that need a brown on this one it became difficult to break them up. I'll post my finished figure later it's not a million miles from your's in colours. But I am no expert so I cannot offer up much advice but also could do with help.
  3. It's really good Dalth. If you think your skills are bad you ain't seen nothing :) I am definitely feeling that finger painting level at my stage. How about a base on it ? it would set it nicely?
  4. londwch

    Friar Stone

    Really good job !
  5. londwch

    Fire Giant Jailor

    Lovely colours, really like it.
  6. londwch

    From The Bottom Up, Part II

    These are great to watch and come together, thanks for sharing this project Malefactus.
  7. londwch

    ZBrush Sculpting - Golem Hired Muscle

    Morning Greenbeams - thanks for clearing up. What software is this ? It is fascinating.
  8. londwch

    Steampunk People Part 1

    Really nice painting Aku - the eyes are great, looks like you really took your time mixing the colours. Extremely detailed I really like this.
  9. londwch

    My Dragons don't share

    It's great very well put together !
  10. londwch

    77440: Masumi, Demon Hunter

    She's great I like the green and yellow combination works well with the skin tone.
  11. londwch

    Kev!'s Frostgrave Hyena (InMiPaMo day 27)

    are you painting one a day?
  12. londwch

    ZBrush Sculpting - Golem Hired Muscle

    This looks really impressive, I have no idea how the models are sculpted so this is an eye opener for me.
  13. londwch

    Six Reaper Bones

    I have started the ogre chieftain and begun by painting the skin in a barbarian flesh tone. I primed this in a grey spray can primer until the reaper brown liner arrives I tracked down. Please let me know where I am going wrong with my painting as I am learning by trial and error here and watching Youtube for advice in the main. Thanks.