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  1. Vacaroja


    Finally got these two pinned and primed. I'm trying to decide if I want to give them cool bases or just leave them as is. The references for painting schemes. Blue (left dragon) - Green (right dragon) -
  2. Vacaroja

    Ogres of the East

    Ready to protect the temple! (I don't know which temple, but they're protecting it.) My three favorites are the archer, the crossbowman, and the guy with the big mace.
  3. An occasional giant mini is fun, but I much prefer under 40mm. Short attention span can sometimes make the big guys feel like a slog.
  4. Vacaroja

    Armies of "O"s - Teams #2, #3, & #4

    Back on the ogre bandwagon! After a month of wandering away doing a couple other projects, I'm determined to finish these guys, hopefully, by the end of this weekend. Here's where I left off - And here's where they are now after a few hours this morning - Pretty much go all the base colors fully blocked out and all the blue areas have been given their shades/highlights. You can see on the second one from the left, I'm doing some very simple freehand on the gold trim of the armor because I feel like the bands are too wide to be one solid thing. My goal is to have it all done by tomorrow night. By tonight I hope to have the rest of the clothing shaded and highlighted.
  5. Considering I always look for images of real things as reference, I tend towards a more realistic style. Though certainly not hyper realistic. But I have done more cartoonish as well, even though I always use those real references. I think in the end, because they are fantasy figures, it really tends to be a mix of the approaches. Like these two I'd consider more realistic - While these two are more cartoonish - In the end, which way I go depends on the style of the model itself that determines which way I lean.
  6. Vacaroja

    Sleeping Minotaur

    I wavered a little about the cloth. But it's mostly on his back and not his front, so it doesn't really detract from the importance of his face and adds a little pop, so I let it be. And depending on the light, the tone of it actually changes, probably because of my color choices for layers.
  7. Vacaroja

    Sleeping Minotaur

    Reaper and Vallejo paints. For the skin, specifically - Burgundy Wine, Burnt Red (Vallejo), Rust Brown, Palamino Gold
  8. Vacaroja

    Sleeping Minotaur

    These days he was trusted to protect that which was most precious to the tribe. He never strayed far from the village. As the day went on, others went about their daily business while Mishkwaki spent much of his day at rest, sitting in the warmth of the sun. But no one in the tribe doubted his abilities. He was respected for his age and honored for his deeds. There weren't many who had fought as many battles as he had and lived as many years. And when his eyes were closed, one would wonder if he was really asleep. Because they knew at a moment's notice, this seemingly gentle giant in peaceful repose would rise up and cleave through any who threatened the lives of his tribe's children. Oh yeah. These minotaur inspire me to tell stories. Or retell them, I suppose. They remind me of my WoW days when I was for many years a part of an RP server and created interactive stories alongside many as a leader of an all Tauren guild. I've already attributed names to most of them based off of characters from the guild. These figures elicit lots of fond memories and that's probably why I have patience to put a little extra love as I'll be painting each of them. This is the first.
  9. Vacaroja

    Sleeping Minotaur

    In terms of style, it's less about step by step method, though that's part of it, and more about overall intent. Many (though not all, but many) professional mini painters aim for a very smooth, graphic quality in their finish. And it looks great and I do try to push myself to be better at the style. But I tend to like a more impressionistic style, and that dictates my color choices, method, and finish. To some, it looks unfinished, and I've received constructive criticism about how I can smooth things out, but that's because of the very graphic quality most people aim for. Honestly, flailing around isn't a bad thing. You learn what works for you and what doesn't that way. And you're on track with what I do with base colors, and that makes me happy. I do these WIP threads not only to show off my process - my experiments, things I do right, and things I goof - but also because it might help or inspire someone else. Take time to look at some of the videos, blogs, and other threads people do. There's lots of great stuff out there to learn from.
  10. Vacaroja

    Sleeping Minotaur

    Every scratch is repairable! But you're right, incorporating a scratch into the piece is a possible solution. I didn't consider it an option this time though since they were pretty straight, "mechanical" scars on the skin which wouldn't have worked with the natural curves of his body. Pushed to work on all the extra elements yesterday - armor, clothing, etc. I've found the best way for me to do armor is to use the reflections of the light on the mini and do some rough blocking of colors to help define where different steps from shadow to highlight are. Then I go in with wet blending and layering until I reach a finish I like. I'll probably go back and push that shoulder piece to be a more light tone, it looks more like stone right now. I'm also trying to decide if the cloth is too bright, but I'm holding off on that until I get that big mane and other details finished. And as a side note - I've realized I have a style of painting I really gravitate towards. I'll deviate from it on occasion because I'm trying to learn new things. But when I look back at minis, or parts of minis, I really LOVED painting, it's because of the style I used. I blame my formal training in theater when I used to paint really big things. But I like it, so I'm sticking with it.
  11. Vacaroja

    Red Rocky baby dragon

    I'm loving those eyes!
  12. So red is my favorite color above all things. But when it comes to painting, I really love blue for some reason.
  13. Vacaroja

    Sleeping Minotaur

    I found a blemish! Some mold lines and at some point the resin had gotten scratched, but I didn't notice it until I started painting the fur. Couldn't just let this one go. So milliput fill and some repaint. It's not perfect, but it's better. Most folks won't notice it anymore. And after several hours of tiny stipple action, I've gotten all of the skin covered, including the face. He's an old bull, so elderly dog face inspiration! I'm probably going to go back after painting the rest of him up, to smooth or push details. Particularly that face.
  14. Vacaroja

    Sleeping Minotaur

    It's a good looking monster man! I'm super picky about certain details though, and I don't like the manacles. I, personally, can't do a minotaur that was chained. He must be free to rampage!
  15. In no particular order - - Dwarves because I love that they tend to have lots of character in their sturdy, short stature. - Dragons because they're dragons, duh. - Beastmen. Any - furred, feathered, scaled - because they're "other". And I like interpreting real life animal patterns onto them.