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  1. I grew up very Catholic and I don't think Pentacost was ever celebrated in any way. On the plus side, it's my day off, so I will be cleaning house and making chicken salad and falafels. How's that for plans?
  2. Completed the other side, now I'm adding in the colors. Starting with some pretty solid glazes.
  3. Toughest thing has been inability to get proper medical care for a work injury. Appointments to see a specialist being postponed and rescheduled with each extension of stay at home orders while I still have to work with the pain and lack the ability to do my job effectively. And then was forced into a 2 week leave because I just couldn't do my job at all. I mean, you'd think that was great because it means the injury gets some rest to heal (which it did some but not enough). But it sucks because I'm missing out on 30% more than my normal wage because of temporary pandemic bonus pay. And I like my job and the people I work for and with. My health is more important than the money, of course. But I might not be missing out on the money if I'd been able to start proper medical care over 2 months ago when I first needed it. Being in health care limbo sucks. I just want to be on the path to better.
  4. Okay, I'm being honest with myself and admitting there's just no way I can keep the one dragon a month goal. I'm too attention deficit. And the laboriousness of the method, I kind of just have to be in the mood for this one. I mean, it's not like I haven't been painting. I've painted some 7-8 minis since the last time I posted here. They've just not been dragons! But I'm back on this red dragon. As I've gone along I've loved the direction it's going. It's reminded me of the old D&D monster manual illustrations and that's a happy thing. More inspiration! First half done, moving onto the other side. I've been doing it in little patches. Painting a small bit with the Blue Liner, then going back with Pure White to pull out the dots and textures. Why not just paint the whole thing dark and then paint the white bits? Because I'm finding it difficult to find the parts I want to paint white in the darkness. Doing small bits as I go along allows me to remember where they are, ha.
  5. Save money! DRUMS! (Though technically I already have musical ability - piano, cello, ukulele)
  6. The simple, straightforward answer I'd always give in game, "I'm a Tauren, not a cow. . . .Moo." They make their minis in batches, I've noticed. They restock them as they can. So as long as the pic is on their shop site, they'll be replenished eventually.
  7. Outside of the three R's, from Sister Marie Catherine in 5th/6th grade - scientific method. Testing, analyzing, and concluding whether or not what you think it is is actually true. And then being able to talk about it whether or not the answer agrees with you. She was an amazing science teacher.
  8. Yokai! "Nothing could be finer than to be in Carolina in the mo-ooorning . . . !" I DON'T KNOW WHY!
  9. Like others, humpback whale. In Hawaii. We didn't chase it because you're not suppose to, but we got lucky and it swam up along the side of the boat for a moment!
  10. I'm a fixer first. I've been cracking things open to see why they don't work since I was a kid and believe in using things until they're truly unuseable. Nothing really. Except for wearing a mask (and a bit of extra stressing) my life's been fairly same old same old being an essential worker and a natural homebody. I'm a natural social distancer, ha.
  11. I loved that he's looking very cool and collected after it's obvious he's been in battle. I debated doing blood splatter on parts like his weapon, but I didn't want that to detract from the rest of it. As for time, it actually went fairly quickly. It was a nice model without too many fidgety bits and large areas to easily cover. And the metal bits for the NMM were simple shapes making it much easier. Plus, I have a tendency to overthink things, so I've been trying to be better at not obsessing so much about the smoothness of transitions. So things like the NMM aren't pristine, but still visually translate. I figure that stuff will work itself out more with time and active practice. And, who knows, I may just be getting better.
  12. I love me a good dwarf, and this was a good one. He's a metal figure from Avatars of War. Debated for a good while if his hair should be something other than red, but there it is. RED!
  13. Handmade pasta. Any kind. It will be a surprise!
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