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  1. Vacaroja

    Team #6 : The Alchemist's Guild

    This young lady more or less finished. And I pushed through and did it! OSL fireball! It's not the smoothest of blends and layering, but I'm feeling pretty good about it. I'm not going to obsess about it too much. After mostly giving him a complete normal paint job, I then went back and started highlighting areas with white. Then glazed over that as needed with the colors I wanted to represent the light reflections. Used Fire Red, Frie Orange, Sun Yellow and Lemon Yellow. Also brought some more shade onto his skin, he was rather pale anyway, to help show off the light reflect off his skin more. I am going to go through all of them again just for one quick pass to catch anything that doesn't satisfy me. And there's still the robot to do, but he'll be fairly easy.
  2. Funny enough, yesterday that's what I told the hubby I should do with it. :D
  3. It would greatly depend on funds if I go next spring. The next big purchase in life is suppose to be a house and my track record shows I'd be putting a dent in that endeavor if I go, HA!
  4. There's a FLGS in Mt Prospect, IL just outside of Chicago called Games Plus that does game related auctions twice a year. One in spring and another in the fall. 4 days of themed auctions. Can definitely get some great deals at it, especially if you stay all day as people leave and there's less bidders to compete against. We were there just for Saturday and Sunday, Sci Fi/Fantasy/Roleplaying Game day and Miniature day, respectively, as that's our larger interests.
  5. I can predict the future! I told my husband Saturday night that when we went to a miniature auction on Sunday, I was going to find that ONE thing that I really want and there wasn't anything going to keep me from it. Lucky for him, when I saw it I did the math before bidding and so gave myself a hard number to stop on. And double lucky, the final bid (MINE!) was under that number. Of course, I totally blew my budget, spending double what I planned on that day because it wasn't the only thing I won. Dry bread and carrot stick lunches for the next two months! My prize! 12 original Grenadier Dragons! Not quite the whole Series 1, the Spectral Dragon is actually from Series 3, but still. A happy haul. One was not complete (as indicated on the tag during showing), and it turned out I got lucky and it was the blue one missing a wing which I already own and painted earlier this year. Win! Just means I probably won't be reselling it, unless I find a way to reverse mold the one good wing, muahaha. And this is the whole bunch of other things I acquired, including almost 200 Bones minis and a near complete set of Stonehaven gnomes, troll and other Stonehaven randoms. Not going to discuss how much I actually spent in total, but I will mention that a single gnome costs $12 retail and I got the whole lot of them for $5. Great deals on all the others too. So, I made out like a bandit! If I wasn't doomed by my collection before, I certainly am now. DOOMED! Cataloging time!
  6. Vacaroja

    Team #6 : The Alchemist's Guild

    It's been a minute since I've gotten to work heavily on minis. Yay, life. But I've had some decent, but slow progress on these guys. Colors I'm using for the pants and other various clothing items - And for the red clothing, these - Before - Right side of the tanks are the basecoat, left side more finished using Chestnut Brown and NMM Gold Base. And after - My glass bottle fu needs work, but it's been an okay first attempt. And I might change the colors of the "stone" arm. None of them are completely finished. Will be touching them up after I get the basics of them pretty much down. I'm staring at the guy with the big flame swath and freaking out a little about the OSL on him, ha. But we'll do it!
  7. Vacaroja

    Team #6 : The Alchemist's Guild

    Played around with different colors of skin tone with each one. They're lined up from left to right as the ones I like from most to least. Her hair -
  8. Vacaroja

    Team #6 : The Alchemist's Guild

    There is certainly going to be some OSL involved, which is slightly intimidating. But I'll just take it slowly and do a lot of studying. Speaking of studying, while considering color schemes for the team, I came across discussion of the colors associated with alchemy during the Medieval and Renaissance periods and their influence on artists and their work. Grunewald's Isenheim Alterpiece is of particularly inspirational for colors. Especially, a certain panel. And so now I've started blocking out base coats using this scheme of colors. Will be working on faces, hair, and skin next before I go further on this journey.
  9. Vacaroja

    The D&D Party (pic heavy)

    Yes, he is. Character carries a mace named Betty in game. The mace is from the selection of weapons you get with Halbarand the Cleric.
  10. I tried playing the game once. I'm not sure if my mind wants to wrap around it, but I like the minis! This is The Alchemist's Guild - Lure of Gold from Guild Ball. Started off with white primer and then gave it an Army Painter Soft Tone wash to help me see details.
  11. Vacaroja


    I've added some elements to the base to mimic some portions of the original artwork with greenstuff and milliput. Then decided that this one should be primed black.
  12. Vacaroja

    The D&D Party (pic heavy)

    I am far more inspired to paint non-humans. But also, the TMM was very much an experiment. And I feel I could have done a way better job on the armored fellas if I'd gone NMM.
  13. Vacaroja

    Miriya Queadluun-rau

    As a cartoon watching child of the 80s, I fell in love with Robotech. So when Palladium put out Robotech RPG Tactics, I got excited. I do have the game and first few sets which, someday, I hope to get all painted. Because that's really the only reason I bought it. MINIS! Happily, I was also at Gen Con 2017 and was able to get Miriya's power armor. This would be the first mech I've ever painted and I decided to keep it simple. Was also a real challenge as I don't think I've needed to stay within the lines so much on any other mini. There was a lot of tiny patchwork done to make it as clean as possible. Colors used - Olive green with a touch of Clear Green, Dark Elf Skin, Clear Yellow, Linen White, and Pure Black, Clear Red.
  14. Vacaroja

    The D&D Party (pic heavy)

    An interesting mix of characters for my group's second campaign. Very melee strong and high armored, which has made it interesting. We have Tobias Brightwood, our gleaming armored, foul-mouthed, half-elf paladin of The Light (Almaran the Gold: 77058) - Aven Blackslate, our mighty, pun tossing, human eldritch knight (Strach, Overlord hero: 14287) - Kerrick Mardolvi, the cautious, not so charismatic gnome wizard, seller (but not imbiber) of Malort (Halfling Wizard: 02667) - "Lonely" Erie UlvGrim, cleric of knowledge and teacher of Waterdeep street urchins (Dwarf Cleric, Greyrune: 02601) - And Sirani, tortle shadow monk, a 450lb stealth expert, as well as sushi cook and ukulele player (Dark Sword Mini Tortoise Monk with Bo Staff: DSM8121) - Had a lot of fun with them because I never know if I'm going to like them until their finished and then am always pleasantly surprised. Though I think I may lay off the TMM methods for awhile. At least until I find a mini I can do it on that I don't care too much about so I can practice more. Much prefer NMM. EDIT : Oops, extra unintended photo.
  15. Vacaroja

    Paint a giant robot! [Group WIP]

    She's coming along. Still have to polish up some edges. Will be adding a few more lines to differentiate parts as well. But I think I'm laying off doing a full on reflective paint job with highlights and shadows. Keeping it simple. Used Clear Yellow, Clear Red and Pure Black for the painted details. Also decided to lighten up the dark armor pieces like the claws and feet a bit, using Dark Elf Skin for that.