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  1. The moss wasn't meant to be naturalistic. I painted them funny colors, after all. I was aiming for a stone more than a jewel. But I understand and accept the criticisms. I wanted to line the markings, but I spent a little too much time playing around with the flame colors figuring out what I wanted, that by the time I was done with it, I had run out of time and patience, ha.
  2. Red and Green Liner, for sure. I'd just discovered them this year, having been loyal to the Blue and Brown for a long time. Finally, decided to expand my horizons, loved pretty quickly how I could use them, and now they are going away. *sad trombone*
  3. This was my entry for the most recent Facebook quarterly contest. Not a winner, but I'm pretty proud of him. Mostly, he was a lot more interesting to paint than I initially thought. I like these little contest sometimes because many times, they push me to paint something I normally wouldn't consider and I end up liking them. I had a lot of trouble deciding what color flame it should be. Started yellow, then went green, but I wasn't happy. Then after some research for inspiration it finally turned blue! Which I'd never done before and I figured would be nice against the orange skin. I ended up not taking the OSL too far across the mini. Got a little gun shy as I tried to do it, it wasn't working out to my satisfaction, and so I pulled it back and repainted his skin back to it's original colors. The perils of working with a colored flame I wasn't very familiar with. So in the end, I just had it tickling up his armband.
  4. The base is a combo of broken bits of slate tile and milliput built under and around the existing rock bits he is sculpted with.
  5. I do! Though I only really do it out of necessity, for example, my PC uses a certain weapon or a head swap because I like the body but the head is all wrong to me. Maybe needs more tentacles. I do sometimes feel guilty chopping things up. But it's for a good cause! In mini painting, using an airbrush. Because I don't have one! Yet. In the rest of life, pottery wheel throwing. Have always been enamored with ceramics.
  6. Been doing some longer projects lately, and this is one of the more recent ones done earlier this month. I don't play Hordes, but I do love some of their animalistic figures. Went with a winter wolf theme. I'm slowly realizing how much I kind of really like painting blue. And not just that, but how it works against warmer tones.
  7. I'm not dedicated to any particular brand. I do dislike quite a few that claim to be "Hawaiian" bbq sauce with pineapple in it. I love pineapple, but most of those sauces just have an off sweet flavor that just is not good.
  8. Charcoal grilled beef patty with salt and pepper only. Medium rare towards rare would be my preferred with most beef, but as ground beef is at higher risk, medium/medium well, generally. (If it ends up well done, I will complain). Any sort of cheese, depending on my mood. Grilled onions, tomato, ketchup and mayo.
  9. Numerate. I got through calculus. I didn't like it, but I got through it. Gimme trigonometry and advanced algebra any day. But forget calculus.
  10. Wow! When you said you were reorganizing your space, you weren't kidding! Very nice!
  11. I've been so busy lately, I've not hadmuch time to be around. I just found this reply. Thanks, Talespinner!
  12. I was a little iffy about going this route with him at first because he has lots of stuff on him that I was afraid would not get to shine being in the dark. But the extreme osl I tried on this figure worked out great.
  13. More tmm play time. Love a sample of Blue Steel I got. Love it so much! So I decided to paint this bull all over with it. The copper tones are Vallejo GC Hammered Copper with highlights of Dragon Gold. And the blue was highlighted with some Vallejo Silver. Then there was some Red Liner and Blue Liner for shading. This was suppose to be a quick one. But as I started making the base, green stuffing around its original base to carry the tile floor pattern all around it, I decided I didn't want to have just a simple stone colored floor. It being a bull, my mind immediately went to ancient Minoan culture. So I went with a Minoan/Greek mosaic motif on the floor. Some stippling action in the works! Just Chestnut brown for the edge outlines. For the blue mosaic, it was a combo of Templar Blue, Marine Teal, and Pale Green.
  14. Herryk, the Bones version. Enjoyed painting him and it's starting to sink in how this TMM stuff works. And a little more practice working with whiter tones as it's not something I do much. I was wavering between whether to go light or dark on his robe. Pleased with my choice.
  15. Another dragon in the works. The red dragon was completed and I did make a show off thread in the appropriate forum section awhile ago. I've moved onto the white dragon. Took some work to strip off the paint. Old enamel. Nice and gooey. But except for the deepest sections, she came out pretty good. I looked at some white snake images to come up with inspiration. For its base pattern, I'm using this as the inspiration. There's that under layer colors of pink, peach, and tan which I really liked. And that eye! So I started with a base coat of Rosy Skin and Sandy Brown. Then have been adding Linen White on top of that. Need to push it more towards white, and I think I want some yellow tone in there, but it's a decent start. And that eye! I'm really happy with the reflection painted on it.
  16. Where and when I can. I'll be working that weekend.
  17. Nope. Though I suppose "best of your ability" can be seen as relative. I sometimes set challenges for myself. For example - what's the best I can do in 2 hours. It's the best of my ability then in those 2 hours, yes? But I digress. I have minis I just love and will spend as much time as possible to do the best job possible. But there are certainly some that are just about making it pretty quick. At the very least, everything is to a point that may not be my best, but that I'm satisfied with.
  18. Since I aim most of mine for gaming in mind, it's usually stick mini on round base, paint base black, if needed; or stick mini on base, shape green stuff around broccoli (or jam tab into green stuff and mold over tab) then press in a texture to match broccoli or character. Paint and sometimes terrain.
  19. Shawarma pita. Mmmmm. Now I may need to get some.
  20. No custom mixed colors. I don't create formulas when I paint. It's all mostly wet blended on the figure straight out of the bottles, or on the fly on the palette. And yeah, I should probably not worry as much about following the rules about pic sizes anymore (habit) as those rules were made 16 years ago and computers are not powered by hamsters these days.
  21. I love him in all his gross uglyness! His bent horns, hairy belly, flabby wrinkles, giant boils and pustules, overgrown toenails, beat up armor, dead bird on the belt. Love it! So much character.
  22. Triceratops! Like a number of mini made by a number of companies, but I'm going to say Darksword Miniatures. The detail sculpted in the minis they provide are phenomenal. And they won my loyalty a long time ago with the Anthropomorphics. You know, I'm going to honorable mention Rackham. I discovered them too late and they made some fun quirky stuff for Confrontation that I'm always on the lookout for.
  23. Since I'm mostly a homebody, yes. Weather's not been too bad. And I got to see some rare sightings of animals pass by my apartment building in broad daylight this year. Do miss having the option of going out to eat on occasion though. But it also means we're actually saving more money which will be a boon for us next year. *knocks on wood*
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