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  1. Thanks. I'll experiment with mixing to see what looks best. The figures I have in mind are reptiles and dinosaurs.
  2. I have a figure that I'd like to paint in olive green tones. Based on my research, it seems that the best way to darken an olive green like Troll Hide is to mix with black or grey, and to lighten use yellow. or lighter green (instead of white) Does this sound about right? thanks.
  3. If there is a market for it, it will eventually be produced. As the old saying goes, the squeaky wheel gets the grease. Just keep asking.
  4. I have detailed goals written down, but a generally, my 2021 goals are: - Reduce my total debt by $10,000 - continue building professional experience in my field and build technical expertise (groundwater modeling, statistics) - be more consistent in exercise, build strength and endurance - learn spanish
  5. Since you're using a prepainted figure, safari ltd has a stegosaurus that is in good scale with the wizkids T-rex. The thornback figure looks more like a Kentrosaurus.
  6. Just came across this book today. Will it be available for regular purchase at some point. I also noticed the author has a youtube page.
  7. I have not pledged yet, but my understanding is that it closes on Tuesday. I have a degree in geology, but my work involves more assessing environmental contamination and applied statistics than geology. The area that I work also has very flat terrain (not too many interesting outcrops).
  8. Browsing through the webpage, if I want the option of receiving the Dark Depths Expansion, I have to pledge $50 and when it's released I'll get the option to select this set?
  9. Thanks. I'm assuming "kickstarter model" means it was sold in a limited capacity grouped with other figures, correct?
  10. Hello, I have seen this miniature on this and other forums, but I can't find it on this website. Searching "Blacktooth Terror", "Dinosaur", "Black tooth", or "Blacktooth" does not yield this figure. It is not found on amazon either. Does anyone know how to find this miniature? thank you,
  11. The only reaper paints I have right now are the ones that came with the first learn to paint kit, which has no reds. I'm working on the skeletal archer now (while daughter and wife sleeps, son on the way) but I'll start the fire demon next, I'll just have to play around with the artist acrylics and cheaper craft paints until I can get the next learn to paint kit (which has some reds) next month with my swagbucks rewards. And there are a few heroclix that I would actually like to repaint, one being a wolverine. Not to many geology jobs in Florida unfortunately, but plenty of envi
  12. That's a very good point. I'll finish up the skeletal archer I've already started and develop a plan for the fire demon after.
  13. I have the bones fire demon that I'd like to paint, but first I'd prefer to practice my painting skills before working on the fire demon. I have the first learn to paint kit (with the orc, armored human, and skeleton) but I need additional miniatures to practice and have a bunch of old heroclix and D&D miniatures in my closet that I could use. Do these need to be primed before painting and should I strip the paint of these before painting? thanks.
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