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  1. I think that many pieces are better than Golden Demon quality. I predict that in a few years owning a Sophie will be more valuable than owning a GD. There are plenty of times that a GD has been weak. Reapercons painting contest is only two years old and the quality will continue to skyrocket every year. Haven't many of the painters already won GD's anyway?
  2. I have used the clears to mix colors and to glaze. Anne spoke about using them for glazing specific places instead of glazing a whole surface. When I glazed with the red it was to intensify the color and avoid using other colors to highlight my reds.
  3. I missed answering your question last time. The bases are the newer (?) plastic Reaper Warlord bases that have indentations. Final picture with leaves (not glued until I hear from my client). I think the leaves helped the picture color balance out better. While not all like coolmini, I posted her there as I need all the help I can get building my visibility.
  4. Krztoff: Thank you! Stern Kestrelmann: Thank you! I have asked for several Klocke mini's for the holidays! LordColdsteal: Thank you! Thank you! Humansquish: Thank you, Thank you! My client says she's done! I will place some unglued leaves on the base for a final picture. I have a feeling that I will need more on the base if I want to compete with her. Thank you! Thank you!
  5. I am close to complete. I am waiting for my client to make final decisions about the bases (I love the newer Reaper plastic bases). The tombstone is scatch built. I need to figure out how to get the whites in my picture brighter without making it look faded. Good?
  6. This is my first commissioned piece. I am trying to make this the best piece that I have done so far. My client specified the hair, complexion, makeup, nails, and red. I am trying to keep a very Gothic feel to it. I would like advice for making the red better. TIA - Heather
  7. Super suggestions! I will correct my camera angle from now on!
  8. The arrows are my least favorite part of my painting. Like Jabberwocky mentioned, I've got more angles on my site. This was the 4th mini that I posted. I will end up posting the rest to get pointers. My goal is to occasionally earn extra money on ebay. Thank you to everyone for the critiques!
  9. I tried to make strong highlights on this one
  10. That is much better than my first!
  11. The skin looks quite aged. How did you do it?
  12. Thank you. I have a small amount of confidence back. It is now time for me to turn my cloak device back on and hide in the shadows. I hope to have another figure ready for show off soon.
  13. Making it out of magnet is a good idea! I used some matte-board to make a pad for the metal base. This will reduce scuffing and not scratch delicate table tops. I also cut a square in the middle to sign the bottom of the base without it being eventually worn off. I did not wish to put my initials or signature on the viewable part of the base. Yes, the face is a charicature, but it is very effective at illustrating the gladiator's exertion! Thank you,
  14. Here is the face. By the face I mean the big mouth and his cheeks. The top portion of his face is obscured by the pseudo-myrmillo helmet's face-plate. Be prepared for a mouth that is as big as Steve Tyler's.
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