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  1. Made some more progress on this guy. Pretty happy with the grimy mess I’ve made of him so far. I think a little more work on the breastplate before I’m ready to wrap it up the bones and mace.
  2. I took the shaded metallics class at Reapercon this year and decided to play around with the technique to get a nice and grimy look on the Maggotcrown Ogre Juggernaut from Bones 4, who I’m calling Zombie Shrek. I want to really play up the idea that this skeleton has been in murky swamp water for a long time. I’ve blocked out the general metals I want to use and have started playing around with a few sections. Any feedback or suggestions are greatly appreciated.
  3. Thanks! That purple triad from Reapercon 2018 has made its way into quite a few of the minis I've painted this year.
  4. Finished up my first ever display piece for a friend. Pretty happy with the results on this one. The character he was playing was a spore druid, so I painted the clover she’s inspecting to look like a mushroom cap as a fun nod to that.
  5. Those eyes are amazing. They add an extra level of terror to the troll. Great work!
  6. We have a player leaving our game due to a cross-country move, so I decided to paint up Juliana as his spore druid for a display piece as a parting gift. This is my first attempt at a display piece, so I’m focused on getting the miniature to a place I’m happy with before building out the base. I plan to make the base a grassy clearing filled with colorful foliage.
  7. Thanks for the heads up about the link, I went ahead and removed that. I also checked out the Disney Princesses you mentioned and will probably pick up some of those to practice on. Awesome, thanks! I'll look there next.
  8. I picked up my first ever bust this weekend at Reapercon to finally try to paint something a little big bigger. I went with the Morihalda Forest Spirit Bust from Bombshell Miniatures because I figured non-human skin tones would be a less intimidating jumping off point. I plan to start with zenithal priming for it, but wasn't sure if that was the best approach for busts, and would appreciate any advice about that and busts in general. I did find this post about plinths http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/77430-busts-for-beginners-help-needed/&tab=comments#comment-16
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