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  1. Why, thank you, Argentee! Aw, and prosperity be on your house, too! Cheers, Kangaroorex! Thank you, hugely, Mr. The Deliverer! Thank you so much for the sentiment, HHH! =D
  2. Aw, man! You managed to keep so much contrast, vibrancy and still get nice, painterly transitions. Love your work!
  3. Just want to weigh in on the matter of Cintiques. I bought the Mobile Studio Pro so i could comfortably sculpt on my lunchtime at work. I found that my neck started to hurt from looking down but i soon went pro with the mins and started to work from home. I have only had it out of the box once since then because i tend to be glued to my normal PC setup. The only reason i haven't sold it is because technology depreciates so significantly and it's a tank that can handle ZBrush, Photoshop and Maya without breaking a sweat. So if my main PC breaks and i'm caught in a deadline, i have a backup. I haven't tried getting a stand and special lead to connect it to my PC yet as it feels a little like a price gouge but i would advocate anyone considering buying one, whether or not they would use it. i realise that this is just the mobile version so having a stationary version where you could access your keyboard may be a ton better.
  4. Yep - that's chunky and the colours are wonderful. Really nice job!
  5. Hey Rainbow, i'm glad you like them and thanks! The expressions of the forest female and the wind male were in the concept work but the stone clan female (the lass with the impressive forearms) was sort of neutral. I read that as beng noble so i tilted the head up a little as if she were thinking of something else and furrowed her brow a bit so she didn't look aloof but concentrated. People say that having a mirror on your desk helps with facial expressions but, personally, i've always found that pulling the expression myself helped more. I would gurn the expression out and then try and feel which parts of my face were being stressed the most, then really push those areas in the sculpt. Nothing super complicated or anything, just, noting which muscle group was moving and in which direction. It definitely helps though to have some idea of what the character is thinking before you sculpt. Sorry, for the prattling on - just my two pennycents
  6. hell pf a paint job and a hell pf a sculpt, too!
  7. @TaleSpinner Thanks, mate! The concept went that there were several clans which each have a male and female mini. The top is the Wind Clan Male, next is the Stone Clan Female and last is the Forest Clan Female. The Stone clan female matched her male counterpart who was a huge muscley fella. After i was finished. the skirt was changed and she was given raised wode tattoos to match him. I honestly didn't like the concept when i first saw it but after a while, it made total sense that she'd be built that way. @RigelThanks very much! I enjoyed sculpting her face probably the most out of all the faces i've done since then as i got to make a good number of decisions on my own =) In particular, i decided to flatten her nose a bit to make her feel more powerful with a good bone structure - at least.. that's what i was going for but i enjoyed it anyway!
  8. Hello again, I sculpted these back in January for the Direwild Kickstarter (my first professional job!) and just wanted to post them up =) Hope you're all doing well! Andrew
  9. i found that adding a thin coat of primer and then wet sanding removed the PLA stacking lines. Actually, doing that a couple of times got a nice smooth finish.
  10. i love the way you run the gamut of blues from purple to green - really evocative and lovely painting!
  11. Look at these evil little buggers! They're great!
  12. Hey all, just got to do a repose for this mini(ish) character.
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