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  1. We are in the final hours! don't miss them out: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/532839686/calling-portals?ref=3280gm These are the portals and animated terrain peices you will receive currently:
  2. This is our newest project, we designed several 3D printable teleport gates, portals, and interactive terrain pieces. We are planning to make an app/html5 site where you can align the animation easily and touch the screen to end/start the animation. Get ready to explore new worlds with these 3D printable terrain pieces and portals! Bring your role-playing game sessions to life with our animated gates that hold your phone, displaying portal animations to enhance your gaming experience. You can download a free portal from the description! 18 portals + stretch goals, support us now: CALLING PORTALS Help us unlock more portals! We have carefully designed the models to be supportless, allowing you to print them easily on FDM machines without the need for additional support. Visit the Calling Portals project for more pictures/videos.
  3. Final hours, guys! We have 39 unlocked stretch rewards. :) some of the extra goals:
  4. We have just unlocked our second goal with ruined buildings :) Almost every building will get ruined bases, levels and roofs.
  5. Thanks, guys for the kind words! Yes, the windmill is one of my favorites, too :) Two more whole buildings unlocked! An old watchtower and a medium house. The watchtower is a concept, it will probably change, and the upper structure of the medium house will be replaceable with a simple roof piece.
  6. Thanks, we are planning to add ruined versions as a later stretch goal. Hopefully, we will reach and unlock them! :)
  7. Join us now and you will receive six highly detailed stand-alone buildings as STL files for your 3D printer! Link to the project: CITY OF TAROK: 3D PRINTABLE BUILDINGS City of Tarok is a project we wanted to make for years. We had plenty of experience as we create our maps in 3D and we also created many 3D printable miniatures. We thought, aside from modular sets, there are not many custom buildings on the market. We love creating small worlds like dioramas where you can feel that every piece of the terrain is hand-crafted and living. Now, with the world of 3D printing, we think our imaginations finally have a chance of materializing. We have reached our main goal within 2 hours, which means you'll receive all the six core buildings at the $60 Settler reward and above. Now we are on to unlock as many free additional sets as we can. If you join you'll help us to make your pledge more valuable. Link: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/532839686/city-of-tarok-3d-printable-medieval-buildings?ref=45ld51 More pictures of the printed buildings:
  8. Final hours guys! All the stretch goals unlocked and a lot of free tiles and sets added to the pledges! Jup in now even with the $1 pledge and get free 3D printable doors and a wagon.
  9. All stretch goals unlocked! Some serious rush is happening on our page, so don't miss all the tiles and sets you could get! + we have 4 free sets to digital backers: - Moat set, - Docks and Canals - Village tiles - Modular temple and graveyard set This project ends tomorrow, don't miss it out!
  10. MapForge compatible files available! Many of you have requested this already, and we have great news for you! Our three core sets and all the unlocked add-on sets will be made available for the MapForge battlemap creation software being developed by Battlegrounds Games! More info here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/532839686/cities-of-the-black-scrolls-modular-map-tile-sets/posts/2074107
  11. Thank you! Yes, we will attach all the tiles as JPGs in the digital version that you can use with VTTs to make quick maps (in those that can handle tiles, Roll20 can.)
  12. Siege machine cut-outs unlocked! Now our next goal, the Village set with 60 free digital tiles, is getting closer and closer!
  13. +60 Docks and Canals tiles have been unlocked and added to the Digital pledges for free! This set contains dock areas, huge and wide bridges with smaller buildings, loading areas, ships, canals, canals with bridges, cut out boats and items like barrels, etc., and a lighthouse. Please give us a few days and you'll see the first test renders, too. Check out our newest goals: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/532839686/cities-of-the-black-scrolls-modular-map-tile-sets/posts/2067325
  14. Update: these stretch goals are already unlocked and the next will release +60 Dock and Canal tiles (that will be free for digital backers and will cost $25 for card-tile backers if they want it) Video of the 3D printable doors: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y3upolmkTng Link to the Fortress in the Mountains update: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/532839686/cities-of-the-black-scrolls-modular-map-tile-sets/posts/2061831
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