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  1. Thank you everyone! These little guys were super fun to paint. Simple, yet interesting
  2. Recently finished this band of mouslings and my attempt at doing a little set for them. First try, not to bad! Critique always welcome Loved painting the little mouse guys.
  3. I finished Seltyiel earlier this month. My first real attempt at OSL, and it went really well! Feed back always welcome, especially on the lighting. Thanks!
  4. Finished up this guy last night. He was super fun to paint. I think adding a gloss finish to him will really set him off. Give that wet look. Also my first time trying to go for an aged brass. I think it went pretty well, but could have used a bit more definition.
  5. Amazing! Thank you. I will check this out.
  6. This is what I have been trying to follow! It's a great tip. Working out well so far, I guess I just need to paint more
  7. Thanks! Eyes are super hard. This was my second attempt at painting eyes first, then skin. First time went better, these came out a bit big. Thank you!
  8. Hello! Long time lurker, recently started painting (since about April of this year) Thought I would "show off" my Masumi I recently finished. Probably the mini I am most proud of thus far! Feedback welcome! :D
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