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  1. Now I'm wondering if they'll get restock in time for September...
  2. I thought that's what "heroic" scale meant. Or rather, the other way around: heads and hands being too big. Anyway, as someone else noted, if you go back to Reaper's earliest minis, they are noticeably smaller than the ones being sculpted today.
  3. None as of yet... I'm still waiting for the UK warehouse to get stock. I feel like for this promotion we european customers got a little bit forgotten...
  4. So I asked a question about availibility of Ashana from the UK warehouse in the Facebook group. I got the answer that "They should be in the UK by the end of next week." And then comments for that post were turned off by an admin, so I couldn't ask a follow up on that information. That time frame is going to make it hard for us in Europe to combine it with the 12 days promotion. And I already have all the others being offered (the previous monthly figures). I might have a use for an extra duergar, but that's about it.
  5. I think it's a Bones 4 model that hasn't seen general release yet.
  6. I'm in Sweden, and we are completely boned as far as getting anything from abroad these days. :(
  7. If it comes to a hard Brexit with no tariff agreement, yes... But for me that will turn out the same as with stuff from the US or anywhere else outside the EU: PostNord will collect the VAT, and also tack on a handling fee. So that will be even worse. :(
  8. I don't know what you mean by "correctly"? According to the section of the FAQ shown by Darsc above, Reaper got visited by the tax men and slapped on the wrist for how they've been doing it so far, and the new charges are what's correct.
  9. Well, that second point would explain it. Now I'm just baffled they've implemented this in the past week (my order on June 19 wasn't affected) without any fanfare at all. It's a fairly big change, after all. All EU customers are going to start noticing it soon.
  10. Yes of course I'm logged in, and the currency is set to Euros, same as always. I've ordered from the UK site ever since it went live, and this has never happened before. That's my point.
  11. A new phenomenon has appeared. When I put some minis in my shopping cart and click the button to calculate shipping, there also appears a line for VAT, which is added to the final cost. This has not happened on any of my previous orders. And the list prices for the mini has not changed. So in effect there's been a 25% price hike?
  12. They're gone from there now, but half of them have been added to the Special Editions section. So I guess they're working on this even as we type. Now I just have to wait for them to appear on the UK site as well... oh and Rumbleguts, too.
  13. That's because they don't have those minis, and as another poster noted a failed search returns all results.
  14. Specifically, metal Chronoscope, Pathfinder and Numenera minis are not available on the EU site, even though they are listed in the menu. Also, boxed sets and special editions are completely missing, even from the menu.
  15. I applaud the decision to create a shipping center in the UK as a really really good move. (Of course, if and when brexit goes through, you're gonna have to move it to Ireland or France or something, you know that, right?) Anyway, I was wondering about this statement: "Order in your local currency, and we will ship your package from the UK." Now is that literally true, i.e. you will ship from the UK if I order in GBP or EUR even if I order from the "old" site? Or do I have to do it via the new site? I ask because the new site is pretty low on stock...
  16. So when I placed my order yesterday I couldn't get the paints... but they came back in stock later the same day. Curses! Now, fingers crossed they don't run out until tomorrow, when my next order is planned...
  17. Kind of off topic, but... huh? Metal minis are so much easier to paint than Bones... your comment does not compute. ;)
  18. Ummm... maybe not 100% correctly, though. When I look at my account page now, it says you sent me the Goblin Carolers. I placed my order many hours after the front page graphic had switched over to the Wrapping Dragon...
  19. Yup. I'll probably wind up with 6 copies of Ametrine...
  20. Same. Have to keep my orders down, and the promo mini for the 7th is the first one I want.
  21. Well, last time I got one. Years are tricky things to keep track of.
  22. Last year they were nothing special. Don't hold your breath. :)
  23. Oh man, only have 4 of these since before. Gonna have to get at least 2 orders in. Maybe 3...
  24. It also says they'll tell us on monday - that is, the 4th.
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