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  1. Yeah, but I’m painting every night for 3-4 hours—however, whenever I start to feel good about it I look at some of you pros and see that it should only take me about another 5-10 years of practice like that to even begin to compare—I like it though!
  2. Thanks Internet Friend, I have seen a few of those Dr Faust vids and like them--My favorite guy to watch is Tabletop Minions, especially when they have Sam Lenz as a guest painter - He's Amaaaaaaazing!
  3. I'm a noob (about 5-6 weeks of painting) but am happy with this guy and his rusty armor! Would love some C & C from anyone though!
  4. I've only been at this a little over a month and am totally addicted! Went for the glowing eyes here and botched it -- Don't know how you expert painters paint son damn small!
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