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  1. Thanks Glitterwolf. I've only done a base coat and some highlights so far. Ideally I want him to look like an old bear, a centuries-old bear of legend. Here is my bear as it stands right now:
  2. Nice-looking bear! It just so happens that I'm also working on painting up my Dire Bear right now. I'm a newb mini- painter and so far I'm not particularly satisfied with my results. I have painted up a dozen or so minis and found them all leaving much to be desired. This dire bear is my latest attempt at getting a mini painted up properly. I was actually checking out scalehunter's Bones #3 road to improvement post when I came across your works. I was impressed by many of your minis. To be honest I've been a bit frustrated so far, which is one of the main reasons why I decided to join up here
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