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  1. Fall starts when the leaves change color not because of a drought, and the temperature consistently stays under 73°F. So we're closing in. I like to stomp on leaves. I no longer jump in leaf piles for arthritis and allergy reasons, (and I'd have to rake them myself), but getting one skittering across the driveway with a good crunch! is fun. Also not sweating to death and not worrying about frozen food from the grocery store melting too much on the way home.
  2. I'm happy enough with the Kia soul I drive now. So same thing only a hybrid, deep teal colored, and a cd player. I miss checking out piles of cds from the library and listening to them while driving. I'm not as likely to listen to new music from my phone, and it is somewhat dependent on a wifi signal. Even if I've downloaded a cd or two from the e-library, I need a signal to sign into the app. Guess whose doctor's office is in a dead zone?
  3. Those have picked up again recently, but it's been more herbicide causing Parkinson's since I got home from reapercon. Before the con it was a lot of fire foam causing cancer. There's always some injury lawyer shill. On top of the arthritis. It's like advertisers think old and sick people watch the vintage TV show station.
  4. I am deeply saddened by the fact I read those in the commercials' voice/music. Though you missed the constant arthritis knee pain center ads for all your retired heros that took an arrow to the knee. Maybe that one is a localized hell. Don't know.
  5. My sensitivity to noises and moving lights has pretty much stopped me from going to movies in the theater. Last commercial movie I saw was les mis. Javier and the Thenadiers were horribly miscast. I get splitting headaches and motion sick. Too much time in front of our moderate sized TV can do the same thing. I prefer my 13" laptop screen for most viewing. It's small enough my eyes don't start hurting. A 17" screen will cause pain. I watched Evangelion 3+1 on my phone with the Amazon app, and that was just fine except for hand cramps. I am vaguely familiar with the pawpaw festival that was somewhere down by OU, but never got there in college. Not much on mangos, so haven't gone out of my way to find a source since.
  6. I sprained my knee walking moderately quickly down an empty high-school hallway junior year. One step I was fine, next I was on the ground. No idea why. Luckily I was playing the busybody mother in our school musical, (I was always the mother. I was a pretty good actor but couldn't carry a tune well enough to be a main, and plump enough not to look that part.) So I was edited out of a few chorus dance numbers that I'm not really sure my character would have realistically partaken in, and got to wear flats and use a cane. This was an improvement from the previous year's musical in which I had to wear heels. I could barely walk in them. I'd finish a scene and be crawling around backstage because I couldn't bear to be on my feet. Which, I suppose, is another odd way I've injured myself. By the senior year musical, I'd graduated from mother to the part of grandmother Burnside (Mame) and was assigned flat shoes and a cane before I had a chance to hurt myself. I was allergic to the cold cream they had to remove the makeup, though, so after each performance my friends would have fun helping peel the liquid latex off my face. Some irritation there by the end of the week, but not really an injury.
  7. I've never had a dog. All the household pets, guinea pigs and birds, either died in their sleep or got cancer bad enough to need to be put down. The one Bird had a series of strokes, so we did hospice care as best we could. Surgeries were never an option from lack of local bird vet and size/age of piggies. From what you've stated about Brutus worrying at wounds, I think my choice would be to skip the risky surgery as even if he survived it, it would compromise his quality of life for an indefinite time. I don't know, but would hazard that older dogs heal more slowly anyways, and if he's scratching at it, it will take even longer and be obviously bothering him. I hope for the best whatever you decide. I've only been following the forums regularly about a year and a half, but I always click on the Brutus updates. Lately that has been with some trepidation and fear of the eventual final update. I don't think I've cried for someone else's pet before, especially one I haven't even met, but even as I type this my eyes water up and my throat tightens for you and Brutus. 🫂
  8. Y'all enjoy the pumpkin spice drinks, alcohol or coffee or whatever. I'll be in the corner eating my Philadelphia pumpkin cream cheese spread straight from the tub with a spoon. It's a poor man's pumpkin cheesecake.
  9. When I could still work, at one job I had to get up around 4am to be there at 6am, was an hour drive to work. 3 day 30hour week. 6am-430pm. After a year they changed all the schedules around and I ended up in the 36 hour 1130pm-9am sat-tues shift. Loved it. Mondays were slow nights in mail processing, so we'd get off by 5at the latest. This helped as Tues was game night in same hour away city, so I could wake up at 5pm, be at the 7pm game til 11, drive over to work and get off at 9am and have my weekend. Only problem was they made you work the extra hour when daylight savings ended, and stay an hour late when it started.
  10. This seemed apropos to the drinking discussion.
  11. I find uses for ground meats, but cheeseburgers are not one of them. I like my meats thoroughly cooked: no pink, well done. The patty form does not facilitate this. I break the meat into crumbles. Season with any number of spices, maybe caramelize some diced onion along with. Serve with mashed potatoes or such. I also do not like many of the traditional toppings, tomatoes and their products, pickles, mustard, mayonnaise or facsimiles thereof, raw onions, or iceberg lettuce. Or standard commercial white bread. Haven't been able to stomach that since the sixth-grade ecology camp trip where they made no effort to deal with my inability to stomach tomato products when making the menu, (they were told beforehand by my parents), thus wonder bread style buns were the only thing I ate for lunch and dinner for four days. They didn't even have butter. I got so desperate for flavor I sprinkled one meal with pepper. It's been almost 30 years and the thought of such bread still makes me gag.
  12. I did not manage to hobby. Sunday I groceried. That was so exhausting I then slept. Then I woke up, ate something, took more cough meds, and slept in the recliner. I just woke up enough to go sleep in bed. I could share a picture of pretzel buns from krogers, but too sleepy and who'd really care?
  13. For now, just Saturday's answer. No. Still have lingering effects of con crud. I actually haven't left the house since I got home the 7th. I might try for the library and drug store tomorrow. Those are not necessarily fun. I hope to hobby soon. Haven't unpacked supplies from the con yet either, re: con crud above.
  14. ...I don't think I've ever heard a clearer invitation to beat someone with a stick before... Exhibit A: Gandalf in Rohan.
  15. I'm pretty sure they knew I would stay up reading by the light from other rooms streaming into mine. They knew I hid books under my pillow. This was when I was little, before I learned to sleep with the door closed. Then I could just turn the lights on.
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