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  1. GPS? What is this alien thing of which you speak? I get lost just fine on my own.
  2. Me! Me! Chillicothe, oh Can't start a box. Don't really want sci-fi. Can't afford international. Anyone in the circuit before me willing to black baggie and label anything that looks like a spider would be much appreciated. Helps stop the surprised heart attack reaction and the fling across the room reflex.
  3. As a guest, no. For set-up, I don't think so. Throughout my childhood mom worked from home as a cake decorator, and I was dragged along to help schlep stuff to countless reception setups. I can remember dad driving our minivan slowly to not jar the cakes, and emergency repairs when it was hot and the buttercream would start to melt and slough off the cakes, but not being outdoors.
  4. I'm attending Railcon in a week and a half. And Nov has acadacon, where I'm primarily planning to try and unload old games and art while helping man a friend's dealer's table. Don't think that exactly counts. Ren fair will probably get skipped because of time crunch.
  5. I used to keep a spreadsheet of paint, when I was using artist and specialty craft paints only. The reaper paint collection I started during last year's rcl exploded exponentially and the list was abandoned. Minis have some sorting abusing reaper's wishlist feature. Only one of my half dozen wishlists is for things I actually am interested in buying. I have one for everything unpainted, so I can look at a glance for ideas for rcl or other projects. A second list exist for things currently committed to rcl or modified beyond use for duos, trios, or quarterly contests. These do not overlap except where multiple copies exist, or the minis were in a multipack. Then there are sublists for certain projects, like all the minis that might work in the major Arcana Tarot project, or the Chinese Zodiac. Unless I'm saving a finished mini for a future diorama piece, things are generally deleted once painted. Non reaper minis don't get much sorting. I can check etsy receipts for some idea of the 3d prints, past orders on some websites and Amazon for others.
  6. I'm sure coloring apps must have an audience, just not me. I prefer googling things like poison dart frogs or parrots for color ideas.
  7. I have a fake pet rock. A "sham"-rock, if you will. He's been around since 3/20, just before everything shut down. I'm not sure he's going to last much longer. He's been staggering along with only a couple handfuls of stems in the 6" pot most of his life, but now he's down to three, and two are old and starting to wilt. No new sprouts in awhile. I'm never gonna give him up, but this might be the end. Pics from happier times, when he was in bloom.
  8. It's called the Necronomnomnom, and you can find it for sale from the big river or fine booksellers. I got in on the kickstarter. One of two Lovecraft cookbooks I own.
  9. Pumpkin pie, and its cousin, pumpkin fluff. Dad won't touch pumpkin fluff, so I get more of that. Large vanilla pudding mix, spices and salt for a single pie, one can evaporated milk, one single can pumpkin, mix well and fold in whipped topping to taste. Gingerbread.
  10. I like cooler temperatures when they eventually get here. Summer lingers longer every year. I hate Halloween ads and decorations that include spiders. I have a severe case of arachnophobia, and when people put cobwebs and giant freaking spiders in their trees or on their houses...well, it isn't good for my health.
  11. Mushroom to eat: no. Mushroom to look at: pretty much anything more colorful or interestingly shaped than grocery store white buttons. I have around a hundred downloaded reference pics of mushrooms for painting inspiration, in all sorts of colors.
  12. If it's being shipped ups, sometimes they just don't move on the weekend. Especially holiday ones. (Though I still have trouble thinking of 9/11 as a holiday.) I've seen orders I've made sit in Memphis for two to three days on such occasions.
  13. I'm afraid ribbons eventually hit the trash along with the badge. Buttons, if I like them, get pinned to my curtains. Otherwise, they're likely to get lost or hit the salvation army box. Haven't had many patches, just got fabric glue and might try attaching a few from other places to my backpack.
  14. My characters tend to be unique, which is easier as I only play one rpg, fairly constantly since its release back in 96. I have one character who's the niece of my first real character, but she's contrary and tries to be as opposite of her aunt as possible. I have several who are jacks of many trades. I tend to go all in on quirks and personality. My group says my characters don't have issues, the have multiple subscriptions. As part of character creation in dragon storm you can take flaws that give you more points to work with to make the character in exchange for a stat or rp negative. Many players will just take one and not really role play it. With mom and myself, we always thought about it that if you take ugly, how are you ugly? Acne, mange, bearded lady? Currently playing a tigrean gargoyle shifter who is distinctively ugly, a painful combo of negatives to stealth, persuasion, and charm. He smells strongly like sulfur. Flaws can be bought off, he'll get through his teen years and hormonal imbalance eventually. In the meantime he buys perfumes, soap, and snake oil remedies that only make things worse. Came up with the idea of a gargoyle made of sulfur first, then had to make him a smelly cat. His spirit guide, a 10 year old human girl, calls him soft kitty just to reference more sitcom songs. Ghosts don't have a sense of smell.
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