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  1. Heavily modified stone giant champion, with a flock of non reaper dragonettes, as a beach scene of Menolly and her nine fire lizards from Anne McCaffery's book Dragonsong. There are also a lot of sculpy crabs under the resin water, you might see some red in the pools.
  2. Dire grouper. If I measured right, he and the forthcoming jellyfish are just over the minimum. And, giant jellyfish.
  3. Bones v shadow dragon. If I measured correctly, he's just under 100mm.
  4. Note from the discord for some of you in early US waves waiting for emails: they aren't pulling orders with regular pirate ships until start of the day June 30th. This was to build up stock for the shipping service.
  5. Father Dagon, aqautic familiars, and a little bit of non-reaper.
  6. That piece is the front and back leg for the same side of the dragon, and a pain in the neck. I broke one of those legs at the ankle trying to make it work. I finally had to have a friend with a saw cut it apart at the base, then still had to do some major bending to make it stand sorta upright. Can't remember, but I think gap filling was also involved. Haven't gotten back to it to paint.
  7. Second question, asked on discord but didn't see an answer: For limited palette months that specify a white/black, do we still get a free white and black to use? For instance, Dec. is black, grey, and white. The rules look like I could use two blacks, a grey, and two whites, but that also seems weird, so I'm confused.
  8. Question. If a fraction of a very large model was painted in a previous year, but I finish it this year, could it be counted? Specifically, I did ma'al's wings and base in 2018, then between having to move my painting setup downstairs and losing mom in 2019, I never got to the rest of him. If I did, could I count him as anything at all? It's still enough surface area to count as a large model.
  9. Can anyone answer if the December releases will come out before the end of 12 days of Reaper? It'd sure make it easier to get to $40.
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