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  1. Turned out great and I really like that base!
  2. Really happy how this turned out. The paint job for the mini took about 2 hours while making the base took around 5 (most of which were trying to figure out how to use Green Stuff roller effectively). And I have to thank @Glitterwolf for the tip on the Green Stuff roller. I saw you use one for your jungle diorama and think they are awesome!!
  3. Thanks! Thank you! It was about 20 years since I picked up a brush back in ~October. Honestly, I used a lot of techniques that I learned here. This place is a wealth of awesome info! Thank you and thanks for following!
  4. Very nice! I have this guy waiting on the sideline too, hope he turns out this well.
  5. These look great! That second OSL turned out *nice*!
  6. Finished my first serious mini since gettng back into painting. Had a lot fun with him!
  7. Thanks for following along! So I've finished the axe handle and metal bits. This is the first time this has really started to go off the rails a bit. I did one layer of metal and hated how it turned out. So I went and started over on that bit after reading through a few TMM tuts. It's better but I'm still not happy with how the blending (or in some cases lack thereof) came out. It was worked up with shadowed steel, nightshade purple, grey liner, and then a little polished silver was mixed in for high lights. Any recommendations for a fix wo uld be appreciated. Last up is going to be the fur, hair and basing.
  8. So one of the things I've noticed from taking pics at the various stages it you can really see places you need to work on. For instance in person a lot of the highlights and shading seem more more contrasted than what comes out in the pics. And that's something I've been reading tends to be an area where a lot of people could use work. At this point I've added the cloth with the true blue triad. I've also done all the leather parts with a variety of combos of browns and reds. With the leathers I tried to have 3 distinct colors, 1 for the boots, 1 for the armor and strap bits, and 1 for the leg/arm wraps. With the lack of contrast though, I don't feel like it really came out though, either in person or in the pics.
  9. The linen white was just an undercoat to bring out the skin tones. For the skin I used the olive triad with a little grass green mixed into the dark triad colors to bring out a little more green (as a note grass green + pale olive does not blend back into the olive triad very well). Then added a little burgundy wine to darken the shadows.
  10. Use a liner to prime with. Brown, blue, and grey all seem to work great in my experience. But looks good!
  11. So Makoa here, actually died during our last game. We managed to get him reincarnated however and when he came back, fortune would have it, he was a full blood orc. So my investment and modification were not in vain. Now here he is with the skin done.
  12. Started working on a mini for someone in my gaming group. As a half-orc oracle of Cayden Cailean, Kang was a perfect fit with a little modification... Here is he primed and then undercoated in Linen White for skin. The mug was just a little Milliput for the body and green stuff for the top/bottom and to attach. I would love any feedback or recommendations (including for photographing) along the way. I've just recently returned to painting (after ~20 years) and never really had anyone to offer useful critque when I first learned.
  13. Pick this guy up with the Christmas bundle. Wanted to try out some different techniques than I'm used to, this is the fist guy where I've started lighter and then filled in the shade. Decided to paint him in prep for a few other pieces I'm going to work on. All feedback is appreciated! Also, the first time I've properly photo'd a mini, so any advice on that front would be appreciate. I feel like the pic makes him look slightly more... textured(?) than he is in real life.
  14. That right there was really why I wanted to get a few opinions on if there were good ones to swap out, either because they're redundant or easy to mix if needed. Oops, wish I saw this before the order, lol. I was assuming the opposite would be true. I'm sure it'll work out to start. I did swap out a few colors to grab the various off whites and liners that weren't represented in the base kit though. I'm seriously considering the LTPK recommendations, will probably grab them in a couple weeks. Thanks for letting a noob hijack the thread for a bit!
  15. Thanks for the quick replies! I suspected that would be the general reply, but figured it was worth a shot. With some of the colors it can be a little challenging telling what the differences are without seeing them in person.
  16. Hi everyone, I've been lurking this thread for the last few days as I prepare to set myself up with a good base paint kit and have a question about some of the suggestions here. I'm looking to pick up the base 54 colors (more than enough for me at this point) but I see that it stops just short of a number of the suggestions people have here. Does anyone have recommendations for good colors to swap out to get the most out of that basic kit?
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