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  1. Thanks! Also, if anyone has feedack I'm always happy to hear it!
  2. So a buddy of mine picked up some minis from the Sandy Petersen Pathfinder Kickstarter and asked me to paint them up. Here is the first one with a bunch more to follow (hopefully!). It looks like the pics washed out some of the blending in the flames. Also, wish I had done a little more green stuff work for gap filling.
  3. Painted this guy up real quick for a game I'm playing in. This was my first real use of the airbrush and I had a few flubs with the blending but overall I'm good with the results.
  4. Brilliant work! And reason number one why you never get on a boat in D&D!
  5. I'm a huge fan of this mini and you really killed it! That cloak is incredible!
  6. Looks good! Definitely has that swampy vibe and the great work on the base really sets it off!
  7. Great work! Nice job on the eye and that fur looks good too!
  8. I've been looking for this kind of tutorial for a few weeks now! Thanks!
  9. Well done! I'm a fan of this mini and you brought him to life nicely!
  10. Thanks everyone for the kind words! I specifically only used the paints in the LTPKs. Was surprisingly happy with how well that worked out. One of the biggest things I can say has helped me, is watching tutorial videos. Go check out the "Hobby Cheating" playlist on YouTube for some great inspiration and instruction.
  11. Ok, painted one of these up a few months ago and just did the other 2 a couple weeks ago. Just picked up an airbrush so this was my first time trying out some zenithal highlighting. I'm pretty happy with how the new ones turned out. First the old one Then here is one of the new ones And the group photo
  12. Finished him up a week ago or so, but just got around to pics. Second attempt at NMM, not really happy with the results, but I suppose it works. Had further plans on doing OSL from the sword but was feeling finished by the time I got that far and decided good enough. May try and come back and add it in later though.
  13. Beautiful work! Great shading on the dress!
  14. Great work! They pull together nicely and those bases are nice!
  15. Excellent work, especially on the NMM!
  16. I've taken a bit of a break over the last couple weeks due to life but I've been watching tons of his videos. Can't wait to start applying what I think I've learned.
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