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  1. Very cool! It is an interesting sculpt and your pain job does it justice!
  2. I appreciate the feedback! The sword was actually the first part I painted and I found that no matter how much I thinned my lighter colors down I Was still getting lines when I tried to blend. At this point I feel like I'd need a few more tutorials before I tried a wet blend. But, I actually scraped the sword off last night to start over. Tried a handful of different approaches and I think after my 3rd redo I came up with something that works a little better for me. Didn't get to finish it last night but plan on doing that tonight. Again, thank you for the feedback!
  3. Thanks, yeah the blending on this was more frustrating than expected. I think I have a few ideas to change how I approach it next time.
  4. Ok, here is my first NMM paint job. I'm not sure if I dislike the technique, or just picked a bad mini to try it on first. I found it a bit fiddly and frustrating with all of the dully cast spikey bits. I did a pretty quick TT quality job on everything not NMM, so I know there are a lot of places to improve there. Also, I feel like the photos make it look better than it really is. I'm pretty happy with how the front of the armor turned out, but the shield and shoulder pauldrons were frustrating. Would truly appreciate any feedback on improving the quality of my NMM! I'll be doing Mangu next and tracking in the same WIP thread. Wip thread here:
  5. Excellent work for a TT paint job! I've definitely been disappointed in a few of the bones casts and how they throw off otherwise really nice sculpts.
  6. He turned out very nicely, well done!
  7. I'd say you did a great job. The skin blends very nicely and I disagree, you didn't oversell the abs.
  8. Excellent job! Especially for the first time! Great figure selection to try it out on, very brave. I know when I give my first go at OSL here in the next few eeks it'll be on a a couple figures I'm not too attached to. Again, well done!
  9. Thank you for the kind words!
  10. Ok here are the last few photos. Didn't stop for a ton of pics and found myself fiddling around a lot so there weren't that many discrete steps. I feel like the pics make the technique come out looking better than it did in real life. Would greatly appreciate any feedback to improve on my NMM technique! Mangu is next...
  11. I'll add another one for the fantastic NMM!
  12. Wow! My jaw is on the floor right now! This is what I aspire to!
  13. Well done! You really captured the undercoat effect quite well!
  14. Wow you made them look great!
  15. Now I watched a couple different video tuts for NMM and 1 started from a black base while the other started from a grey. I tend to favor starting from grey but thought I'd give both a shot and see where it went. Since I'm trying to stick with the colors in the kit I mixed my own grey for a basecoat. Basically a 50/50 mix of Pure Black and Dragon White. And as a note the Dragon White is AWESOME. It's the first white I've used that didn't chalk up as soon as my brush left the palette. I also added in Void Blue and *maybe* Pine Green to give some flavor to the metal. Then roughed in the highlight areas Ok at this point if anyone has feedback that would be brilliant. Going to work in dark parts tomorrow.
  16. Ok so I had picked up both LTPKs with the intent of hopefully learning some new stuff. Now not that they aren't great resources for new painters, but I had already read most of what was presented in them through a variety of sources on here and through other blogs. So I sat on them. Then I decided they offered a good opportunity to try a few other techniques and decided to give it a shot. So in the basic kit, I'm going to try my hand at some NMM. We'll see how it goes. The Layer up kit I plan to use for OSL. Anyways... onto the painting. 77042 - Orc Marauder I started with the Orc Marauder thinking he'd be a little easier. Probably should have started with Mangu. I went ahead an documented all of my steps, in case anyone is interested in the parts before NMM. I tried to stick with the paints in the kit for the most part, but decided that once I get to the NMM I'm going to use 1 or 2 colors not included. Pics in the spoiler tag.
  17. If I'm honest, I'm not usually a fan of the Bonesylvanians, but this is brilliant! Fantastic work! I Iespecially like the patterns on his head. In fact I may need to stay that technique!
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