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  1. EvilCleric

    ReaperCon 2019 Hotel room sharing thread

    I didn't see anywhere to add it either. On the hotel site it says "free hot breakfast" in the room description. Also, I have a two queen bed room that I would be willing to split with another single female. EC Arrival: 8/28, Checkout: 9/1.
  2. EvilCleric

    First time at Reapercon

  3. EvilCleric

    First time at Reapercon

    I chose Maggotcrown for this very reason. My vapiric skin tone will be on display in the Texas heat. My first ReaperCon as well, I'm looking forward to it. EC
  4. EvilCleric

    ReaperCon 2019 Ribbons

    That was my next question, how to get a specific name on the badge. So, ReaperCon does not print names on the badges? You just write it on with a sharpie or something? I would love to be friends! I really need to post pics of my minis so I have more posts on the forums. EC
  5. EvilCleric

    ReaperCon 2019 Ribbons

    Cool, my GenCon badge name is a hybrid of my first name and my Evil avatar. Wasn't sure if you could customize the ReaperCon names or not. At Origins you are stuck with your "real" name only. Thanks for the info everyone. Hopefully I will meet some of you.
  6. EvilCleric

    ReaperCon 2019 Ribbons

    Personalized ribbons sound fun! Do you guys do anything to your badge to identify your forum name so some of us newbies will know who is who? EC
  7. EvilCleric

    2019 ReaperCon Hotel Information

    Thanks for the response. EC
  8. EvilCleric

    2019 ReaperCon Hotel Information

    If you stay at the Embassy Suites do you get a ticket to the Meet and Greet included with the room? Or does that have to be purchased separately if you are getting the NON-VIP badge? Thanks, EC