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  1. I would like to participate in this. I need to paint more.
  2. TL;DR: I enjoyed all my classes and learned something in all of them. First ReaperCon, so I took the maximum (recommended) 8 classes. I didn’t feel overwhelmed with that many classes, but it does cut down on socializing/gaming/painting time. I agree with others on the class description comments. Descriptions could benefit from tabletop/competition notations, and a more elaborate explanation of what beginner/intermediate means. I consider myself an intermediate painter overall, but a beginner to some techniques, like OSL and NMM. Reaper U: This Class Is About Contrast (Thursday) (Greenwald) Lecture with handout. Jen stated at the start of class that there may not be time to paint. A miniature was given to everyone in case there was time available. Jen is a good instructor; lecture was at a good pace and kept everyone’s interest. I learned several new ideas, some related to color theory, some technique, and some miscellaneous tricks I would not have thought of on my own. I would recommend this class. Mostly geared toward painters who want to get those “darker shadows, brighter highlights”. Reaper U: The Dragon’s in the Details (horns, teeth, claws, eyes, scales) (Thursday) (Cecil) Hands on demonstration and student painting with feedback. David is a very charismatic and enthusiastic teacher. He explained techniques, then demonstrated on a miniature and waked around the room with the example. He did this for horns, scales, teeth, eyes, and wings on the Temple Dragon miniature, which was provided to everyone. I really enjoyed this class. I liked how David provided feedback to everyone individually. I also enjoyed looking at other student’s techniques, which was also encouraged by David. I would recommend this class. Mostly geared toward beginners or anyone who has never painted a dragon. Reaper U Night Owl: Realistic Skintones with Shoshie! (Thursday) (Bauer) Hands on demonstration and painting with feedback. Shoshie was a very engaging instructor. She demonstrated a technique, allowed the class time to paint, and then provided feedback individually. A miniature was provided. She kept the class moving at a good pace. I learned several new techniques. I would recommend this class. Mostly geared toward painters who struggle with basic skin painting. Reaper U: Sculpting Details in Putty (Guthrie, Ridolfi) (Friday) Hands on demonstration, class participation, sculpting, and individual feedback. GreenStuff, miniature, and other miscellaneous tools were provided. Julie and Bob are amazing and keep it interesting by presenting two different takes on how to execute various sculpting techniques. We were shown how to sculpt belts, buckles, pouches, cloaks, swords, and feathers. We practiced the techniques and were given individual feedback. I would recommend this class. For anyone who is interested in sculpting. Reaper U: Level Up (Farnsworth) (Friday) Demonstration and class participation with feedback. A printed paper with various designs was provided for use in the class. Michelle used an open format where a technique was explained, she demonstrated to the class, and then we were free to practice the technique. Discussion with Michelle and other students was encouraged. The technique taught was beneficial, but I struggled to grasp the concept since we were painting on paper and not a miniature. This is not an instruction problem, but I mention it in case others are like me and need to see the technique on the medium that they will be using it on. I know others in the class mentioned it as well. Mostly for painters new to adding highlights and shadows. Reaper U: Object Source Lighting (Saturday) (Diamondstone) Demonstration, class practice with individual feedback. This is the second class I have taken from David, the other one was at another Con. I enjoy his teaching style, he is engaging and walks around the room to give detailed, individual feedback. His feedback is often not limited to what the class is covering, so this is a bonus as well. We were provided a miniature holding a torch and were given instructions on how to paint OSL on the goblin holding the torch. Instruction included color selection through execution. I would recommend this class. For painters who are new to OSL. Reaper U: Painting Eyes (Schultz) (Saturday) Handout with demonstration, class practice and individual feedback. A miniature was provided. Technique was discussed with reference to handout. Each step of the technique was practiced, and Michael walked around the room and provided individual feedback and suggestions to the class based on how everyone was progressing. Michael is a very energetic instructor. I enjoyed this class and will use this method for painting eyes on my miniatures. I would recommend this class. For anyone who struggles with painting eyes. Reaper U: Color Theory Completely and Totally Demystified (Sunday) (Kantor) Lecture, presentation format. I have no training in art whatsoever, so this class was very beneficial to me. I would say it is probably beneficial to anyone considering there were class instructors in this class with me. I learned a lot about color theory, including some “garbage” terms that people use that have no application or meaning when describing color. Half the class was color theory presentation, the other half was tips and tricks to achieve the look that you want on your miniature. I would recommend this class. For anyone interested in color theory. EvilCleric-Wendy
  3. Finally awake. Rolled in at 1am. Wow, what a blast. I'm exhausted but it was worth it. I really enjoyed meeting a lot of you. Is registration open yet for 2020?
  4. Sorry about your crappy week, but it gets better starting NOW! Hope to meet you soon. EC
  5. Can't sleep, too excited. @OneBoot, thanks for the reminder about the rock. I'll grab one for you too. See you all in about 14 hours, EC
  6. There's just something about a suitcase....
  7. Thank you @Chaoswolf. I'm just going to print everything. See you all in T-2 days! Ec
  8. Do we need to print our tickets? Or do they do that at registration? Confused, EC
  9. I'm curious, how many attendees are there each day at ReaperCon? EC
  10. I would love to donate to this. I'm sure I will get a few things that I won't want/use. I'll try to find you or @Morihalda at the con to make donation arrangements. Thanks for doing this. EC
  11. Prefered name: Evil One, Wendy Pronoun of Choice: Hey, Yo, Her Huggability: Not if you want to live
  12. Safe travels @Green Eyed Monster. My list is on paper, OSR style. See you all in a few days, EC
  13. Didn't get custom ribbons, but my game ribbons and player swag showed up today.
  14. You are welcome @Stonebred. I'm glad it helped. EC
  15. If anyone is intersted in trying some OSR stuff, I'm running a Dungeon Crawl Classics one shot on Saturday at 6-8pm. It's up on GrowTix. I am also bringing a one sheet DCC adventure for a Wednesday night pick-up game, but could do it anytime really. Rules and characters provided. EC
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