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  1. the poll is officially closed!!!! had to finish my project...its juuuuuust about done!
  2. i know its a silly question...but it was a requirement of the speech class i am taking...you HAD to have a poll :D! thanks for all the answers guys...this is pure gold!
  3. i dont know what the save alot would be here... but my mom does the shopping and we either go to publix albertsons or kash n kerry
  4. pointing at me as well! see? totally emo...
  5. this survey is already posted on CMON as well i need as many responses as physically possiable...that way its "crediable"
  6. i thought she looked expecially cute so did her up! shes at a crossroads in her life...not exactly sure where to go next...
  7. this comming from an avid painter...not "bashing" painters at all anyway... for my project (speech on miniature painting) i have to have a survey...or poll. and being as the fourm wont let me start a poll its going to have to be a survey... so heres the question "is miniature painting (including, time, money spent ect.) worth everything you put into it?" and if you could just post your relpy...i really need as many responses as possiable... and as always, thanks ladies and gents for all your help, thats quite swell of you
  8. oh no no no no no you dont! i already have a miniature orphanage, making sure each mini is given tender loving care Beccas Miniature Haven id give you the address but i dont want Guido showing up at my door Becca!
  9. well i figured id let the other boards have some becca love! i sent an email to reapermatt and reapersomeone else...ill just have to wait till they answer!
  10. am i allowed to ask who? or you can just tell me your name i have to have quoted research for this sucker. everything has to be documented But i guess i could just use Steven Page eh?
  11. well...thats handy but are there facts like that somewhere? cause that would be handy! Becca
  12. alright, i know im new. but.. in my speech com class I have an informative speech and i want to speak about miniature painting. i found out alot about the history aspect but wanted to know your views about it, and maybe some nifty misc. facts about it like how many pounds of lead are used to produce miniatures a year...stuff like that... do you know anything?
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