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  1. @Speak_Centurion @Glitterwolf Thanks! @TaleSpinner Thanks for big comment and tips, i really appreciate it and i will try to follow them next time! The boot's thing is not really intended as fur, is more like horsehair, or the thing you see in typical indian jacket , i dont know what exactly is i saw an image with a pair of boots with that style and i liked it. That book seems like super useful, is always a pain for me to make wrikles and drapery, it's a must take! Im italian!
  2. Hi all! First of all sorry for my english! Im new here i was looking for a miniatures community where share/talk/see all about sculpting, and i found this one that seems wonderful and well crowd! I started to try scuplting "seriously" one year ago after a lot (im in the hobby since 2004) of painting and conversion with green stuff and other materials. Ill post here some question and my sculpting projects of course. Ive made 10 complete miniature so far, and all orc type(from 25mm to 35) ... i love them and they forgive more mistake for a newbie, but the truth is i LOVE em, in all ways! Let me know what you think, tips and whatever you want! I know i have a loooooot to improve, but i really want to continue with scuplting and try to reach some achievement sooner or later. For this reason i started 2 months ago to drawings, im very bad at it (like everyone who start from the beginning anyway) but i understand that is very important if i want to improve in sculpting! Here i show my last creature, its a fantasy orc with some sci-fi elements, i really dont know what it is i made it step by step without a solid and accurate concept in my mind... but i really like the final result, surely its the best sculpt ive done for now. Its 33mm tall at the eye level.
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