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  1. This was one of my first attempts at using a plinth, I am glad I did! Now I can make all kinds of display pieces.
  2. 60114 Viorian Dekanti. Played around with trying to make the shield look a little scuffed up and added some colors into the gold.
  3. I didnt realize there was such a thing! I guess I should explore the forum some more! Thanks! For a $50 model its quite a good one. Don't be afraid to jump on a model if its one that you really enjoy. Also, thanks!
  4. That is right, all the scales I did I tried to do directional brushstrokes to show some texture on the scales. I did lines on the big scales and on the skin on the legs I did dots. Thanks! I was very anxious / almost scared of doing that effect cause it was so bright but glad I did, it made the model pop a little Also, thanks for the comments of support! It is greatly appreciated.
  5. I did this over the past few weeks and first real attempt at making a showy base for a big model. I ended up using cork bark and some UV resin but I loved how it all turned out.
  6. Gyar

    GW Stormcast Stardrake

    Thanks for the praise, its encouraging going forward to tackle bigger scarier dragons!
  7. Gyar

    GW Stormcast Stardrake

    I do have an airbrush, I typically use it for mass basecoatings or in this case blending some large areas. I did do the yellow to orange with the air brush, which was nice but then I had to go in with the purple on the wings and do it without messing it up. It was a tedious process but pays off. Now if I were to do it with out an airbrush I would have went with a more textured look rather than smooth blends. Bulk of the time was highlighting all the scales but that is what makes the look work.
  8. Gyar

    GW Stormcast Stardrake

    Thanks all! I hope to do more of things like this in the future.
  9. This was a fun model and I was excited to do it. It has been sitting on the shelf for a while as it is a bit intimidating but I loved the final results!
  10. Gyar

    77594 Solar Angel

    Thanks all! Also if anyone sees a Harvey Birdman mini that isn't a former heroclix model let me know! I would totally do that. Its a shame there isnt a Space Ghost Coast to Coast cast in minis.
  11. Gyar

    77594 Solar Angel

    I had to do a lot of research as I didn't have a clue what angels did or looked like in RPG's. Actually still don't. I assume I made a decent go at it.
  12. Thanks all! And as to the back of the shield, I always try to paint those if I can. If the shield comes separate in the kit I will always paint the back, it just seems like a skipped opportunity to add some creative details.
  13. I know, not typical paladin colors, but that's okay. She is still ready to take care of some undead :D
  14. Thanks for the feedback. I will try some more dulled down and less yellow, being the first jump I am all in for some ideas! Who knows, that may even change my taste! Sepia is a good idea, it has that red undertone... hmmmm
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