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  1. Unfortunately between my wifes schooling, and my desire to go to school my self, we found ourselves needing to lower our standard of living. So in the process of our conversion from homeowner to renter, there are a few hobbies that we need to put on hiatus for a while. Ss a result I need to find good homes for my warlord collection. and my set of MSP's I'd love to post the details of what I have but am unaware of the appropriate forum, if there is one. So if anyone can enlighten me I would be happy to show my wares, and make sure someone gets some good use out of this stuff.
  2. Here's some more...Not sure I'm really feeling the metallics on these...
  3. Looking at the Catapult the only thing that looks incredibly broken to me is the fact that it has a RAV of 10...and I'm assuming this is to ensure it hits "something" as included in the Drift rule. Especially the part about a spot on the ground is considered to have a DV of 10. I think If you simply Rectified that rule to say DV of 0 and then gave the Catapult a RAV of 0 this should make up the difference. Now to make things interesting, I'd keep the points value the same, but drop the "and Crew". Just treat it as a warmachine for purposes of movement and then you could drop off the #MA alltogether and just rely on what ever troops, if any are in B2B with it for any attacks. Now you could add some sort of "spotter" to the crew, which could boost the RAV a bit if needed. If your attack misses Follow drift rules as normal and if it doesn;t hit any thing on the bounce, well thats what you get for bringing a seige weapon to a fisticuff. Just an idea I had, and thought I'd run it by the Reaper Peeps.
  4. Well, The only Non standard Size Reptus, are The Trolls and Krung Beast///Which are allready out. But, If I had to guess, I'd say The 160 pt. Pit Fighter, and Ra' am doesn't look too tiny...
  5. Not to mention on Dwarves, You get plus 2 movement from the Musician, Assuming Your a purist Like me...
  6. Okay, Maybe this is more Legal... Khong-To 251 G.M.A 30 Mag. Pro. 30 G. Mv Up 60 M.Mag.W. 30 Total 401 Nai-Khanon 160 G.M.A. 30 Mag. Pro. 30 G Mv Up 60 M. Mag W. 30 Total 310 Breakers (2) 48 G.M.A 60 Mag. Pro 60 L Mv Up. 60 Musician 15 Standard 10 Total 283 Grand total 994 Lets see... Base Move 8 for grunts, 11 for the hitters... DV ranging 11-14, Good MAV For everyone... Everybodies got Boosted MD... I'd Play it tight 2x2 up untill we hit Charge Range... Charge with the Breakers then try to pull the Heavys up on the flank... & Pray the Mag.Pro holds up...
  7. Okay, I've never played so this could quite Possibly be the... WORST. LIST. EVER. Here we go Freya 67 Greater Mag. Armor 30 Improved Protection 20 Moderate M. Weapon 20 6 Shield Maidens 156 Greater Mag. Armor 180 1 musician 15 Thorvald 98 Greater Mag. Armor 30 Improved Protection 20 Magical Protection 30 Greater Move Upgrade 60 Total 746 Idea Have Thorvald Rush any Casters, While Freyas Retinue Slowly Marches up taking all comers. 14 DV on everyone Should Make them pretty hard to hit, Most Grunts relying on 10's to scratch them. Like I said before, I've never played, so Feel free to rip me a new one!
  8. Man, I thought The Hound Would surely Suck, Boy was I wrong! And The Heyena that Ogg is Riding Is Sweet too! And the Giant Worm? SWEETASTIC!!!
  9. Do We have to include an elite?, I could make a stomptastic 1/1/1 For 1500. But Thoragrim, and Margara Take up 1,000 before Spells, not to mention a Pimp my ride edition Shield Maiden!
  10. Just saw a darkspawn Starter bix... It was Packaged in an all black and red box, with the photo... Not a D.S. Fan So I cant tell who was in it, but it was 2 chicks a gaggle of shirtless dudes, and a babydoll Familiar.
  11. Good to hear! I'll be buying them promptly then!
  12. The reaper store says The Faction box comes with Breakers... The Faction box contents page says it comes with warriors.... Which is it?
  13. Heres a list of stuff I wouldn't mind getting rid of. If you think any of this stuff would look good in your Gaming area let me know, and I'll see if I can hook you up! WARMACHINE IK World Guide REAPER CAV 1st Printing. Crusaders Box Set (From the Ultra Mega Starter Set) Classic Battle Tech Classic Battletech MAster Rules (Revised edition) Cappellan Confederation FM TRO 3025 (Unseen OOP) TRO 3050 (Unseen OOP) Maximum Tech (Rare OOP) D20 D&D Miniatures handbook Mutants & Masterminds First Printing PC Games World of Warcraft, W/ Official Guide Okay Okay enough about Me...Lets talk about what I want from you! Warmachine. I play cryx But as we all know parts is parts... If you have any spare cryxies laying around let me know... I'm not to picky...as long as it's not a hell jack Also.. If you have any other WM stuff I'll listen... Mainly interested in Starters... But I'll listen to any offers. WarLord I some how got suckered into yet another game, and I would like some stuff for it If possible I'd like stuff from all the same army... not one fig from each one, if you know what I mean And last but not least, I can accept Paypal, but Perfer to trade... Let me know if anything intrests you! Thanks for looking!
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