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  1. Still this. But mostly the drakes... the only drakes available and being actively produced is the lone Rage Drake in the Wrath of Ashardalon board game. Before that all we had was the guard drake from the pre-painted Wizkids line. The price tag on these miniatures are horrendous currently. What I'm talking about is a very particular type of drake. One that can't be represented by a raptor or a basilisk. The types of drakes I'm referring to are bulky, four-legged, wingless and are used much like dogs by dragon cults. They resemble their chromatic dragon counterpart. I've been waiting on another line to make the move or reproduction for a few years now. I know many are wanting them for the purpose of mounts.
  2. I've been in desperate need of guard drakes/ambush drakes for a while and no miniature line has delivered. The closest substitutes are the basilisks and they're not very good ones. I also haven't seen any goliath or genasi miniatures and we need a better range of aasimar/celestials. We could also use some half-dragon miniatures that are actually half-dragons that would be clearly distinctive of dragonborn (tails and chromatic facial features are a huge difference!). Outside of my in-game needs, I would love to see reaper producing more terrain pieces.
  3. I'm wanting to know because I do want all the dreadmere themed stuff for a project, and I've already bought 2 dreadmere expansions. Am I already getting this model in bones and don't know it? Should I be planning to purchase this model after it's release even though it's in metal?
  4. The releases for August 6 are some of the fan favorite stuff from the Bones 4 KS including the bog skeletons. One of the models being released and marketed with them is the "Dreadmere Bog Witch." This model is not in the dreadmere expansion or fan favorites. Is this being made into the bones material and released with Dreadmere? If I want all the dreadmere themed stuff should I be looking for releases outside the expansion? Any clarification from Reaper staff would be much appreciated!
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