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  1. Close for colours, but a Gen too late for paint schemes, and wrong locomotive. Those ones are lovely, I see them all the time, but I greatly prefer some of the older styles. I'll have to find the actual one when I get home, hopefully I bookmarked it and all that.
  2. Bringing this over into random, as it's discussion... TTrack seems nice and all, but it works best with the ability to actually go out and about, while I want a nice switching setup. Well, okay, what I really want is mountains, a canyon, and the ability to run a loop or three, but I'm not converting the entire bedroom over into a full on setup. At least not in the apartment, anyways. Nah, what I want to do is probably about 18" deep, and 6-8' long. Basically a nice contained shelf layout, but with a number of things that can be done on it. Other problem though is finding actual space for such, as I'd have to rearrange a bunch of things to make it happen. I'd even consider O scale, but I prefer two rail so that's harder to pull off, and way more expensive. The biggest issue is a lot of the locomotives I'd want to run tend to be in the $3-400 USD range, which is annoying, but it's also because they're more niche with things. Mid 1980's to 2010's diesel, specifically CN. Yup, orange with zebra stripes locomotives... 😛 or the ones one of the local steel place uses, but I don't recall what they are just yet. But yeah, a big thing really is indecision on which scale. Love the look and feel of O, but HO and N are where the desired locomotives are.
  3. Cost of locomotives is what got me to say "gunpla is cheaper to get into" despite having wanted an N or HO set for ages. Okay, it's also easier to fit gunpla on a shelf than a HO shelf setup, because it doesn't take long for a 4' wide idea to become 8' wide...
  4. Oooooh, that's a nice looking set. They still doing the discount on previous sets for Patreon supporters?
  5. I used to read the Metro, but I don't think that exists in our area anymore. It was nice because a) it was free, b) there was a box I could get one at from my main bus stop, and c) if that box was empty my second stop had a physical person handing them out... Unfortunately the free papers died off a few years ago, they were nice for the commute but I generally avoid the newspapers these days because far too many do this... This. So much this. Especially the Edmonton Sun, who's editors will spew rather potent vitriol as "editorials" and try to hide a personal opinion as "mainstream opinions" or whatnot, and they're more than willing to ignore facts and reality itself if it doesn't suit their own agenda. Biggest reason though is most of their stuff is from aggregate sources that I've probably already heard from if it's relevant enough, and on top of it all we won't mention the prices. Coffee at Starbucks (or Tom Horton's) is cheaper most days..
  6. I'd say throw it in the sea, but the last thing we need to do is spread that fire to the oceans themselves...
  7. Probably Chrome, Discord, or Telegram mostly likely for most used. Paint rack is in there too, but definitely doesn't see anywhere near the use of those three. I don't consider anything to really be needed or a favourite, since updates can swing your opinion on something rather quickly, doubly so since so many updates your choice is update or it doesn't work (and then the update breaks three things that they sort of fix two days later with another update)
  8. I still love how so many are all Whooooo Molson Canadian! And I try not to mention many Canadians avoid it, because, well, yeah. It's not that great. 😛
  9. So, seems my Trident has been down for a month not for a wire break, but because of a slightly loose connector on the 14 pin toolhead connector. I'm not going to complain, as this means I can get the ball rolling on printed parts tomorrow. Did some basic moving around and it didn't seem to misbehave, so now it's just a case of seeing if me reseating three pins that had been tugged back somewhat solved the issue. If so, that'll make me a rather happy fox to say the least!
  10. Seems they forgot to send out the scheduled update on Friday?
  11. I have had aquariums in the past, but it was a combination of needing the space back, lights dying, and tank cracks that pretty much had me back out of the hobby - that and the maintenance. Ye gawds, the amount of maintenance even a freshwater tank has is astronomical... I was rather happy with the tanks I had... And if I had somewhere to put them, I'd probably have another go of it, but with different tanks. Previously, I had a 20 gallon tank that had a variety of Anubias plants in it and a few others. Generally this tank had guppies in it, but after a while dealing with live breeding fish became somewhat problematic. I wanted to turn it into a Cory cat and tetra tank, if I remember correctly, with some Kuhli loaches but I also wanted to give the loaches a wider run (24" wide tank doesn't give them much room to play). For the first few days there was a half moon betta splendis in there, but once he took a chunk out of the tail of one of the guppies I knew it wouldn't be a happy environment for the two to share, so Hunter got his own ten gallon tank. Hunter was not happy about the tank changing, but he adapted, and preferred the lower depth, as well as slower flow of the water, but he was cranky for a while that I didn't let him keep his favourite Anubias plant he liked sleeping on. Sadly, he got the swim bladder problem, lost most of his fins, and even with treatment he wound up passing on about two weeks later. Then there was Tyr, my punk rocker that was addicted to Mythbusters, and specifically the explosions. Crown tail betta that was orange with black spikes, although I strongly suspected those were dyed because a few weeks later all the black was gone. He was fairly happy in his ten gallon tank, even though it was a 16" cube if I remember correctly (Fluval Flora v1). He did well until his tank cracked right as I was about to head out to work, and he was not impressed with the sudden shock of being transferred from his usual tank to a five gallon bucket I had nearby, and didn't have time to fully adapt the temperatures between the two because hey, tank is kind of draining itself. All of my tanks were live planted, because I preferred such, they looked nicer, and my fish generally seemed to like being able to move about within, around, and on said plants. My shrimp also liked such! I'll see if I can find any pics in a bit... Paludarium... I'd love to build one, and/or a vivarium as well, but I'll want to be in an actual house first before embarking on such an endeavour, as I want to do a small approximation of a full on... Uh... Thing. Can't find words I'm trying to think of.
  12. Depends if its comics or cienmatic. If it's comics, they're both alright although I've no real preference between the two, or even favourites. If it's cinematic, DC is akin to my brain when it's being super squirrels, so Marvel kind of wins out there, even if it's become a case of I'm sick and tired of there being sooooooooo many movies, and how they're so intertwined you have to watch all eight gajillion of them to even have a basic idea of what movie four hundred and twenty three is even about. Or, in short, I generally have no preference between the two for comics, doubly so because back in the day I only had a small allowance, and felt comic books were too expensive, and these days it's some of the "mega fans" that are more akin to gatekeepers than anything... I did enjoy comics, especially the Spiderman ones you could get from the RCMP at special events back in the '90's, and also Batman, but that's back before the death of Superman series and various things like that. Far too much of the culture seems to revolve around collecting something that's written to be enjoyed, and never touching it, and that's just not my thing. As for cinematic universes, I've watched a few DC movies, and while I enjoyed some like Daredevil the first time, I haven't been able to rewatch them. The recent Marvels Avengers fifteen movies of doom of however many it was really started feeling like it was dragging on and/or Disney was just trying to keep a death grip on people's wallets after Doctor Strange, so I'm kinda bitter towards that set of movies, even though there were a few I rather enjoyed (Iron Man the first, Captain America, Doctor Strange, and probably a few more).
  13. Animal and Swedish Chef... For one's that aren't muppets, Oscar the Grouch!
  14. It begins, ahhh ha ha ha ha ha ha ha... LDO Voron 2.4 Rev 2 350mm kit (apparently Rev B, Batch 4 from LDO by the serial). Took a while to inventory things, especially the six bajillion machine screws.
  15. I think a part of it is how close it can skirt into modbat territory. Its a great question, just can veer into "mods have to speak or take action", but it's also one many tend to avoid due to just how.... Difficult (or even messy) such discussions can get. Thankfully a good amount of people are extremely understanding, it's just that small minority that tends to get vocal or even in your face given the slightest chance that can give many pause. It can be as divisive (or even more so) than topics such as politics or current events. For many people, religious and/or spiritual beliefs can mean a lot to them, while for just as many others it's more along the lines of how say the Japanese are with Buddhism, Shintoism, and others (aka elements of it may be a part of their daily routines, but they don't identify as being religious or spiritual).
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