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  1. Instant Pot is a brand name for what Crowley has already described the functions of. They're pretty handy devices. I want one so bad because of the variety of things they can do. Crock Pot is a brand of slow cooker (but like tissue paper and Kleenex, most people call slow cookers crock pots whether they're made by that company or not). Slow cookers are fairly easy to use, and are especially great for things like roasts, stews, and a variety of other things. Rumour is @TheAuldGrump is a master of the device around these parts.. Slow cookers you need to know one thing though: most are designed in a way nowadays that hi and low settings will eventually be at the same heat, it just takes longer on low. Mine for example will get to max temperature in 3.5 hours on hi, and 6 hours on low. Hi is handy for when you want something started at or just after lunch to be ready for supper, while low is handy for things like stew or a roast, since you want a slower cook time as the meat gets really tender. Actually, that's about how you use a slow cooker. You forgot the "start it before going to bed or going to work" step before instant meal, since most slow cooker recipes call for at least 3.5-4 hours of cooking time. The big thing that one wants to learn with a slow cooker is layering affects cook times.
  2. I used to read a LOT back in the day. Nowadays, I don't do it all that much, probably because I no longer have a nice, comfy chair to do such in...
  3. Hmmmm, I think I'll go relatively easy on goals for this month... - further progress on LAV-III - sculpting work on gnoll driver for Midnight Raid - finish editing photos I took over a week ago and actually post thrm - finish building Gunner Zaku Gundam (and maybe start some of the work I'm plotting for it) - continue work on Queen of Hell (would be great if I finished her this month)
  4. Hard to fault comfortable, utilitarian clothing that tends to last a while...
  5. For a month that my attentions wound up going elsewhere for various reasons (various errands, research, watching of some shows, playing of games, and also working on gunpla), I'm happy enough with having achieved "only" 1.5 goals. I say one and a half because while the LAV-III is close, there's at least one more coat to go before I can say it's ready to move further along to where I feel it will be "ready" to move onto other things (not gonna lie, kinda looking forward to weathering and all that). I really do want to get Queen of Hell finished up, but we shall see how everything goes. One of the biggest projects I wound up working and contemplating a LOT about is going to be temporarily set aside, since I really don't feel like overhauling half the living room, as well as most of the bedroom all in one swift motion. That and there are a few things a fox really, really, REALLY wants to get his paws on. Really looking forward to clearing up a bit more room on the assembly desk (which is soon to be my entire painting desk) to do some sculpting though. I want to get those various tasks done, as well as restart work on "Wyrmgear, A Synthetic Image".
  6. I've never heard the term "Monday Best", but if I weren't working, I would suspect it would be my usual comfy pair of pants (formerly a pair of Tripp NYC's or Ghasts, now, uhm... Hiking pants from Eddie Bauer) and a relaxed, loose fitting yet out of the way t-shirt (typically Fox or Under Armor). If it's work? It's work provided golf shirt and work provided black pants. I get to choose the colour of my socks and underwear, if that counts? (hint: socks are black, since that's what I wear as they don't get sweat stains in work boots) Can I arguably say I work from home? Waiting for them to call you back to work counts as "working from home" when you have to keep an eye on any inbound phone calls, right? I dress depending on how the weather is outside, but usually - at no surprise to anyone who read my earlier answer - it's relaxed but not too loose t-shirt and shorts. Pants only if it's too cold outside (I'm not fond of most pants), and I almost always have a hoodie at my disposal, with a thickness that depends on the season and forecast. Yes, I wear a hoodie in -30C weather. I'm usually wearing at least one liner inside said hoodie though!
  7. That looks gloriously foggy, with just the right amount of fog. And about two seconds before those birds decide to come bug you to see if you have food. Silly birds.
  8. Ooh, there's a stimulus thing from the provincial government, and depending on things I barely qualify (assuming vacation hours count. If they don't, I wouldn't have enough hours to count). Kind of hoping I do, despite being temporarily laid off, since a $1,200 cheque would be handy to receive. Not holding my breath on it, but yeah, it would be nice. I'm not sure where I fall with the vaccines, as AHS is still using vague terminology behind things, quite possibly due to them playing things a tad more carefully with timing. Much better to be able to roll things ahead sooner than originally stated, than have to do the press conference of "sorry, we didn't get enough, it's delayed". Cases seem to be slowly going down here in Alberta which is good, just a case of here's hoping it stays that way, as I know a number of people are getting rather restless about a lot of things. I am too, but I've pushed some of that energy more towards doing more things, like having finally taken up a more rigorous sanding regiment with my gunpla stuff (instead of just trimming down nibs, it then gets 600 and 1000 grit Tamiya sandpaper treatment, and next time I have spare cash I'm picking up sanding sponges). Sure is nice to be chewing through my gaming backlog, playing a number of games I've wanted to for years!
  9. Uh oh, sorry wallet. Just found out about resin conversion kits for gunpla, and several of them are downright gorgeous...
  10. Huh, plenty of good options out there, but it's hard to think of one that would truly work, and work well. There's obvious heavy metal options, but just to really mess with people I'd probably go with some sort of tektonic sonic.... I'll edit in a link when I get on my desktop.. Assuming I remember. EDIT: Okay, yeah, it was TekTek - Get Away I was thinking of, but that just won't do, so... Screw it, we'll go with the song that still TO THIS DAY is my ring tone, and a good portion of the chorus has been for like six or seven years on my phone.... Aesthetic Perfection - A Nice Place to Visit. Strong visuals (blood, swearing, general nsfw stuff) My ringtone confuses sooooooo many people whenever someone calls me! Yeah, not gonna lie, it's one of my top three favourites Daniel has done. Other possible contenders would probably be Funker Vogt - Hard Way, or Combichrist - Sent to Destory Funker Vogt - Hard Way. CONTENT WARNING: Flashlight lights, as well as alcoholism Combichrist - Sent to Destory. Lot of flashing in this one. Oooooh, totally forgot about this one. Hard to find one on YouTube that isn't compressed to all sin, but this is one of the better versions I've found of RodiStyle - Can't Touch This (Radio Edit): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=238vCFvDc7k Don't use a hobby knife when tired, doubly so if you've recently installed a sharp blade in it. Struggling and squirming? That's a cat in a blanket, the vixens guarding him got bored, and locked him in a nice forge room.
  11. Unlimited data is sooo handy. I still can't believe it was only three years ago or so that I had the rep be all "whyever would you want unlimited data" ... Until she saw our regular usage, and now it's so much higher. Partially due to just how large games are now, but streaming at 1440p adds up after a few days, doubly so when two people are doing it alongside gaming. 300/15 is something the reps tried to tell me wasn't handy, but it sure is helpful where a 3GB "small" update goes out for a game - the connection pulls it reasonably quickly, so its only a few extra minutes if you include the installation of the update... Rrrf, we don't even pay $95 a month for 300/15. I wonder when they'll try and upsell us on "blazing fast" fibre again. Don't get me wrong, I'd love to get it, but I suspect our old building wouldn't be able to handle it, which kinda sucks. It is stupidly fast though, but I don't quite see us needing that kind of power all too often, doubly so since the gateway/router isn't exactly an upgrade for us - I would need dedicated networking hardware to keep everything connected since it only has two ports.
  12. Meanwhile, here in Alberta I can't go any faster for internet due to living I nan old building. Telus will gladly try and offer me their 1Gbps service, and Shaw is all "we can swap you... Oh wait, old building"... I just wish they hadn't downgraded the upload. 300Mbps down is great, but 15 upload is terribly slow when you're backing up stuff. I'd love it to be at least twice that..
  13. Last night Environment Canada said it would be -7C as a high today. It's currently -17C with a -26C windchill. I have a distinct suspicion we won't be reaching the originally mentioned weather today
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