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  1. WhiteWulfe

    Reaper Bones 5 : Enthusiasm and Commentary Thread

    Sadly some of us live in condos, where doing that gets you kicked out thanks to one person overspraying and painting a portion of the back step Chaos Black... Hence why I'm working towards saving up for a full on airbrush setup for my next birthday... (yup, I could be buying a new camera, or lenses, but nope, I want my airbrush way more!)
  2. Every now and then I've seen people start up a WIP thread that's more or less along the lines of "clean the shelf of (blank)". For me, it's of hopes and dreams, of projects started, but not quite realized, finished, or... Even painted. This isn't necessarily going to be one of those more serious minivember, one mini a day, or even a burn towards the finish line to actually "complete" the one a week RPChallenge, uh, challenge. That and while I'd love to do minivember or even 99 minis in 99 days both of those seem a tad too... Intense for me. Especially with how often I get distracted from such with playing computer games, longer days at work, or even starting to have a social life! (Yeah, some of the Infinity gamers in town are starting to slowly coax me into coming out to play and do things, it's kind of nice!) To meet my own goal this year of beating 2018's count, I'd need another "14 points". Coincidentally, that's fairly close to the mark of 18 for October through December, so I figure why not! ...I guess I am going for the RPChallenge bit after all, but I'm going to give a whirl at a full twenty, because I like that number more than 14 or 18! In short, my goal is to try and clear some of the assembled and primed backlog I have, and focus on mainly getting those painted up and FINISHED. Naturally I'm not going to lock out the prospect of adding in a few more minis to the table (I am more than likely going to be building up a tournament HaqqIslam force for February 2020, which will require more units to be acquired, assembled, and painted), but as for some of the things that come to mind for being taken care of... Getting Wyrmgear's mods sculpted - I really would like to see him at least standing up at the end of the year Additional work on my Rainbow Dragon Challenge Ebonwrath - he's taking up a decent amount of space on my desk, plus, hey, DRAGON! Infinity Red Veil, and Beyond Red Veil boxed set - at least the HaqqIslam portion, anyways, although I'd like to at least get the Yu Jing assembled and based too Various CAVs in various states Other, smaller dragons! (Pathfinder Red Dragon, Temple Dragon, and I think I have a Narthrax hiding around somewhere too) minotaurs, gnolls, and some Skaven character/heroes A few minis that have become "paint catchers" for when I mix up too much There's probably more, but still. I'm not going to keep a full on tally of things, but either way, I'm hoping to work on, and finish, at least 14 "points" worth of minis, but 18 "points" would be awesome... Or even more. Apparently, as of this post, there are ten weeks and four days until the end of 2019. What am I mostly aiming for by doing this thread? Well, by having a WIP I'm regularly updating, I'm hoping to not only get more work done close to every day on miniatures (even if it's just twenty minutes), but also get back into the habit of sitting down and hobbying every day. I really do like how relaxed I am when doing it, and it helps me cool and calm down too. That and, oh yeah, I already mentioned the habit thing. Anyways, I did mention something else in the beginning of all of this about something silly, well... Let's put it this way.... ^I was okay with some of them trying to teach others how to "roll over" and "play dead", even if it meant my Switch is a little harder to get to.... I was even okay with some of them guarding one of my spare graphics cards, and the Mission Models iridescent and pearl paints... ^Yup, even didn't really mind them taking over a shelf in my cube shelf (there are more minis hiding in the ice cream pail, they're in there due to having been washed) - Actually, this helped kickstart me being able to paint again, since ALL of those were on my desk before tidying up... But once you try and hold my benching rig hostage.... Or you try to do dark rituals around my turntables... Oh no, this needs to be stopped. if I let them continuing running amok, they'll try and take over the entire living room! (there were additional pics, but it kind of felt like things were dragging on). ^So... Here's how my desk looked last time I tidied it up. It looks a little different, and somewhat messier now, but that's because I have a few projects on the go that I was working on before this post. Not all of the minis in that picture are mine (the Pathfinder Red Dragon belongs to hubby, for example) but still. There's a decent amount of stuff on the table, to say the least. ^So here's where I left off two days ago - I apparently didn't take a picture of yesterday's table, but there were two more Haqq minis done, and I suspect that's also simply because we played Division 2 for like two hours yesterday, then I worked on minis, then I went to bed rather tired... ^And how things are looking so far today. All seven minis from the Operation: Red Veil started set are now assembled (although they'll be an eighth one added in eventually due to having been sent a double by accident - Corvus was quick and prompt when replying on their mispack line... Err, email), and bases for the three miniatures from Beyond Operation: Red Veil are drying, so they'll be assembled tomorrow. The reason why the seventh guy doesn't have anything extra on his base yet is quite simply because I'd assembled him tonight. I'm not quite sure what kind of colours I'll be going with on my Haqq, but I strongly suspect they won't really be all that traditional, or at least studio paint jobs. Totally lost on what colours I'll be going with for the Oathsworn Minotaur as well, but I'll worry about that when I get to that front - today's focus was assembly and basing.
  3. WhiteWulfe

    Reaper Bones 5 : Enthusiasm and Commentary Thread

    I wonder if it will be like last time, where it's a limit of ten per order... I'd like to stockpile bases this go-around, including sizes I figure "I'll never use". I've had a few bases only orders in the past because of thinking such thoughts... Corvus Belli, and even Reaper would beg to differ - a number of Bones V minis were released in metal long before the Kickstarter fulfilled. And Infinity models are only available in metal, same as everything from Oathsworn. Resin minis are gorgeous though. Love my 28mm Dictator B...
  4. Yeah, I say very flawed logic. That's like judging someone wearing black as evil because omg, black ish evilzorz! ....Says the guy who usually plays characters that don't mind a bit of dirty work if it has to happen, and has a goatee that's of decent length.
  5. WhiteWulfe

    Getting to Know You, October 2019

    Depends on what part we go by. Top of the head and bangs? Long enough it tickles the upper lip on occasion. Back is shoulder length. Mmmm, "dirty" mohawks are awesome, doubly so since I found a way of concealing into a more or less work approved hairstyle! I call it "dirty" because it's more like a done up hyena mohawk than a more punk styled one. It's a tad long to do up as a mohawk though, at least without some serious gunk. Probably going to dial it back to 2.5-3" in length, so I can do it up in the evenings/weekends without having to resort to three or four steps to keep it up (and an hour in the shower to get it all out after) On the flipside though, I like my fluffy, long hair, so it's hard to say.
  6. Did you get red dice as well? Hubby claimed one pack of the earbuds, my package had two. I'm also rather curious as to the colour that this sample dries into. I should probably try it out at some point.
  7. Ahhh, let me introduce you to what the Canadian Revenue Agency did a decade ago... You walk in, it's pretty much a row of phones now instead of people in their offices... I'd show a photo, but I try to avoid the pink palace. ....For those that don't know about it, we call Canada Place here in Edmonton, Alberta the "pink palace" due to the window coating they went with on that government building... https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Canada_Place_(Edmonton)
  8. How..... How does an office run out of coffee? O_o ...Says the guy who's job it is to make sure such never happens with his customers - well, I move all the boxes and put things away, I don't do any ordering, cleaning, or servicing of machines....
  9. WhiteWulfe

    Reaper Bones 5 : Enthusiasm and Commentary Thread

    I was going to be all "my estimates show closer to $150 CAD to cross the border" but then I remembered you guys have PST and we don't... Wow. Winning that would be awesome, but also kind of painful if assessed at full value, even if it were a prize winning.
  10. I think I'll try and work something out once all the Kickstarter madness has ended - it's probably the safer option! Oooooooooooh, that's a decent amount of boxes, to say the least.
  11. WhiteWulfe

    Reaper Bones 5 : Enthusiasm and Commentary Thread

    This is something they really should put in an official update, and also update the render that's used for the encounter. Their own updates (each and every one of them) states that official info is conveyed only through Kickstarter updates. Glad to hear there will be a Chronoscape expansion. Hopefully it's not a ton of dinos >.>;;;;
  12. WhiteWulfe

    Getting to Know You, October 2019

    Oh yeah... Alternate answer for today: my project for the next quarter is to... Work on finishing the dozen or so projects I've started. So yeah, besides Red Veil, BattleTech, and the current CAVs I own, I'm not allowing myself to really add anymore minis until the end of December, simply because, well, I actually do have a shelf of unfinished hopes and dreams now. And it has a decent amount of minis in it, but having taken them off my desk has allowed me to get a LOT more done every time, not to mention allow a more guilt free "sit down and just paint" alongside rarely having decision indecision to deal with... I suspect I'll allow a few from the 3rd CAV Kickstarter when that comes in though, because Haunts are GORGEOUS.
  13. WhiteWulfe

    Your Kickstarter list. How you doing?

    My current list... CAV SO III: Will be getting the shipping invoice soon. It's running a little behind its planned Sept 2019 delivery, but I'm not worried at all. Looking forward to all the goodies! BattleTech Clan Invasion: Went in at $300, making it my biggest one to date. Currently waiting on pledge manager to open. Wave 1 shipping is set to be March 2020, with wave 2 being later. Bones V: I'm in at the moment for $25 due to funds being tight, but hoping to increase it before Kickstarter ends. I suspect this one will get a lot more while the pledge manager is open, but it probably won't be as high as what I'll spend over on BattleTech minis.
  14. Acquired: replacement mini that wasn't in my Operation: Red Veil boxed set. Had two of the same guy in the box, but they're sending me the missing one, wooohoo! Also acquired: the box including Reaper Live winnings I was drawn for a little while ago, with stickers, a mouse pad, and a bottle of sample paint too!
  15. WhiteWulfe

    Getting to Know You, October 2019

    I'm working on a few things, but the current "sort of priority" is my HaqqIslam starter set that came in the Operation: Red Veil boxed set. ^Disassembled guy is actually assembled now, but I can't exactly take a pic of that at this moment. There's also two minotaurs I need to take pics of due to progress, several CAVs, and even some BattleMechs on the table too, although the mechs are still in their blisters... But not for too too long! EDIT: Okay fine. Night mode pics so I don't have to try and deal with harsh reflections from the lights this early in the morning... ^Infinity HaqqIslam guys (2x Ghulam, 1x Khawarij, 1x Fasid) and Oathsworn's Minotaur from the Heroines In Sensible Shoes line ^77013 Minotaur from Reaper. I'll take better pics when I get home after work and am actually fully awake, but odds are they'll be posted to their respective threads since most of those threads could use a bit of an update ^_^;;;;