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  1. Whooo, I can book my second vaccine starting the end of this month (so probably sometime mid to late July I'll actually get it), and then.. Oh yeah. Alberta is doing a lottery to coax more into getting vaccinated, three draws for a million dollars, and then... Well, watch me win one of the Jasper getaways or a $20 Subway gift card if I snag anything from it... Rather brash of them to make the first one open for only a short time window when some people have had their appointments cancelled twice because of various reasons. We're hoping third time's the charm for hu
  2. The silly and playful mini-dragon ones they seem to have morphed into I rather like.
  3. For me, I'd argue I'm somewhere in the middle. As someone who lives in a small one bedroom apartment, you can only cram in so much stuff before it becomes an issue. I also rely on my two feet (and the bus, or Uber if I'm feeling fancy and am willing to spend $30-50 on transportation), which means anything I bring has to be of reasonable size, as well as weight. I don't host at my place despite technically having the space to play, simply because with thin walls and excitement it's hard to keep voices to a reasonable level, especially during heated or critical moments. However,
  4. Edmonton is rather boring, but likes to try and hype itself up like it's this big, bustling place, with a downtown that totally isn't dead, and that they've had half a dozen revitalization projects over the past three decades to make it not dead. Yeah, good luck with that, it's stupid expensive, there's no parking, and it's built heavily around the 9-5 environment, so so many things close by 5pm... We do have the world's largest tourist trap, aka West Edmonton Mall...
  5. I'm still amazed at just how many hear the buzzers go off... And do absolutely nothing. Or the guy who called property management instead of emergency services... I'm growing rather tired of being one of the only people who when buzzers go off, tries to figure out what's going on, and then take action. Yes, it's probably a false alarm, it's a sixty year old building, and some aspects like to randomly act up. Yup, even at 3am. Even in -20C weather. But call in the people with the skills and gear to be able to verify its a false alarm - they would much rather respond to a false
  6. It seems a lot of my projects are around that stage... I have several in the "almost done, just requires a little bit more love" such as... - Queen of Hell - Mystic Circle What probably falls around the halfway done area would be my terrain from Global Evil Corp, as well as the sculpting in my Wyrmgear.
  7. When I was working? Not really, because I had weekly customers, so it was usually relatively easy to figure out what day it was. Now? I kind of rely on YouTube to know if it's Monday or Friday (Tom Scott video on Monday, Bad Gear is Friday), and Twitch for Tues/Thurs/Sun (ThunderheadStudio). Oh yeah, Twitch for Monday (Walter's Workshop and Teelsikire) and Wed as well (Walter's Workshop, as well as Corvus Oculum). I do try to remember what day it is, but right now I have no real reason to pay such close attention (except every second Friday to fill out paperwork).
  8. Hubby is bestest hubby.... He picked me up a few things.... ^Industria Mechanika Rook ^Zero Gravity Judge (photo borrowed from Shokunin Gunpla's website) - Aug/September pre-order
  9. Here's hoping they bring in 55mm and 70mm bases then... As well as that, what was teased a while back, cobblestone ones?
  10. A particular one doesn't necessarily come to mind, although I could playfully say Dragons Don't Share 2.... What I really want to get is that Dream Pod 9 Kodiak, but wowee those are expensive, and I want one with a VHAC (Very Heavy Autocannon) instead of the particle cannon... I honestly can't think of a mini that I have that I'm particularly fond of yet is out of production, since I haven't really collected all that many older ones... If you didn't know, ThunderheadStudio has been steadily redoing a lot of the Dougram ones and has been posting them on
  11. For some reason, it feels weird to be excited about how I very well could be having a bunch of new bookshelves in the house soon, and a new painting desk (I desperately need a sturdier, higher one). But.. It will still be a nice thing, to say the least.
  12. Usually? Sleep in somewhat. Probably because I was up later on fri/sat nights... Assuming Monday to Friday job..
  13. Pretty much my stance on it. So long as I get it before October, I'm good.
  14. I'd say it isn't cheating at all. Computational algorithms as well as HDR are rather handy, especially for wanting a quick no fuss picture that looks good. Phones also have the benefit of typically having a larger depth of field, making the acquisition of a fully focused mini arguably easier. For me though, I'm not really a fan of the oversharpened and saturated look a lot of mobile phones tend to have, and I much prefer the skin and metal tones from the camera photo. I am also the kind of guy who likes having quick, easy access to almost all of my settings on dials though, and
  15. I want to say turkey, because there's less poop, it doesn't reek, and doesn't stain concrete.. But a goose means there'd be a lot fewer people walking up and down the hallway... Canadian geese are nasty buggers.
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