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  1. Indeed. Deli sandwiches are some of the favourite prey I've heard...
  2. I managed something earlier, but it still seems rather hit or miss.
  3. Supposedly there's a few of them in the city, but annoyingly they're all in annoying to get to places, so I don't really pop in for much other than to pick up a few things I want to get my paws on (and have typically put in an online order for). Taps appears to be doing well, same with Red Claw, and there are others, but some of them are in weird areas (Industrial Park Games) so I've never actually gotten to check them out. There's also Mission Games, but they're a city over, so I tend to just do online ordering with them. Sure would be nice if we had one closer to the center of town.... This is where I was going to complain about how one is SORT OF nearby, but not easily accessible by bus but apparently they moved a few months ago, and are now reasonably close to home...
  4. What the previoualy mentioned stickers look like... Sticker of Bailey conveniently partially covered by one of the Warning stickers. Yes, the character's name is indeed "Warning". I probably could show the full sticker, but yanno, just in case.
  5. Well, you are an engineer, so.... No. Not weird.
  6. Nope, no dice. Still getting error -200 when trying to upload a file.
  7. It all depends on the day, but if it's a weekday I can pretty much guarantee it's whatever I packed 😛 I'd probably get a house first. I'd rather not acquire a bunch of minis and then have to pack them all, then unpack... But it probably would be that Master Grade Kodiak from Dream Pod 9 that I've wanted for 25 years. It's my backlog, my shelf of inspiration. I'm painting it!
  8. Yay, forum decided to verify I'm human (I'm a fox, but whatever) and finally let me add this photo!
  9. Whoooo! Got my stickers in that I'd ordered from an artist. So looking forward to putting Warning on my oil palette, as well as another of the artist's characters on there (that I couldn't resist picking up because of what I've been mainly painting in oils). Also acquired three more Mythomorphia calendars, because I want to do the Anubis pic three different ways
  10. Still getting the same Error -200. Edit: on mobile I now get a progress bar that tries to fill out, and then a few seconds later it gives the error.
  11. I definitely like it's auto-supports. They aren't perfect, but they're definitely a good starting point. I also love the various different islands you can have. I tend to prefer Lychee over Chitubox, but Lychee does have some odd behaviours, like the random extra things it adds in to hollowed files for some reason...
  12. Still constant error codes for me. No luck on desktop (Windows 10, Chrome) or mobile (Android, Chrome).
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