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  1. Yeah, food allergies really do suck, especially lactose and gluten, although soy is in a lot of things too. The biggest thing I'm using them for is, well, it's a lot easier to come back from a long day at work and just pull out the ingredients and start cooling. That and hey, trying out things we really never would've tried otherwise. It's also making things like planning out what we will be having for food a lot easier, and hubby definitely likes it because he gets much more of a say in things.... And pasta isn't "omg boring!" it's more along the lines of something he'd actually eat. Definitely glad to hear so many have had a good experience with them though! I won't lie, it would be neat if we had some of the less expensive ones here in Canada, but I suspect the country being rather widespread doesn't quite help with that. Sounds like a fun box of foods
  2. Hello fresh does have the option to specify no shellfish in your preferences, but that typically only affects what is initially chosen/recommended. They do process most thiggs in the same facility though, so serious allergies they strongly recommend not to order. For us, if it's anything more than bread crumbs, yeah, we won't touch that recipe (we always have panko bread crumbs in the place since I use them in a number of things, and they usually can be found unseasoned, and without soy). Sucks we can't get the tacos though, since the tortillas have soy - it's probably soybean oil, but... Better to be safe than sorry, because if it were soy flour that wouldn't be a good time afterwards.. So far it's been good, but I'm only one box in. Naturally I'll have to see how it all plays out over the next month or so.
  3. Yup, it's an easy mixup Hope your DAW gets back to good behavior soon :)
  4. Such is definitely good to hear! We've had one box from Chef's Plate so far, and while we did indeed enjoy the food we got, I've been curious to try out the various ones that are on the market. I'm not going to lie, I definitely like how Hello Fresh it's more a case of having to narrow down which ones we will get because they all sound so lovely, whereas right now Chef's Plate it's easy to just order every two weeks because the menu doesn't really catch our attention anywhere near as much (after the initial allergies narrow the list down). Sure, it's a tad more expensive (doubly so if you pick some of the ones that add an extra $12 to the box's price), but selection alongside them having a lot more info regarding allergies sways me a decent amount... That and by the sounds of it portions are larger - tacos come with a side salad, for example. Only thing that "sucks" is we will have to wait a week and a half for our first box, because we missed the cutoff, but that's okay, as it allows us to still have room in the fridge for other things too
  5. Assassin's Creed Origins is in the plans for most of the weekend, so I suspect I won't be getting all that much done for the next few days. If something were to happen for any kind of plans though, I do still intend on painting some minis, quite possibly some terrain as I want to experiment a bit more with all those primary colours I got from Mission Models - that and I want some painted terrain! ...I also really want to get the last few things built from my Global Evil Corp and Warsenal orders assembled! There's also finding permanent places in our apartment for the last two Rubbermaid storage totes, so I can finally clear the full way for our gaming table
  6. Y'know, picking just four items out of 22 to go in the box is difficult, doubly so when half the items are ones that sound really, really tasty... Yes, I'm trying out a second meal box of doom thingy (Hello Fresh this time), because I figure why not... That and omg, not only do they list the common allergens, they actually break it down to which items they're in, which is really REALLY nice to see... So nice to see "soy is in this!" followed by opening it up, and it's only in the bread crumbs, so they're something easily (and cheaply) substituted on our end... It's also nice to not have 15 items to choose from and only three of them are safe - so much nicer when at most four or five are things we can't have due to allergies... Yup, I know it's a pricy thing to do, but that's where discount codes are handy, and we're mainly doing it to try out things we would never normally try... And will probably stop doing it after a few months and a decent collection of recipes we liked has been collected Really does help on days where you're tired, had a long day, or just want to have options to look forward to though...
  7. So, hubby did some investigating about our favourite coffee place... Turns out it wasn't the pandemic that wound up killing it off - they had decided back in February after a long deep thought through the winter (all three owners) that they were going to close the place down, and pursue other creative endeavours, so... While it sucks I don't have my coffee place to go to anymore, at least they went out on their own terms, which is a good thing.
  8. Well, if you're in the northern hemisphere. If you're in the southern, Polaris is pretty useless.
  9. They seem weird at first, and then you get busy painting and suddenly realize you've been using it for a few hours, and your hubby laughs when you say that... At least that's how my experience has been. Really could go for a stability bar of some kind on it, but I have found mine to be reasonably useful.
  10. I'm going to jokingly say "buy my new cell phone in the store" since you technically can do that right now, but they don't have any demo phones out, so it's a lot harder to see if they're a good fit for your hand or not... Arguably I prefer to draw using pencil and paper over a tablet, but that's because of the cost - I know eventually I'm getting a tablet. I suppose film photography is there too, as something I enjoy, but the big problem I run into is that it's actually kind of expensive to do such these days, typically costing around $22 CAD all in for 36 exposures.
  11. Believe it or not, most of the work I do on my miniatures is done with Winsor and Newton Scepter II Golds, typically of the 101 (round) and 606 line (flat) lines. Like any synthetic (or hybrid) brush, they can and will hook over time, but since they still hold a point when doing such I wind up turning any brush that does such into a crevice or tight area brush, so they're still used regularly. Come to think of it, I get my dry brushes from Dollarama, I think in $2 packs, possible $2.50 for a few (four or five). My Winsor and Newton Series 7 usually only sees use for smaller details, because I find that the size 0 doesn't quite hold as much paint as I'd like, which is why I'm looking at getting some larger brushes in that line... I do like the Series 7, but I've slowly been gaining a preference for larger brushes for most of my work, and will probably be moving over to have size 1 and 2 as my main brushes. Many thanks for the compliment, but I'm definitely keeping my brushes.. Although I have been known to take up the finger painting RPChallenge on occasion, as it's a fun challenge to do! Additional playful response to brush confiscation: I have even more in the mail headed my way, odd as such may sound (I'm slowly working up to three sets - one for priming and terrain, one for my detail stuff, and one for larger scale miniatures... Coincidentally, each set being at its own desk...)
  12. Well now... Uh... Uhm.... I'm always complaining about minotaurs having all sorts of annoying things added in like skulls, severed heads, etc, and nothing that just shows off their raw power.... .... This will mess with some of my current plans, but screw it, I so have to put my money where my mouth is on this one...
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