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  1. I know the feeling. I've only purchased one set of stl terrain files (HexHog's original Kickstarter), but odds are I'll add in several more before I even buy the kit for the printer I want...
  2. Well, there's the Andromeda... Red Dwarf ain't bad either, neither is the one who's name I can't remember from MST3K... But I'm going to go with the Heart of Gold from Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy, because it can literally make you get space sick and throw up YARN.
  3. Nothing really comes to mind, believe it or not.
  4. You sure that just isn't typical Thursday boot smell?
  5. So they sent out an Emergency Alert today... Province is bringing in new restrictions as of tomorrow (the 16th), with additional measures coming on the 20th. Naturally there's a link to get your totally-not-a-vaccine-passport QR code, and of course the site is being absolutely SLAMMED, with queues of over 60k people. Edit: probably going to be a lot of complaints about how there are now serious restrictions if you aren't vaccinated in the plans (they're giving people about six weeks, plus the $100 incentive that isn't being backdated...), and now a lot of things are closed or hea
  6. Uhhh... Some of the other drivers at the new job. That and another job I applied to apparently tried calling and then texting me while I was at work. Sure, they'll pay more than my current one (a whopping $5.23/hour more) but it would be courier work, and I kind of.... Don't want to do that (I only applied there as, y'know, another job to apply to). Yeah, it would be another $300ish per cheque, but it's also courier work, ehich means you're dead tired come Friday...
  7. Uhm, in all honesty? I can't really think of someone that comes to mind, so since I have a magical, mystical time vortex thingy I'm also going to assume I can have others from the present here with me, and even though it's 12 days early, I'd pick my uncle, and have all the close family there too. I'd get my ride in his plane, and they'd get to say an actual proper goodbye, and he'd get to say important things to them too. ... Like dad jokes. Yknow what, maybe it wasn't the best pick, but whatever, I'm sticking with it. Just make sure it's
  8. Accidentally? Even dad's caught on I do it deliberately to irk her, especially when she's pushed too far on something that isn't her business. ~~ On another note, someone in the Voron Discord does airplane work in the Netherlands, and when someone asked what they were certified in... The answer was "Certified Break Taker". When I told my dad this, being a Director of Maintenance at an air ambulance / VIP airline, and liking the idea of living there playfully said "so, uh, where do I send my resume? I'd love that job"
  9. We're now up to provincial counts of over 1,500 new cases a day, have over 600 in the hospital, and 154 in ICU... And still no new or additional measures brought in. With these metrics, the old system would have us right back to various things closed with just take-out an option, and many measures in place. Oh, the things I'd love to type here regarding that, but I'll just say it's not fun watching the current response be a wait and see approach.
  10. Probably the one that was sent to me for an exchange. It's gorgeous, and treasured. Aside from that, probably the gnoll I finished some time ago. No pics handy, I'm on mobile, and playing catchup. I got a job on the other end of town, that's kind of new for me (I usually try to have work relatively close). If that doesn't count, uhm.... We did some other things with our Mac and cheese? Having done ninja excursions to ikea many times, I know this to be doable. Nowhere near as fun as doing the full walk through and "magically" coming home with a
  11. Almost got out on time today. That's surely a sign of the apocalypse! :p ...Not going to complain about almost six hours of overtime on my cheque already though, it will help things out fairly well (aka make things balance out and get back to the budgets and spare monies I want to have faster)
  12. Congrats! I know how that feeling can be, having technically gone through nine months of it (six temporarily laid off, three actually laid off)
  13. O_o Where did the weekend go, I didn't even get like half the things I wanted to do done... Oh well, such is life. Kind of nice to a) know what day it is (more or less) and b) look forward to weekends again. Going to take a few weeks to get back to bring used to planning time appropriately in order to get everything done though.
  14. Awww, my Zero Gravity Judge probably won't make it into Canada this month... Of course, once I read that I actually breathed a sigh of relief, because now that I'm working it's taking me a lot longer to finish gunpla kits, so clearing a hole in the storage shelf will take a while longer... I just hope I finish Wing Zero by then >.>;;;; Soooooo many small parts!
  15. It is nice, but at the same time it's mainly due to a preference on spending money on the now (or next couple of weeks) than it is on the promise of something 1+ years away. That and I have a decent amount of stuff in the backlog, and am running out of places to store things.
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