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  1. Fairly certain I've only got the two active ones so far... - Red Grass Games v2 Studio XL wet palette. They claimed October 2021 delivery, the XL v2 first run just recently went into production, so it feels more like I'll see it October 2022 if lucky. Not sure I'll back them again, as I didn't go for like three other things because of how adamantly they were saying they'd have things much sooner during and after the campaign (and then the super slow communication) - Bones V (April 2024). Waiting on pledge manager. Not quite sure what I'll be getting just yet other than Hakir and the new paints. More than likely adding next week: - Burrows & Badgers. No mentioned delivery time yet, but given previous Kickstarter they'll post a time 4-6 months after it ends, and most backers will have the minis in their hands a month before.
  2. Hakir does indeed seem interesting, as do the paints. Haven't thought much else about the other things yet. Too many things that are of interest are lashed into the core set, so I'm hoping they get broken out.
  3. I'd wonder what kind of treats were used to get a bearded dragon into a plastic cup, and why the beardie hasn't just freed itself yet... Are there lizards here? I'd bet there's all kinds if you go a few hours south and a little bit east. All sorts of things jn the Badlands.
  4. Correction: Since I totally missed it despite it being in the pic, it goes live on the 31st, which is indeed a Tuesday ^_^;;;
  5. I agree. It's going to be tough to decide how many to get this time... I know the armoured snake for some reason is rather interesting to me..
  6. Isn't that the summoning ritual for the new release daemons though?
  7. Ooof, Archvillain Games had something so, so, soooo close that I'd want for June... Aaaaaand then sadly it seems it's only available in an undead form, with a decent amount of skulls. Email had me excited, but then seeing the main big figure on screen just... Oh well, wallet's seeing enough hits this next month!
  8. A new project from Oathsworn goes live on Tuesday. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/oathsworn/burrows-and-badgers-the-streets-of-new-castle
  9. Oh yeah, I love those foam squares. They're so useful I have four in regular use - two for my glues, and two for the decal solutions. Eventually I'll get a few more, for when I decide to give in to the dark side and try out the Mr Weathering bottles as well, as they have a purple filter and I'm curious (and I like trying out new products anyways)
  10. Fennec as well as swift fox... Although many will be confused by the "baby fox" that's actually an adult aaaaand the cried it makes. They're rather talkative foxes. Well, fennecs anyways, no word on the swift fox.
  11. Happy birthday hun! Love the pic you chose for him
  12. There's nothing quite like getting to sit down and work on something you've wanted to for a while.. Finally getting waterslides on my Master Grade Strike Rouge! Playfully also broke in one of my wet palettes, but odds are it won't see paint as its just too small for my taste (surface for such is barely 3.5x6"), but it's plenty of space for waterslides... I do have to say though. The DL Decals are alright, but I definitely prefer ones from Delpi Decal, as they not only have more (and crisper) detail, but they're a lot nicer to work with.
  13. Silly side of me is all "I dunno, I'd prefer paint to be shipped in June versus April" but that's just the silly side of me. ^_^;;;
  14. Acquired: the base kit for previously mentioned Dom Tropen conversion kit, although looking back I wish I'd gotten the Dom as it comes with more weapons, but oh well. The Rick Dom is a neater one, and has the Beam Bazooka! Also acquired: three more action base 5's, as I was getting a bit low (I think I was down to just 5)
  15. I agree. Lack of consistent communication across all platforms is something that had me back out of the Base Boss 2 Kickstarter, and I spent a good two weeks debating about whether or not to put money into Bones 6. I eventually left the money in, but it's saddening to see so many cool options that could have been, things Reaper is known for putting out awesome versions of, and we never even got to try and unlock them. What's weird though is they continue to maintain that any and all official information is only through the Kickstarter updates, but they will do a ton of teasing through Twitch (or Facebook) yet ignore all the other things out there that could genuinely help push the Kickstarter campaign further. It would have been neat to have a Twitch reveal, and then a few hours later a Kickstarter update with "hey, we're considering this sculpt, tell us your thoughts on it", which would allow the live "exclusivity" of Twitch, but also hit the rest of the target market. This time around felt kind of weird to me, because a trend had been set with previous campaigns, with a decent amount of large sized models, yet this time we didn't get much at all of such.
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