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  1. Mine today totally forgot to deliver the milk they picked up, and delivered broken eggs. Was expecting a bit of a fight from Instacart, but it was an instant refund for both items. I still have to go out and actually buy the milk now, but still. I definitely have to agree though, hate it when they make substitutions or changes without letting you know, and then the company is all "well, what's the problem?" and my reply is "this is why I have substitutions picked out, with additional instructions of 'if you can't find either, just refund the line' ". I'm not going to make a shopper go through all the options AND all of the ingredients. I had one protest when I actually declined substitutions that didn't make sense, and one was one we don't bring into the house due to allergies. I prefer doing such too, but I've pretty much no choice myself. It's either that or walk on an injured leg, and hope I don't slip on ice on the way back - or get hit by a driver that isn't paying attention to pedestrians.
  2. No plans to carve or even buy pumpkins here. Don't own a vehicle, so I'm not hauling a heavy fragile thing that far.. Or paying the Instacart driver to do such for me. As for pumpkin spice, I used to like the ones from Starbucks five years ago, but then they changed something and it went from irresistible to "what on earth is this..." for me...
  3. With how that's written, my suspicion is either SeaRail the vehicle (or equivalent, aka rail transported vehicle) or sell at current place, then buy a replacement upon arrival in new place.
  4. For some reason I'm having trouble finding threads where others have done it, but here's how I handled it: https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/79843-wymrgear-a-synthetic-image-reaper-77177/ I went for three pins in mine though, since I was planning on tripling the weight of the wings. I really should pick that project back up again >.>;;;
  5. I just realized with how some plans are going right now, I'll be ripping apart my painting areas all over again in short order - probably within a few weeks... But it'll be worth it - more space on the assembly desk, a more than likely airbrushing area, and double the storage for various things.. So I'll be able to separate large, longer term projects and my assembly area
  6. Okay, but you "asked" for it - My gaming table! (that's currently storage for numerous things as we re-arrange the living room) - My gaming rig, JägerWulfe, even if this setup is going to be changing soon... (pic not available, but it's a 21.5/27/21.5" monitor setup, with a 4770K, 16GB DDR-32400, RTX 2080, and various other things) - Various flow stuff! - Nights without clouds, or snow falling down~! - A local deli that's epic! (DeRose Brothers) And, behind the spoiler.... Other things that make this fox rather happy and relaxed... (Elite:Dangerous screenshots incoming) First exploration ship: Cerberus (FOX-5T), a Diamondback Explorer. 66.04ly jump range. Vibrant Orange paint job. This little guy was my first exploration vehicle, and it saw a decent variety of things. Photos seem static because I hadn't taught myself how to use free camera yet. Saw about 30k light years of flight before I swapped to the Krait Phantom upon arrival at Colonia. Next up is my second exploration vessel, and current one: The Kitsune's Shadow (FLUFFY). He's got a 61.01 light year jump range if I remember correctly. Sadly though, Faulcon Delacey took out the espresso machine that's in the Krait mk II to help with weight reduction. There were two reasons I swapped over to the Krait Phantom, despite rather liking my Diamondback Explorer. First is the view - you can see SO MUCH MORE out the cockpit. The second? Practical conveniences of life. It goes faster in normal cruise, has 3.5x the shields so pancaking on landing doesn't hurt anywhere near as much, there's proper legroom, and most importantly, it can fit a size 6 fuel scoop which means refuelling three times faster... 33 seconds to fill from empty means no waiting around AND no overheating like the 1 minute 33 second size 4 fuel scoop can do on some stars. Golden Pharaoh paint job if I remember correctly. All I know is in most cases it's a nice vibrant orange, which is GREAT in my eyes! Then we have my SRV. Haven't given it a name, partially because the game won't let you, and partially because for some reason I've never thought one up. It's seen it's fair share of things... I've been working the past week or so to be able to go back out "into the black" (middle of nowhere, aka exploring deeper regions of the milky way in Elite:Dangerous) and I'm looking forward to blazing my own trail and seeing what I find this time. No idea when I'll be back to the bubble, or if I'll be going back to the bubble.
  7. Hubby has to playfully ask if that makes you Winry, since you're always having to fix up Ed. My first thought was I hope none of them ever get named Hughes, since, well, yeah. Guessing you called the HP-CS Mustang because it just gets the job done?
  8. That seems to be the most common modification done to said dragon.
  9. Unforgettable, and "something for the never again bucket list" is how I'd describe that.
  10. Ive played that game, numerous times. It gets even more "fun" when you're driving a wind sail of a vehicle (tall cargo van) on highways where there's a good amount of wind. On all season tires, because work won't buy us winter ones. And they haven't sanded yet. I've lost such games working in an area in town I wasn't used to. Fell four feet into the ditch, thankfully a local shop worker was about to leave, saw me barely keeping it upright as I tried to get back on the road, and towed me out. Apparently it's a common sight there, since the side of the road changes regularly, and the ditches fill up with said snow pretty quickly. I think that's one of the main reasons I'm contemplating the Iwata HP-CS... Many have commented on its durability, and being relatively novice friendly too. Trigger definitely seemed to be nice when I tried one. I have this foreboding feeling I'm going to wind up buying two airbrushes to start - the Grex TG5 for grunt work (like say spraying down terrain), and the HP-CS for more detail oriented work... But also because I honestly can't decide which of the two I feel I would prefer. Spare needle definitely sounds like a lovely idea. I think this is also why much as I'd love to give Badger a try for my first brush, not many stock them in Canada, especially spare parts. Iwata I know of at least two places that have parts, and one that carries Grex. With "Danger" literally as their middle name... Could be either. But it's definitely a child.
  11. There is the Reaper Vex yes, but it would take a month (or more) to get here after ordering, and it's priced pretty much right around what a TG5 would cost locally after conversion ($199.99 USD is about $263 CAD, TG series are $271 CAD at a store that's walking distance). Price isn't necessarily the worry, it's that 4+ weeks it would take to get here, alongside availability of spare parts. Reaper has commented about spare parts, but it's also the fact that if something breaks, I'm waiting several weeks to be able to use the brush again. Vex does look like a nice brush though. Paasche Talon has also tempted me, probably because it's one of the cheapest ones available, and also comes in a kit with a hose. The Grex TG5 is tempting because, well, I have rsi in both wrists and I've a feeling the trigger style on that one would cause less aggravation, but at the same time that Iwata's trigger is fairly light, at least when it isn't hooked up. The Iwata HP-CS is the only one I've actually held in my paw though. Or, in other words, man I wish this was an easier thing to figure out, but it seems like it's pretty much along the lines like most artistic tools - personal preferences and comforts can play heavily into things.
  12. Looks like I'm finally getting that airbrush soon... Now to just figure out whether to go with the Iwata HP-CS (as a kit that's $10 more, but comes with hose, lube, and cleaner) or the Grex TG5. Oh, yeah, and figure out how I'm going to overhaul the living room as well - Ikea is sort of lacking on a few things I want for the new desk. Who runs out of table legs? >.>;;; o_O
  13. That would be the last time we were in the hospital... Something like April ish I think, or May? Honestly can't remember, but it was this year. Prior to that it would definitely be the day hubby had acute appendicitis, where I think I got something like four hours of sleep over three days. Go back twenty years though, and my 46.5 hours before needing sleep was the best record I ever set at a Lan party. Definitely can't do that anymore though, partially due to having to keep closer control on caffeine and sugar intake, but also because I know the side effects of pushing yourself that long.
  14. Usually if you put the tracking number into CanadaPost's website you can get some sort of info, especially if it's reached the border. Tracking will typically update more often on CanadaPost's website once it reaches the border - they've been bad about sending updates to USPS the past six months.
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