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  1. Why else would so many destroy them with such zealous fury, alongside an insatiable appetite to vanquish even more?
  2. You sure you just aren't early for taco Tuesday? Because that expressions shows you want tacos... (/purple)
  3. Rocky looks awesome in purple!
  4. I can related to this as well, as in the near(ish) future I'll probably be buying my first boxed set or two. Seriously thinking about the new command edition starter box, the Kill Team starter box, and the Necromunda box. Yup, this fox is going "hmm, I could fill most of a table how I want with all of that terrain..."
  5. My favourite one was the roll 3d6 12x and choose the six most appealing. Most tended to go with the highest, I did so at first, but after a while I'd deliberately go with one or two good ones, two to four mid-range, and one to two "not so good" ones, as it let you build not only a character, but one that wasn't just all gung ho epic all the time.
  6. I'd love to say minotaurs, werewolves, various types of anthro foxes (especially kitsunes), or even a few others, but the biggest one that comes to mind really is.... Gnolls. Maybe it's their aloof personality, their hyena like attitudes and manes, the spots... Who knows. They do seem to crop up a lot for me, so much so that my most recent project (minus the two I haven't bothered to do threads about, partially since I'd have no idea where to put them) they're literally a driving focus for it.. An idea that snowballed from "What would happen if gnolls got their paws on a tank?" and is now pushing towards becoming a diorama for me and taking yet another first for the project. o_O Just realized I actually never did a showoff thread for this upcoming guy. I should probably fix that at some point. Reaper's Reaver of Kargir was my first finished gnoll. It's also been recently brought to my attention that I seem to enjoy working on bases - and scenery elements - almost as much if not more than the minis. I never really noticed it, but apparently several friends (and yup, even hubby) picked up on it pretty quick, but were waiting for me to sit down and fully realize this.
  7. I picked up one of those (I think I got the 10mm) and I suspect I'll be picking up other sizes. Stuff is rather useful to say the least...
  8. Hmmm, haven't gotten some of the usual emails at work, they did do another round of (supposedly temporary) layoffs back on Tuesday, but I was included on various distribution emails as late as Wednesday Thursday/yesterday. No phone calls, texts, or emails letting me know of any changes, and the regional manager rescheduled the business review meeting for me on Monday morning, probably because I wasn't there and I was on vacation, and all of my logins still work, so... Why do I have this uneasy feeling about Monday? Kind of wish they'd just had called me, or y'know, been there at that WebEx meeting that they sent me an invite to Probably because I'd prefer to know now, I suspect.
  9. MeepleMart carries some of their stuff! it's hiding under... Hobby Products > Paints, Primers, Pigments & Washes > Green Stuff World EDIT: THey're out of stock. Grr. Sunward Hobbies appears to have some of their stuff listed, and some of it in stock too!
  10. Oh yeah, on Ubisoft today I spent all of $68 CAD , yet underneath it said I saved something like $220 CAD.... Nothing quite like stocking up on DLC (Assassin's Creed Origins, The Division 2, and Assassin's Creed Black Flag) and Assassin's Creed Odyssey: Ultimate Edition for so little...
  11. Spring, because it has a nice balance of chill and warmth, but also because mosquitos aren't really a thing yet. Or hornets.
  12. It would also depend on the generation of processor. An i5 6xxx series will run laps around a 2xxx or 3xxx series in a lot of tasks
  13. Nothing quite as disappointing to be tuned into a painter's Twitch stream who's known for doing an audience participation thingy, you put in for advice (and showcasing your WIP), and you then have to hear "it'll be soon" three times and even an hour and fifteen minutes after that timeslot is supposed to happen, it still hasn't even started... And you then wind up leaving the streaming because you're passing out at the keyboard >.<
  14. I'll take Amaretto in mine, since that doesn't come with a hospital trip
  15. Ooooh, nice. If they ever get into Infinity N4 tokens.... That's tempting to say the least.
  16. I'll playfully say I think this is why I have YouTube Premium, Amazon Prime (although it seems that's mainly for Twitch Prime, and a bit of shopping for me), and Spotify Premium. If one's down, there's still plenty of other choices If all of them were down at the same time, I suspect that's like three signs of the apocalypse in and of itself! :P
  17. I like a number of miniatures from Oathsworn, with my favourite seemingly being the Fennec Fox, but that's because she practically towers over the others at 40mm tall, despite being one of the shortest fox breeds out there.
  18. Long and McQuade gift cards are best gift cards in my eyes. It's a music shop. ...Although truth be told, Superstore (a grocery store) definitely doesn't hurt, nor do ones for Reaper Minis, 401Games, Mission Games, Maple Airbrush, Delta Art, or any of the hobby shops I shop at..
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