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  1. That dog should feel honored and not from all the attention it's probably getting... Most banks I've delivered to almost never let you behind the teller stands... Even as the coffee delivery guy!
  2. Truthfully? Probably a tie between odd hours at work (one week on, one week off) and CanadaPost outright refusing to deliver packages to residences (they're bouncing them to post offices, but aren't regularly providing people with delivery notices!!!)
  3. I'll never understand my phone. Give it a black background, it seems to work well. Give it a white one, it freaks out and can't figure out the white balance... These pics are what I could salvage out of things, sorry in advance for the colours varying in between pictures. I'm so looking forward to acquiring a new celeryphone next week... I also rather don't like how even with filters and AI processing turned off, my P20 Pro still over saturates things >.>;;; On the plus side of things, tonight's music was Funker Vogt - Blutzoll (Deluxe Edition), as well as Grendel - Soilbleed Paints used: Reaper 9404 Cinnamon Red, 9286 Punk Rock Pink, 9403 Monster Maw, 9601 Ashen Rose... Oh yeah, and Carroburgh Crimson Shade from Citadel ^So, progress on my Al Fasid... Gave panel lining a try, since I had a decent amount of the mixture left at the Ashen Rose stage of things (I kind of did a "melting pot" in my well palette, aka as I used up one colour just put the next one in, and mixed the remants into the new colour) and I'm more or less happy with such. I'll get better at it with practice Sadly, the one thing I was hoping to show off was the tactical rock - err, actually, that looks like a Yu Jing backpack from heavy infantry, so I decided I was going to give one thought I had a shot - that of trying for something that's recognizable as pink armour, but more specifically, something like the hot neon pink I've been contemplating. That's right. I'm seriously contemplating the thought of having a reddish neon pink force that's known for it's heavy infantry... Why not ^I also used some of the extra paint to get started with one of the Daylami, and yes, in some ways, my first thought was "red shirt" from the original Star Trek, whyever do you ask? I think it's fairly safe to assume that red is probably going to be a dominant colour in this army
  4. Oh, I just assumed they were still going to use the same drivers they've used in soooooo many other Creality boards, hence why my comment being the way it was.
  5. Better yet, apparently even ICQ is alive and kicking... O_o
  6. The newer stepper drivers are virtually silent, especially compared to the stock ones, which squeal.
  7. They own WhatsApp, but there's still Telegram, Discord, and a few others. I don't include Skype because that's a garbage can that's on fire - it's unstable, full of ads, and nowhere near as reliable as before Microsoft bought it out. Don't forget IRC is still, somehow going strong, and mIRC came out before AOL Instant Messenger was available outside of AOL's dialup ISP. Nowhere near as convenient as most instant messenger services though, since it's constantly using data.
  8. I still plan on getting one, although I've absolutely no idea where I'll be putting it. I'll work that out later!
  9. They can be rather dangerous, doubly so that they're able to conceal their presence on the table. Here's a quick breakdown on a few abilities they have: Holoprojection level 2: In english, this lets them conceal themselves as another light infantry unit (level 1's ability), as three Ayyar (level 2's ability, two are holographic decoys), or at the shenanigan level of three infantry of the same type (say, as three basic line troopers). The third option has extra rules, but if you're deploying first it can provide for some interesting shenanigans (the gig is up partially at the start of your first turn, where one of the three models must get a "holo-projection" marker placed next to it) Shock Marksman Rifle: this is a decent medium ranged weapon, getting a +3 bonus in the 8-24" range band, and the shock ammo will take most light infantry off the board if wounded Dual Viral Pistols: the close range weapon they carry (they're +3 to hit from 0-8") has a nasty side-effect to it - for every wound they make, two rolls must be taken (so if both pistols hit, that's four rolls). Viral ammo also has that lovely insta-kill against a lot of light infantry In short, from what I've read, they tend to kill whatever they aim their rifle at, but they're also a rather risky play: if they're revealed on the opponent's team, they tend to be lit up. If it's your active turn, they tend to be played rather aggressively in order to capitalize on their unique abilities, and then hidden around a corner where they can't be seen, in order to reset their holoprojector (if out of enemy range, they can bring two holoprojections into play at the end of the active turn). In most instances, swearing tends to be a reaction to them being revealed, as they're usually rather effective at being murder machines. The rifle is done in Midnight Black, oddly enough, with a drybrush of Void Blue on top I think. Figuring out a colour for the weapon was one of the hardest things to work out, since I wanted something that would be different than the cloak, separate itself from the armour, but also have that relatively realistic look to it, so I'm glad in the end it came out looking like such Many thanks! I'm glad that it came out well! I'd originally gone in too heavily with the wash for such, and tried to hastily clean up some of the excess, so I'm rather happy that the slight splotchyness that came about because of such helps with the effect
  10. Nah, Combined Army isn't really my thing, PanOceana doesn't get me lorewise (or their minis), Nomads are neat but I'm not letting just the Szalamander coax me into building a force, Aleph are neat and futuristic but most of their models don't really catch my eye, and O12 are too space popo for my liking NA2 and Mercs forces though... Dashat, Druze, and JSA keep catching my eye... So, if we were to say half the forces... That sounds about right.
  11. So uhm, yeahhh... Probably going to have another project force for Infinity. Sure, I wouldn't mind getting a Dashat force going, but I'm really starting to like the thought of the Caledonians. I swear it isn't because of McMurrough, the 2nd Irregular Cameronians, and the Scots guard look like they'd be a ton of fun to paint....
  12. I am so going to have to try that combination, and soon...
  13. Their adder mage is curled around a staff. Oathsworn has some rather lovely miniatures, that's for sure!
  14. This is where I would say a mocha from Barking Buffalo, but sadly the pandemic forced them to shut down their store... So I'll go with the backup answer that's probably going to be popular - slurpees! (ice cream is good too, but nowhere near the satisfaction of a slurpee)
  15. I hear you, although it's the other way around for me... It's so weird wearing regular day clothes more than my work clothes! Edit: good luck with the interview!
  16. Any word on how many pieces it is? Just curious! Also, that is one lovely looking ship!
  17. Couldn't find any other threads for RPChallenge 2020 (as life has been hectic for the organizer), so I'm posting here... Currently sitting at 1/52 for the year, and 1/25 for the up to June time period (assuming I counted that correctly). (1) Hassassin Ayyar: https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/91699-infinity-hassassin-ayyar/
  18. There's something so satisfying about finishing off a miniature... Doubly so when it's the first of the year for you. Of course, editing the photos I kind of threw away what I told hubby I was planning on doing... Oops. (I said I was going to go to bed early, and here I am staying up until midnight again...)
  19. Hassassin Ayyar finished! https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/91699-infinity-hassassin-ayyar/&tab=comments#comment-1945264 That makes 1/6 for the Hassassin Bahram Starter Pack, 0/7 for Red Veil, and 0/3 for Beyond Red Veil miniatures so far Main goal is still to get some sort of starter force worked out, but I won't lie - I'd kind of prefer if it was the Red Veil one, just because it's a somewhat more balanced starter set.
  20. Being that this is the figure that was the biggest reason why I picked up the Hassassin Bahram Sectorial Starter Pack (say that three times fast ), I was suspecting he'd wind up on my painting desk sooner or later... I just didn't realize he'd have the honour of being the first finished this year, as well as my first finished Infinity miniature! At some point in the near future I'll acquire some S2 holoprojector tokens for him, as actual 3D representations are nice. Not sure where from, but I like my current Art of War Studios things, so probably theirs. Oh, and for those who might be curious, that's a Global Evil Corp UniPod with two StairPods (well, one pack) in the first three pics, fourth one is a DuoPod with a StairPod alongside it. Sadly no magnets yet for the terrain, but they're on the way, and will get here at some point
  21. Wow, those prices feel steep o_O Also feels odd that the "all in" package doesn't include everything...
  22. A couple more colours and options are now available.... And cork adapters are being showcased... There's also an option for a replacement cork holder top now...
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