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  1. Still waiting in Europe, but no rush for me. When they finally get here I'll probably have to do some instant Dungeon Crawl Classics just to get them on the table and appreciate them.
  2. This thread makes me happy :) In my regular day job I order games & minis for a FLGS. When trying to order Nolzurs we usually get at best half of what we order. At best. They are still in crazy demand among mini painters, roleplayers, average gamers and new hobbyists too. The Beholders have been one of our most sought after items (we're in Sweden so not that many places carry Nolzurs).
  3. Well here we are 8 months later. Almost all of our backers have received their Grimlights and we're thrilled with their response. Today we put up our big post on how best to use them and there are some tips and tricks in there useful for others looking to include lighting in their projects. Feel free to have a look: The big guide post for Grimlight LED's Our page for anything Grimlight-related is www.grimlight.se We also reply to questions over at our Facebook page Regards Marcus from Grimlight
  4. Thanks, glad to see someone else already having posted about us.
  5. We just got funded and we thought the Reaper forums might be the right place to mention it in. Check it out before it ends! Perfect for the dungeon master who wants to add immersion, or players who realises the importance of functioning torches :)
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