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  1. Sulka

    Blending seams

    The problem I run into there would be that would make sculpting a single leg take me hours, I've been adding green stuff bit by bit in the shape of muscles, so if each time i wanted to add more green stuff I let a muscle group cure, just doing the calf would take me 6+ hours accounting for cure time
  2. Sulka

    Blending seams

    Hey there, I'm very new to sculpting, and i was hoping for some advice in removing the "seams" that show up when you add a new blob of greenstuff onto your model, I've been using Vaseline, and a small slightly rounded steel dental tool for the bulk of my sculpt, i can get most of the height difference to go away, but the seam is still visible, I'm mostly trying to blend it into other soft green stuff underneath it, i don't have too much trouble blending a soft layer into a cured layer, any advice, tips or techniques Also, I appreciate all the great tips I've already found on the forum, its saved me from having to do a lot of trial and error on my own
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