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  1. I've noticed that it seems like the bones black line's production rate has started to slow down a bit over the past few months? It seems like a large portion of the new mini's being released in the initial months of the Bones black release were cast in Bones black plastic, but now it seems like most of the new releases are either metal or standard bones plastic? I was wondering if there was a specific reason for this because I really prefer Bones black plastic over metal or the standard white plastic, especially when it comes to minis with things like spears or bows that are more p
  2. The problem I run into there would be that would make sculpting a single leg take me hours, I've been adding green stuff bit by bit in the shape of muscles, so if each time i wanted to add more green stuff I let a muscle group cure, just doing the calf would take me 6+ hours accounting for cure time
  3. Hey there, I'm very new to sculpting, and i was hoping for some advice in removing the "seams" that show up when you add a new blob of greenstuff onto your model, I've been using Vaseline, and a small slightly rounded steel dental tool for the bulk of my sculpt, i can get most of the height difference to go away, but the seam is still visible, I'm mostly trying to blend it into other soft green stuff underneath it, i don't have too much trouble blending a soft layer into a cured layer, any advice, tips or techniques Also, I appreciate all the great tips I've already found on the
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