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  1. Hey guys! I'm thinking of putting on a Gatefall tournament at ReaperCon and would like some feedback to see if there's interest in it. The tournament would be an 8-bracket single elimination style and the winner gets a copy of the game with it's 7 amazing minis! I'm thinking of having 5 hours slotted for the tournament but only people who advance in the bracket will need to stick around the whole time. The game can usually be played in about an hour. I would upload the rulebook beforehand so entrants can familiarize themselves with the rules ahead of time. Who would be interested in participating in something like this? Not Familiar with Gatefall? Gatefall is a 2-player combat arena board game where a fantasy team is fighting a post-apocalyptic team. Each character has unique stats and abilities that can be used to dominate your opponent. The game contains a light deck-building element to determine how many action points you have available each turn and your character stats determine how many dice you roll when attacking or defending. The thing that stands out in this game are the massive and beautifully sculpted figures. They are very detailed and just a ton fun to paint!
  2. I would like to contribute something to the Reapercon SWAG bags. Who can I talk to about that?
  3. Thanks for the suggestions! I like the spray bottle idea!
  4. I decided to paint a few mouslings as Christmas presents for people. For the most part I think they turned out decent. The Santa was a little rushed so he's a little less detailed than I would have liked. And yes, I did get the basing idea for Asiago Jones from a diorama at Reaper Con. It was also my first time playing around with basing. I'm having a hard time with putting on a second layer of basing materials, like the snow over the grass on the Santa. Maybe I didn't wait long enough between layers but trying to spread glue on the grass ended up just pulling up a bunch of the grass. So suggestions and thoughts are welcome. Ninja Mousling: Witch Mousling: Asiago Jones: Santa Mousling:
  5. Hey guys! It's been a while since I've posted! I finally got around to finishing this guy and I'm really happy with him. I'm working on painting a tribe of wolf people. I plan to add basing when I build the diorama to make sure it all matches. C & C welcome!
  6. Why would frogs ride other frogs? Are they being punished?? I don't understand! HAHA no but seriously, awesome job! I do especially love the detailed paint job on the Chinese Firebelly Toads.
  7. Look at that dripping goop! Positively horrifying!
  8. Awesome! How do you give the wolves the kind of see through look?
  9. Wow! Thanks for the detailed tutorial! At first look at the picture I thought to myself that I could never do something like that. I still think my lines would turn out wonky but your tutorial makes it look less impossible at least. Thanks again!
  10. Envii


    Beautiful! The scales on the neck and underbelly look especially awesome.
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