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  1. i have to add that those in Preview are also not my taste, Zero. There are some hundreds i would buy immediately, how long to wait for them, if at all
  2. I discovered Bones just two weeks ago and i bought about 200 already. (a lot of characters and monsters, mostly 3-6 times). i would like to change to plastic completely. but i didnt bought a single model from decembre and january news. not one. i dont like them. i think they are more modern numbers and i didnt buyed reaper models for years. because i dont like them. Reaper should look at the models out of stock -- oh yes 80% sandra garrity older models, rest 20% also older models. if they continue with these kind of models from decembre and january i am out. i hope strongly we get a big bunch of clasics in the next wave.
  3. What does it mean, 0 in stock ? How long until they are available again ?
  4. Pegasus Greycloud 02065 Raindancer 02150 Unicorn Starmane 02151 Firegiant 02647 Frostgiant 02599 Oriental Dragon 02794 Amber Dragon 02457 Medusa 02354 Bear 02878 Boar 02527 Snake 02675 Scarab 02564 Bat 02739 Wolves 02415 all from DHLegends Asap ! Thanks
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