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  1. So I found this piece with a miniature I assembled but it doesn't belong to that miniature. This is from Bones 4 Does anyone know which miniature from Bones 4 this piece is from? Piece Piece backside
  2. Yeah, I'm also stealing this idea Dan. I got lucky, when I went to Home Depot they had 15 pack of 3/4inch PVC couplings on clearance for .63 cents. So for $20 I got 30 bags, enough for 450 paints. If your in the US, check your local Home Depot in the plumbing for the 15 pack, which is normal 2.68 on clearance for .63
  3. Will do. I just got back from another Home Depot and was able to get another 22 packs, of the PVC, so now I have a total of 30 packs, with 15 pieces each. So I've got enough for the 326 paints and room for more. I'll probably build small sections, but the hardest part is do I build it now, or wait till I move into the new home we are building in June. After I make a dedicated painting desk and know what I have to work with space wise. Plus, I won't need to worry about breaking it if I wait till June
  4. So was at Home Depot last night and they had 3/4" PVC 15 packs on clearance for 0.63 cents. I purchased all 8 packs This will allow me to make some like this for 120 paints. I plan to check the 2 other local home depots and see if these are also on clearance there as well.
  5. @Clearman - I like how the paints are in it top first allowing you to see the colors better. But what is this storage unit. I like this organizer. What is it exactly? Where did you get it?
  6. So I've purchased the complete sets of paints from Reaper 09001-09270 09401-09454 29801-29854 It came with 3 caddy's and currently I've got them in numerical order. 09001-09111 in caddy #1 09115-09270 in caddy #2 09401-09454, 29801-29854 in caddy #3 And I've got a color swatch printed and in the top of each caddy. But I was wondering should I organize them differently? Should I group them by colors? Reds, Greens, Blues, etc Or by categories; Flesh tones, liners, inks, washes, shadows, highlights How do you organize your paints?
  7. So I got shipping notice from UPS of a package being delivered this coming Monday. The strangest part about it since I purchased it from eBay is according to UPS it's coming from Reaper Miniatures in Denton, TX. So I was able to make a deal for both Master Series complete Set #7 RPR09956; 09001-09270 Master Series Paints Essentials Set RPR09972 09001-09111 09401-09454 29801-29854 But I removed the duplicate paints 09001-09111 that are also offered in the Master Series Paints Essentials Set And I was able to get it all for $550 which is about 1.70 a bottle. But I was shocked to see it shipped from Reapers Miniature itself. But I'm totally looking forward to enjoying them all.
  8. Did you assembly him prior to painting? or did you paint the the pieces separately and then assembly him afterwards? The reason I'm asking is with some of the dragons the wife and I recently painted pre-assembled them and then found some places difficult to reach. And we are debating whether to assembly Ma'al Drakar first or to paint the pieces individually and then assembly him and do the blending/touch-up.
  9. This is a combination of female/monster https://www.reapermini.com/Miniatures/dar/latest/03465
  10. Actually since I was getting the great deal for everything for $550, I went and purchased it. It should come next week. Storage is not a problem. The problem will probably be the vast amount of color choices my wife will now have when she starts to paint Ma'al Drakar.
  11. Well, I will try to stay away from purchasing more miniatures between now and the arrival of the bones 4. Not a guarantee, but I will try to hold off until after June, until we move into the new home and I make a new painting station. I was looking at getting this for the desk [link removed] But even if I did it would only hold 1/2 of all these paints I'm getting.
  12. In my previous marriage I had the GW citadel paints for some metal miniatures I tried to paint and those pots dried up within a month. I never did much painting then and whatever I did have my ex most likely threw out. But my current wife actually paints with me, and enjoys it. So I'm looking forward to receiving these paints next week as me and the wife spends nights painting miniatures. And in 4 months we are moving to a new home and will even set-up a painting station
  13. So I can get the following for $550 09001-09270 MSP core 09401-09454 MSP Bones 29801-29854 HD MSP total of 326 paints, in 3 caddys This comes to about 1.69 a bottle Worth it? How fast will a bottle dry out if un-opened? Reason I'm asking this is majority of my miniatures won't come till Bones 4 next Feb 2019 While I have a handful of smaller ones, and one big one Ma'al Drakar. I most likely will only purchase a few small ones between now and the release of the Bones 4.
  14. The title says it all Has anyone come up with stats for pathfinder for Ma'al Drakar?
  15. While the BYOPS is nice and allows me to pick an choose, it all comes down to price. I can get either of these 2 sets for about $380, which is about 1.75 per bottle.
  16. So I'm looking to purchase either the Master Series complete Set #7 RPR09956 or the Master Series Paints Essentials Set RPR09972. Both come with 216 paints each Master Series complete Set #7 RPR09956; 09001-09270 Master Series Paints Essentials Set RPR09972 09001-09111 09401-09454 29801-29854 If all you had was a handful of Reaper paints currently and wanted to expanded to set, which of these set's would be the better? Set #7 has a good variety of the triad sets between 09115-09270, but the Essentials have the HD set So it's making the decision harder
  17. So I started Blightfang, but my wife decide to fix my mistakes with colors and blending
  18. So my wife finished painting a second dragon. She is really starting to enjoy painting the miniatures and is looking forward to the Bones 4 next year. Trying to decide what miniatures to hold her over till next year. I've only got a handful left, Diabolus the Devil Dragon(which I plan to paint) and about 5 other miniatures
  19. This is only the 6th miniature she's painted, she started just last December with the miniatures from the Learn to Paint Set's
  20. My wife finished painting the 89001 Pathfinder Red Dragon, however she painted it blue and it came out very nice. Check out the results
  21. So I have 4 dragons which the wife and I put together. They are all Bones dragons; Blightfang, Cinder, Red Dragon, and Diabolus. We filled the gaps with green stuff and then I primed all of them with Krylon Paint + Primer Matte Black. We both started to paint a dragon and notice that the paint is more shiny than normal for a Matte Black. Also it felt sticky and while holding the miniature by the base the paint got all over our fingers and came off the miniature. My wife finished her miniature minus the base and I told her once it's finished I can coat it with a clear spray to protect it so we shouldn't have this problem once it's done. But we still have 2 more to paint, so I picked up Armory Black Prime from the hobby shop and I'm wondering can I Prime them again? Can I spray this prime on top of this current Prime which is shiny and tacky. Or do I need to try to remove this prime, if you can?
  22. So I did the Bones 4 and this was my first Bones backing on Kickstarter, so I also purchased Learn to Paint Core Skills and Layer Up. My wife painted 4 of the miniatures and I painted one, we still have 1 more to paint. But wanted to show what we did and get your opinions. This is both mine and my wife's first time painting miniatures I did the pirate, she did all the others
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