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  1. Fanks everyone! :) and fanks @WhiteWulfe ...ya big goof *blush* Fanks hun
  2. Ahhh Kero, so much more epic in his full form, Keroberos, Cerberus, whatever the spelling/pronunciation maybe, that is one epic guardian of the book :D Sorry, off-topic as all get out, but I wanted to say this regardless :P
  3. Might be my last post for a while, turns out the priming used on the base doesn't want to stick so may need to redo some of this stuffs but either way wanted to at least prove I'm still alive lol.
  4. Added some black to make the scales "pop" a bit more, dunno how well it turned out .... What I did today, just did the second wing and such, nowhere near done clearly <.<
  5. Thanks for the kind birthday wishes folks hehehe. Sorry I don't talk all that much on here. Was nice to hear that people were giving me birthday messages *wags* I'll try to be a bit more... well... here lol Thanks again!!!!!
  6. Really want to say thanks for the kind words and advice. I'm always worried to start something like this because I'm always afraid of what people will say or if they will tear into me for my lack of knowledge and skill. So I'm very happy to join a welcoming community. Can't wait to start and see what I can accomplish. Thanks again everyone!!!
  7. Hello folks, my name is Rune I'm Whitewulfe's other half. Not really sure what else to say at this exact moment since I'm new here. I've decided to take this challenge as well 3⭐I have no idea what I'm doing with paint so this is going to be a interesting adventure hehe.
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