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  1. Really sad news. Speaking as someone whose eyesight isn't as strong as it was I deeply sympathise with Tre.
  2. I find it difficult not to think that Adrian Tchaikovsky MUST be a made up name, but I like his books. Just finished the first 2 volumes of his "Shadows of the Apt" series, which were rather good: A world of varied humanoid races that all have varied insect-like abilities: Industrious beetles, warrior mantids etc. There is steam-punk technology and limited magic-like powers. And a big war going on. A large cast of characters to keep track of, but quite an exciting read. I see there are 8 more volumes to go, so I shall be busy.
  3. I doubt that the Egyptians will ban Evergreen from the canal, they will just find very "creative" ways to charge them extra for each transit. The Egyptians are very clever at this sort of thing. I knew someone on an oil tanker that had a minor bump with a container ship just before going through Suez, and ended up with a couple of containers falling onto the tankers deck. The Egyptians allowed the tanker to go through the canal... and then fined them big money for carrying undeclared cargo!
  4. GEM has it right: The ships master is responsible for the vessel, cargo and crew at all times, During a canal passage the Master (or officer of the watch) will hand over the navigation to a pilot. However the Master is still in command of the entire vessel and has the duty to resume navigation if he is not satisfied with the safety of the vessel. This gives most Masters grey hair. Still waiting the full outcome of this. The Egyptian will have worked out pretty accurately how much they can expect to sue for and will be happy to keep the ship tied up until they get every dollar. If t
  5. Horribly pricey, but lovely detailed figures: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/monkstoneminis/the-three-pigs-and-other-denizens-of-dunnmere?ref=project_tweet
  6. Got mine recently. Very impressed with the detail, you really need a magnifying glass to appreciate some of it. I may actually have to paint some Warhammer figures to make use of these.
  7. Wishing you every happiness on your Birthday.
  8. I've backed previous Kickstarters by Wendy's Miniatures and been very impressed with the service and quality of the miniatures. However if you look at all of the page on this offering there is a stretch-goal that looks perilously close to plagiarism.
  9. I'm afraid that is a little too Zen for me on a Tuesday. The sound of one hand clapping, perhaps?
  10. "I started out with nothing and I've still got most of it left" by Seasick Steve
  11. Thing in the Well, Eye Tyrant and Nessie... But tomorrow might be a different trio.
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