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  1. "I'm afraid I can't do that Dave..."
  2. Actually I think this could be utterly suicidal. I forget the name and author, but there is a short SF story where a mis-guided philanthropist time-travels back to ancient Rome and teaches them the basics of modern medicine and obstetrics and just to simply WASH YOUR HANDS before doing any medical process. The result: a population boom of such unstoppable power that by the present day the weight of humanity is greater than he entire planet... Gavrilo Prinzip. And jog his elbow and the right moment.
  3. Thanks for ,making a start on this figure and sharing the whole process. I ordered 2, (because... reasons...) I'm quite stupidly uncertain about how to go about them and truly value your insights.
  4. Very similar experience here: Being taken to meet the local bank manager and open my own account Made me feel I was crossing that nebulous barrier into adulthood. But I'm not sure that "grown up" is the same as mature. I suddenly realised that I was mature when people started asking my professional advice. And they didn't just listen, they started taking notes...
  5. For the first time in about 12 months I have been more than 50 miles away from home. Wife and self had a very pleasant day in a nearest cathedral city. Bought winter clothing, various kitchen implements, gardening supplies and best of all spent an hour in a really big Bookstore! (Anna Leckie's "Ancillary Justice", Johnathan Fenby's "de Gaulle and the France he Saved" and volumes 2 & 3 of "Monstress" for me, a pile of murder mysteries for my other half.) The interesting thing is that we both agree it was a pleasant day out, but we feel no urgent need to repeat the experience un
  6. A couple of small shrapnel cuts from active service 39 years ago. I count myself lucky having done any number of fool-hardy things in life.
  7. Yes, I've been a member of 2 unions in my life; Police and Merchant Navy. As Kuroneko has said, the history and function of unions in UK is very different to USA. I would have struck if the cause seemed just. No day off today, but I have attended May Day rallies in the past. X 5
  8. I I'm already married to my personal chef, and count my blessings every day. Todays meal will be jerked venison:
  9. The suburb I spent my childhood in has a very little-known royal palace. When I was young it was almost derelict and had, in living memory, been used as a cow-barn! It had a beautiful hammer-beam roof and ta called "The Tiltyard" where you could still see the original jousting rail. Anyone interested google: Royal Eltham Palace I've 'got that T-shirt!
  10. Paul Kidby, commissioned him to paint a Discworld picture to give to the beloved wife on our (redacted) anniversary. I think I've already boasted about this on the forum, so forgive me for repeated showing off.
  11. No Reapercon yet, but never say die, I'll be there one day, hopefully with a very full wallet. Really looking forward to seeing all your photos. (Heavy hint!) This month I look forward to running my stall at the local farmers market and, when all the tourists go home, having a nice day book-shopping in one of the bigger towns in my county.
  12. Atholl Brose https://www.appetitemag.co.uk/atholl-brose/
  13. As I'm far too unimaginative to get stressed in the first place I do not need to do this.
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