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  1. I'm not sure it was inevitable, (after all, Japan didn't declare war on USSR,) but I'm utterly thankful that things went the way they did. I recommend Ian Kershaws' "Fateful Choices" to understand how these decisions were made.
  2. Not exactly. Roosevelt declares war only on Japan on 8th. December. Hitler then declares war on USA on 11th. December. It is one of the great "what ifs" what might have happened if he had not done so. There was a strong desire in America (particularly in the high ranks of the military) to deal with Japan before intervening in Europe.
  3. Having just seen jaw-dropping pictures of the weather pummelling USA and Canada I hope the you are all safe and well over the pond.
  4. Completely unjustifiable gift to self from ebay; Almost certainly paid more than I should, but it's a model that I have been longing to paint.
  5. 4 days left on this one. Quite a lot of stretch goals reached. (But few that appeal to me.)
  6. Still slowly working my way through the Bones 4 pile of shame. Enjoying them, but Lord, I did buy a lot!
  7. Beautiful clean painting, and crisp photography too!
  8. Judging by their other recent kickstarters these will be lovely crisp figures, so it is a shame that they are rather static poses. The ones I really want are the Asylum Inmates, and I may be restrained enough to wait for them to go on general release.
  9. A new kickstarter from Hasslefree Miniatures.: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/hfminis/hf-minis-galactic-universe-sci-fi-miniatures/description While I personally have never had any real problems from this manufacturer, I'm aware that many people have had some nightmare experiences. So I am in for a dozen metal figures with fingers firmly crossed. Caveat emptor!
  10. Hmmm... Ants, Beefolk, Scarabfolk, Murder Hornet, even Mr Pinchy. Reaper seem to be channelling Adrian Tchaikovsky. Dare we hope for a Mantis Assassin?
  11. Interesting to see how many contributors to this forum have worked out the most likely answer to the Fermi Paradox.
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