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  1. Hmmm... Ants, Beefolk, Scarabfolk, Murder Hornet, even Mr Pinchy. Reaper seem to be channelling Adrian Tchaikovsky. Dare we hope for a Mantis Assassin?
  2. Interesting to see how many contributors to this forum have worked out the most likely answer to the Fermi Paradox.
  3. Get ready for an argument about Q.61, ManvsMini 😉
  4. Achieving a "Best in show" award at a small painting competition which was voted for by members of the public.
  5. Jill Tweedie, my History teacher for my last 3 years of secondary school. Only 5'3", but fierce enough to keep any class in order. She didn't teach me mere facts. She taught me how to study, and then get what I had learnt down in a coherent form on paper. How to construct an argument so that you will convince your reader. (And thus how to demolish an opponents case.) This made me a complete pain in the behind to my other teachers as I practised showing up the fallacies in whatever they were teaching, But it won me several debating prizes in my last year, and a rapt audience whenever I got up to speak. I still miss this lad: And my wife was so cut up at his passing that she refuses to consider a replacement.
  6. Not locked down, just blacked out for 2 days by Storm Eunice.
  7. Douglas Adams, P.G. Wodehouse and Terry Pratchett. Oh and ManvsMini: You'd better lay in a good supply of food, Prince Otto is reputed to have had a gargantuan appetite.
  8. Just had power restored, Eunice blacked us out midday on Friday. No structural damage to the house, but the garden looks like a bomb-site and I think the ducks may need psycho-therapy. So no lights, heating or cooking, 2 days of tinned soup on our old camping stove. Tried to drive out of the farm to the next village today and was glad I'd brought the chainsaw with me: Trickiest thing of all? With absolutely no source of amusement once the sun went down, wife and I had to spend the evenings TALKING TO EACH OTHER!!
  9. Same here with Meccano. It was a big push towards making me decide to be an engineer.
  10. Yes, another happy day with my wonderful wife. Celebrated by butchering a lamb and having liver and bacon (with onion gravy, very thick) for dinner.
  11. OK, no links, but PLEASE, who does the "Waking girl" pod?
  12. All seven this week, making up for a very poor showing the week before.
  13. You remember dinner time in "Rocky Horror Picture Show"?
  14. Good luck with the game Pleased with this one, although it isn't a very original colour scheme.
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